Day 29: Sleek Face Form Review


So I brought this a few weeks back and thought I’d do a review of how I found the Sleek face form kit. I purchased shade 373 light as I thought in the shop it was the same as the contour kit in 3 shades however, the face form kit also has fair so once this is used up I may try that.

When you purchase it, it comes in a little cardboard box which I personally think looks cheap and tacky so I threw it away however I think the little palette/compact looks so nice and sleek. I also love that the mirror is fairly sizeable so it is a handy little kit for travelling or touch ups on the go.



So lets look at the 3 products individually. Initially I thought the bronzer would be to organge but that has never been and issue. I tend to put very little on the brush and build it up to the desired colour of effect. Unlike the other two the highlighter is very chalky, which is a shame really as it makes it harder to get the right distribution of highlighter but it is such a lovely highlighter and shade. Finally the blush, I love the colour however, I have found it is really shimmery I don’t know it is just the top layer as I haven’t liked the shimmer I keep using one of my other blushes so I may try and take a few layers off and see.

I love the principle of this set so much and I don’t know if each one is different, I may have to take a look at the fair one. I am also unlikely to repurchase it as a trio and next time to go for the contour kit as I will not use a shimmery blush.

All in all I am undecided the principle is great and all in all its not bad but I am unsure if it is a definite repurchase or not I think when it runs out I will see what else is available.

Have you tried this product? How did you find it?

The Sleek Face Form kit is available from Sleek, Superdrug and Boots for £9.99.

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 28: Essentials Don’t have to be Boring


Through University my medication and first aid bits have always just been shoved in a Tupperware box or just laid about everywhere, it looks ugly and you always forget about it and it came to me why does it have to be boring and hidden. So I found a pretty box in TK Maxx, that I think was meant to be a hat box but I thought it would be perfect to put all my bits in.


See everything I need fits nicely inside the box with plenty of extra room just in case I need it and want to stock up on more pain killers, allergy medication or just anything really. So I recommend buying one maybe for medication/first aid like me, make up storage, hair products its just great for storage but instead of just putting it in any old plastic box put it in something pretty.

So I’ve done some searching and found some more great boxes if you want to do this too.



French script is always a classic, in beige it is classy and fits well with most decor. Also this set means its idea for multiple products and if you’ve just moved somewhere new, or just wish update the look of a room these boxes will look great in a variety of locations. These can be hidden in a wardrobe, placed under a desk or dresser, or even on display on a dresser or sideboard, so will fit to all rooms. Available at Dunelm Mill at £9.99 for the set of 3.

26Don’t have much space but still need organisation why not try these adorable book styled storage boxes. I think these would look so cute on a night stand or shelf. I don’t think the fact it says ‘recipes’ on the sides doesn’t mean it can’t go in a bedroom but it could be used to store those typically ‘man draw’ things like batteries ect, or recipe cards of clippings in the kitchen they’s still look just as cute. They also don’t especially have to be kept as a set as they are so cute and versatile. Available at Dunelm Mill for £6.99.


Or maybe you’d prefer something that is sleek and simple, this muti compartment one from Not On The Highstreet is perfect, its ideal for beauty/jellwery storage and the site has loads of unique products to transform your home or be ideal gifts. So check it out, available at Not On The Highstreet for £34.00.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration on the making sure that storage doesn’t have to be dull and boring, so what are your genius and unique storage ideas?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 27: What’s in my Suitcase?


So I’m away 3 nights, Saturday to Tuesday, and here’s a snippet of what I am taking with me. I know it may seem that some things are missing like a towel and toiletries ect but as I am visiting my sister I can use one of her towels and shampoo ect.


First up comfy, comfy pjs these I brought a year or so ago from Primark and the bottoms are hello kitty ones,  I brought these to wear as a set as I didn’t like the top that was matched up to the bottoms but I love how with a lot of primark PJs you can mix and match to create a set.


I love skater dresses as they are flattering for most shapes, this I purchased in a sale earlier this year. I love this one its cute and you can dress up or down and wear it throughout the year. We might be going to the pub or a meal out so I can dress this up or wear it shopping so this is a great idea.


I am so in love with this kimono, so obviously it was going to have to come with me I have a selection of tops, a skirt and skinny jeans so it will go with a range of stuff and it will look so cute and I am excited to wear it once again. And it adds the layers without the weight in your suitcase and the  material is the type that won’t crease :).


