Day 12: Product Review: Barry M Cor Balmy

So the other I popped into town with my mother and really wanted a new lip balm so I thought I’d try the Barry M ones as I just love the name.


So the official product description on the Barry M website says: “Tell ya chinas, Cor Balmy! is a wicked tinted SPF15 lip balm with a rich moisturising core enriched with Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter to protect and revitalise dry skin. For less than a Lady Godiva you’re avin’ a bubble!”

There are 5 shades of lip balm, I chose the lights shade (CB1) called Adam & Eve, so unfortunately I cannot test the tinted part as its such a pale pink that I can’t really tell if it tints my lips.

First and foremost it is in a bog standard lip stick package so the use and practicality of it is relatively straight forward. The design however I think is lacking, the words on the outside are hard to read and it concerns me some what that there are no ingredients on it not even on a sticker that you can peal off like most other make ups. I think the packaging looks cheap, I’m aware that it is only a drugstore brand but when you compare it to MUA lip packaging, it could be an awful lot better.

It smells like child hood and I’m undecided between it smelling like pick and mix and those like soft foamy prawn sweets, its pleasant and fortunately its not too strong so you can’t smell it when its on. It is nice but I think if you could smell it all the time it would become sickly very quickly so it has the right balance.

I am undecided on the look of the product as although it says it has a balm centre I am unclear on the need for the different coloured centre and although it can be pulled off in this shade the darked ones it looks odd. The actual product actually really works it goes on smoothly and feels nice on the lips a little greasier than I would of liked but soaks in fairly quickly.

Over all an okay product, I am likely to look around to for other lip balms but it will be a balm I will consider when I am looking to buy a balm again.

Available at Boots, Superdrug and Barry M for £3.49.

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