So I’m taken a selection of tops and I will be wearing a black top there and then thought I’d just take a selection as we have no exact plans so then I can dress accordingly. I’ve also packed: leggings, skinny jeans; a skirt; two scarves and underwear, as well as all the stuff in my other post of my travel make up/toiletries.

What do you take for a weekend away? Do you pack for mix and match or pure outfit?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 26: Travel Make Up Bag

So today is my first weekend away of the Summer and I am going to my sisters for the weekend so I’ll do a series of posts of what I’m taking with me for this trip and it will vary for every time away so I’ll do it every time just to mix it up a bit.

The best thing is to keep it small and compact, I’ll be travelling by train and no one wants to be lugging loads of bag. The best thing that because I’m staying at my sisters I can use her shower gel, shampoo & conditioner, as well as her hair dryer and straighteners so much packing room is saved and I can buy so much more stuff if I want too.


  • Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Scent: You can’t not take your deodorant away with you but seeing as I don’t need to pack other shower stuff I thought why not take my big bottle of stuff I cannot resist the scent of it.
  • Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief travel sized: I know I could use my sisters tooth paste but I’ve been loving my full sized of this so much lately I thought there was no harm in packing my little cute one.
  • Boots Essential Moisturising Lotion: I always moisturise after a shower but instead of taking two different bottles I thought I’d take this as just a body one will be too heavy on my face so I thought I was best taking this.
  • Tesco Everyday Facial Wipes: I used to use these all the time and considering they are so cheap they don’t dry out, I can’t be bothered with make up remover, cleanser over the weekend so I’m taking these.
  • Nivea Express Hydration Primer: An obvious edition.
  • MUA Undress Your Skin in porcelain: This is almost done but I can squeeze the air out and make it more compact so I thought this would be better than taking my chunky sold plastic dispenser.
  • Make Up Brushes: Kabuki brush; Blush Brush; Eye Shadow Brush and Slanted Brush.
  • Lips Products: Avon Lipstick Sample in Crimson Twilight; Barry M Cor Balmy in Adam and Eve and MUA Lipstick in shade 14 Bare.
  • Face: Collection Pressed Powder  in shade 18 Ivory and Sleek Face Form in Shade 373 Light. I’d recomend the Sleek Face Form Palette to any girl that is always on the go or travels a lot it has a bronzer, highlighter and blush all in a nice little compact and it has a huge mirror for touch ups on the go.
  • Eyes: Collection Intense Colour Kohl Pencil in 01 Black Magic; MUA Extreme Volume Mascara and Avon True Colour Duo in Warm Cashmere.

So not too much the main thing to do is to pack multi purpose items like the Sleek face form or things that can be used to create different looks or general everyday subtle make up looks.

What do you like to take when you travel? What are your favourite multi purpose products?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 25: Make Up of the Day

So I thought I’d do a quick MUOTD with just what I wore today, I am working an event so I’ve been told what to wear and how to do my hair and make up.


So it is always important to start with a good base. Like always I used my Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer in normal/combination skin, I do not honestly know how I would cope without this my make up is nothing without this. So I would always suggest to start with a primer not necessarily this one any that suit yours skin type . Available at Boots and Superdrug for £4.99.

Next up foundation, my fail safe NYC All Day Long Foundation in shade 737 Classic Ivory and although it goes on nice and the colour suit me I’m not happy with the coverage as it offers a light/medium but not especially buildable, so this may not be my go to foundation in the foreseeable future. However, this has been my go to foundation for years as its always suited me and is great when on a budget. Available at Superdrug for £3.99.

It was not my day today I am currently suffering from a major break out and massive dark circles and my concealer wasn’t doing the job. So I used my mums NYC Cover Stick in shade light, its in those typical lipstick packaging and lipstick style but it goes on so nice, offers high coverage and blends so smoothly. I am highly considering buying my own next time I’m in town. Available at Superdrug for £1.79.

I just use my hands to apply and blend my foundation and concealer, but am looking into investing into some brushes.


I was told to only have lightly flushed cheeks so I went for my lovely MUA Blusher in lolly, I wear this most days and it adds such a nice flush. I love it I’m definitely going to buy some more of these. Available from MUA and Superdrug for £1.00.

The brush is a cosmopolitan brush which I love, my sister got a tin of them as a gift years ago and she never really used  them so I stole the blush one its so smooth and thick. It washes really well and bristles have never fallen out, however I can no longer find them anywhere.


On my eyes I used my Avon True Colour Duo in Warm Cashmere, I brought it brand new on ebay for a couple of quid and its such a subtle matt duo that is good for every day and it is so compact so will be great for travel. I placed the lighter colour all over my lid and the darker in my crease and just under my eye, I love it for subtle every day. Available from Avon for £6.00.

For my brushes I have an eye shadow brush/blending brush and a slanted brush. My eyeshadow brush is a very old Ruby and Millie Eyeshadow Brush, I own two of them and they lasted so well I’d love to get more of their brushes but unfortunately they pulled out of boots a few years ago and I cannot find them online anywhere so if anyone knows where to find them let me know.

Then I have my Body Shop Slanted Brush, I love it its perfect I use it for eyeliner on the lid and under the eye and sometimes for my crease, it could also be used for eyebrows. Its just such a lovely high quality brush, I brought it with a 40% off code that the body shop regularly do but I’d happily pay full price. This is my first body shop brush and I’d happily buy more I am considering getting a set to save the money. Available at the Body Shop for £9.00.


As I was working an event I wanted my make up to stay put all day so I used the MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist, I don’t use this all the time and usually I put it on after all my make up but I wanted nothing to budge so I put some on after each layer. Then my powder over the top to finish it off. Available at MUA and Superdrug for £5.00.


And finally I fix my make up with my Collection Pressed Power in Ivory and I just dust it on my face mainly focusing on my t zone. I use a kabuki brush for my powder which I got as a christmas present years ago but I have no idea what brand it is as it has since rubbed off the handle. Collection Pressed Powder is available from Boots for £1.99.

Also I didn’t take a picture but I used two more products. For mascara I used MUA Extreme Volume Mascara, which adds volume nicely and doesn’t cause clumping. It doesn’t do anything amazing, just adds a nice amount volume so your lashes look full and natural. Available from MUA or Superdrug for £2.00.

I had to have nude/natural lips, so instead of lipstick I opted for my Barry M Cor Balmy lip balms in shade CB1 Adam and Eve, its meant to be tinted but it is such a light pink you don’t really notice. Its working wonders on my lips leaving them smooth and hydrated and it smells amazing. I have previously done a review on this so if you want to read that click here. Available at Boots and Superdrug for £3.49.

So that’s what’s plastered on my face today, hope you enjoyed been nosey.


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 24: Summer Staple: The Maxi Dress

So here is another Summer Staple with the beloved Maxi dress, so once again I will show you what I own why I love them and then some examples of other favourites for different shapes, styles and budgets. I’ll link everything I can so you can look yourself if your interested.

18So I own two maxi dresses but are looking for more.

On the left is my beautiful multicoloured zebra print maxi dress, which I brought from Tesco nearly two years ago so is sadly no longer available. Its a wrap around style v neck so is very flattering and forgiving on my bigger bust as it adjusts although I do tend to look very busty in it. Also it has an empire line with a cute little tie so brings you in at one of your thinnest points and makes you look tall and slim. I love the bold print its so summery and great for a meal out or a drink on the sea front, its a bit different too and I have loved wearing it the past summers as it is so floaty and cool.

On the right is my racer back maxi dress from Boo Hoo, this I brought back in May when they had 20% off dresses and I just wanted a simple maxi dress that I could just throw on. It did have a belt but it some where in my wardrobe and this has just been washed so its a little creased. The material is a little thin and it is a little bit on the short side grazing my ankles rather than been a true maxi, which is surprising seeing as I am 5″6, but I suppose it is much easier to walk in. I may get another as the neck is so flattering and it is so easy to wear as it is and entire outfit in one but I think I will wait to get one. Available at boohoo for £10.00.

So here are my top picks of what else is out there . . .

For A Summer Wedding


Attending a summer wedding and don’t know what to wear? A maxi dress is a perfect way to go elegant, sophisticated and all importantly comfortable and you can wear it again. I love this coral number, it is so summery and pretty especially with the lace insert and cute belt. Also a little plus of a maxi dress is you don’t have to stress about tights or what shoes to wear. Available at BooHoo for £25.00.

For Top Heavy Gals


If you are top heavy like me sometime it is difficult to find clothing that either fits over your boobs or keeps them nicely secure, this is why I am so thankful for clothing brands such as Pepperberry created by Bravissimo. You buy clothes by size and curvyness so no more buy things clothes that drown you just to get them to fit over your chest. The clothes tend to be more pricey than the standard high street but the quality and fit is something you can’t beat, I chose this one as it is the most versatile for a variety of situations and the band on the waist emphasises your curves and makes your waist look tiny. The yellow and white adds the pop of summer too. Available at Pepperberry for £69.00.

For the Yummy Mummy


Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that you cannot stay cool and stylish this summer. This beautiful bandeau maxi dress is so versatile and pretty. It is ideal for just day to day wear, for holidays round the pool or for a evening meal, you could even team it up with a cute cape and wear it to a wedding. The flowing fabric will keep you covered, cool and comfortable and I think you could probably get away with it when you are no longer pregnant but I haven’t seen it in person. Available at New Look for £22.99.

 On a Budget


Boohoo are really owning the Maxi dress this season with regular reductions, sales and discount codes you can’t go wrong with a maxi suitable for every occasion. This yellow number is one of there ‘Style Steals’ so basically cheap essentials and is a straight forward colloum dress that is suitable for all shapes as your shade is what really makes this dress. If yellow isn’t your colour it is also available in: black; cobalt; coral; grey marl and orange. So there is no reason not to try out a maxi dress or buy a range for a relaxing holiday away without breaking the bank. Available from boohoo for £10.00.

Add Curves


If you are an athletic build why not try to create curves with this beautiful double layed maxi dress from new look. The frills make it ultra girly and creates the illusion of having curves and a waist even when you don’t. If you don’t like the mint green it is also available in: black; coral and lemon. Available at New Look for £19.99.

Hope you like my selection of maxis. If I haven’t found one for an area you are interested in or applied to you let me know and I might do maxi dresses part two.


Gwenllian Branwen



Decided to create and add an instagram to my blog so you can see what I’m doing and get a glimpse of upcoming posts, due to this I’ve had to change my theme but I think this is a better lay out now but we will have to wait and see. Also if there are any things you want me to do let me know or any products you’ve seen in posts that you’d like me to review.



Gwenllian Branwen


Day 23: Summer Staple: Kimono

Kimonos have been around for a while now and after finally jumping on the band wagon I think its going to be my summer staple so I’ll show you what I have, how to style and some great options that are out there.

The main reason I love kimonos is that they are so versatile they can dress up or down and outfit, add an all important extra layer for style or comfort and come in a range of materials, styles and patterns to suit all sizes, shapes and needs.


So I brought this black floral number with black edging from Matalan. It is so light and beautiful I’ve teamed it with leggings and skirts and it still looks equally good with both it just nicely ties up an outfit and really makes something simple just as a black skirt and vest top into something stunning. Also it is so light it add extra sun protection without been too hot, so this is going to get some serious wear out of it this summer. Available at Matalan for £14.00.

So here are some others you might want to consider:


Love blue? This beautiful floral number will add a touch of colour and girlishness to any wardrobe. I just love the cornflower/baby blue edging and the little bursts of colour within the kimono itself and I am so tempted to go and pick this up myself. Its chiffon material allows you to keep cool and protected from the suns rays while still been stylish. Available from Matalan for £14.00.

14Maybe you prefer something plain and simple this coral one from H&M is so cute and summery and comes down past your bottom so great for covering up bits you don’t like or teaming with a cute plain black or white summer dress. If this coral isn’t your colour H&M over plain kimonos is a range of colours including mint green and white too. Available at H&M for £9.99.


Going out for a drink in the evening or a family meal? A nice lace detail kimono ties and outfit together and can cover up any embarrassing tan lines. This one comes to about knee level so is definitely more of an evening item although I suppose it could be used as a beach item. This is also available in white and nude. Available at BooHoo for £20.00.


Release your inner boo hoo chic with this tasselled number from New Look. I love the cute embroidered detailing on the shoulders and around the bottom and think the thicker material of this makes it more of a jacket so will be good for those who are new to the kimono trend or just prefer more coverage. Available from New Look for £27.99.


And finally want to try something different, why not try this piece. A little more expensive but I think this could be a beautiful bold piece in any wardrobe and the print is beautiful. So if you are a little more daring and love starting a trend with all heads on you this is a must for any wardrobe plus I think this is such a versatile piece that it could easily transfer from summer to autumn changing dresses and shorts for a tee and skinny jeans. Available from River Island for £40.00.

So I hope you enjoyed this look at my summer staple of a kimono and maybe you’ve been inspired to try one. What is your favourite Kimono? Do you like Kimonos? What is your summer staple.


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 22: Reasons it Sucks That Warped Tour UK is Cancelled

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

So last night it was confirmed that Warped Tour would not be returning to the UK, the festival returned to the UK in 2012 after a 13 year break and only lasting two years before being cancelled again. Its such a shame and now in annoyed rant I will list all the reasons why it sucks that it isn’t coming back again this year.

  1. It is the only music festival for this genre around this time of year offering an all indoor unique experience, where you can escape the cold and enjoy all of your favourite bands all under one roof.
  2. It is different to most other UK festivals with such a wide range of bands all under one roof and keeping to Warped Tour tradition you don’t know the running order until you turn up on the day which some what adds to the excitement or causes an argument.
  3. You get to discover some amazing bands. In 2012 we went to go watch Man Overboard as there was a gap between bands we wanted to see, right then I fell in love and have brought all the albums and seen them several times since.
  4. Freebies. The merch village is epic with merch from practically every band playing and loads of cool clothing bands, many stalls have some sort of freebies to give away.
  5. Getting to see friends. I have friends all over the country and we all have different commitments but festivals allow us all to get together catch up and enjoy the music that we love.
  6. The meaning. The first warped tour back in 2012 I was desperate to go but me and my best friend couldn’t get the money together before it sold out. When I went to university that September I met my boyfriend, we both have the same music taste and he knew how much I wanted to go. Amazingly through his contacts he managed to get some spare media tickets and surprised me with them. Less than a month together and he brought me tickets, I’m a lucky girl we went last year together to its something great we can share together.

So yeah rant over just a few reasons why I love Warped tour UK and why I wish it was going ahead this year.


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 21: Nivea Double Effect Eye Make Up Remover Review

So I’ve been using the Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make Up Remover for almost a week I just thought I’d do a small review for you guys.


 This caring bi-phase formula enriched with Cornflower Extract removes even extreme waterproof eye make-up. The sensitive eye area is efficiently but very mildly cleansed. The eyelashes are protected.

So I purchased this because my skin probably needed something better than just wiping make up off with a wipe and I want to work on I’m proving my skin. I wanted something that really worked and was kind on the skin, so I decided upon Nivea and I’d read some good reviews on this.

At 125ml it is a handy size to put it in a suitcase for travelling and the lid is secure so I know it will be great for travelling over the summer. However, the small size does make me weary on how much use I will get out of it but I guess I will have to wait and see about that.

It smell is really subtle and pleasant but it isn’t really fragrance meaning it is much kinder on the skin and once you’ve used it your not smelling something like cucumber for the next hour.

So does it work? Yes it does mix it up put it on a cotton pad and wipe and it takes of eye make up and the rest so well. However, it leads sort of a thing oil layer on your skin which feels odd and I can’t imagine that been good if your have oily skin (I tend to dry/normal) so as its got off I’ve rinsed it off and dabbed my face dry with a fluffy towel.

The main downside is the practicality, before use you have to shake it up. That’s fine, no big deal right? Wrong, its not just a quick shake and if you don’t shake it for long enough it starts to separate out as your putting on the cotton pad you have to shake it for quite a while vigorously to get even remotely close to mixed to a point where my arm sometimes hurts. How wants a arm work out every time they take of there make up

So my overall verdict . . . I love the product it works great but is it worth the effort? I’m not sure and will probably look around at what else is on the market before repurchasing this particular one.

 Nivea Double Effect Eye Make Up Remover is available at Boots, Superdrug and Wilkinsons between £2.00 – £3.00.

Have you tried this product? What make up removers do you like? What do you think I should try next.


Gwenllian Branwen