Day 15: What in My Bathroom Cabinate

Seeing as my sisters moved out and my parents have an en suit I essentially have my own bathroom, all of our extra bulk buy bathroom bits used to go in the back room piled up in a box but they now live in my new cabinet. So I thought you’d give you an insight into what we keep in it.


The cabinate is not exactly new we got given it off a relative after they’d brought it and never used or assembled it, it;s the FLAREN cabinet from Ikea and I love it so much. It fits in the space we have so it is idyllic.


So on the top we have hand soaps and hand cream as these always look messy around the sink so we now stuck them on top of the cabinet. On the left we have a set my mum got given as a good teacher present from work, the set is vintage rose by tesco but you would never be able to tell they do smell very rose and it’s pleasant but it is definitely an older smell so ideal gift for mums, grandmas ect as I think rose is an acquired taste. The set contained both a hand wash and a hand and body lotion and I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but the hand as is nearly empty while the lotion is still half full, both are nice and smell the same its just I use the hand lotion less often as I have better alternatives. I can’t find the set online and it might be more of a xmas sort of gift set which is a shame as they are likely to be highly affordable and you could put them in a box with some tissue paper and it would look so beautiful. Anyway moving on, next up is the Carex bacteria protect, which I first brought when I got my tattoo as you need an antibacterial soap and this seemed like a good option good price, amazing fragrance and once my tattoo was healed I could just carry on using it as a hand soap. Once again I can’t find it online but Carex is such a good brand which you can buy in all supermarkets and drug stores.


So at the top of a cabinet there is a draw that either pulls out a small way or the top lifts up and there is a mirror, I originally put my make up in it using the back slip for brushes but it wasn’t ideal as my bedroom has a lot better natural light so my make up went back to the messy box so instead we filled it with hotel toiletries. My dad travels a lot with work so he always brings bits home and you all know my love of miniatures. So here’s a selection of the bits, also in the draw we keep pain killers & floss sticks in here too.


So the top shelf is more bits a bobs, the all important spare loo rolls and then mine (the pink), my mums (the white) and navy/grey my dads travel toiletry bags which just hold the staple travel bits that never come out and its just a good place to store them. In addition to those are my spare tooth brushes which I just buy a cheap 5 pack from primark and for a couple of quid they last so well.



Also hidden on the shelf is the most awesome toiletry bag my dad every brought back its got so many bits in, it’s so cute. I’m so tempted to take it next time I take a weekend away so I don’t have to think what to bring because I’m lazy like that. In this it has: a shoe shine sponge; the cutest bar of soap; shower cap; sewing kit; tissues; foaming bath & shower gel and conditioning shampoo. So essentially everything you need and some things you don’t.


This is the bulk buy shelf with a big mix of stuff. Most importantly 3 bottles of Sanex sensitive shower gel I tend to not get along with a lot of shower gels but this smells creamy and subtle and is gentle on the skin, the only reason I have bottles is that I always buy it when its on offer and keep forgetting I have loads already because due to the large bottles it lasts 4/6 weeks with a shower pouf thingy (Its currently £1.57 for 500ml at boots). We also have 3 bars of every day value tesco soap, because my dad is allergic to most perfumes these are his, my current soap is a lavender donkey milk one my boyfriends mum brought me from France, its amazing. The everyday value soap is £0.15 a bar so if you can’t have certain perfumes its worth a try.

Then there’s my new pot of TRESemme hair masque I talked about in my brand focus blog, as like a lot of things I was running out and saw it in an amazing office. There’s 2 pots of sudocream which is good for so many things and is relatively in expensive as well as a few spare shower poufs. And finally . . . a bunch of Body Shop shower gels I never buy them at full price but it was £2.80 for a pack of two in my university town and I love the stuff so I have 2 bottles of passion fruit and 2 bottles of papya to go with my body shop body butters so I can smell amazing all day long.



This is the final shelf I’m going to show you as the bottom shelf is feminine hygiene products. This shelf really is just the bulk buy shelf there are: 2 bottles of TRESemme salon silk shampoo; 3 bottles of TRESemme salon silk conditioner; 2 bottles of hand soap; foot scrub; 2 bottles of other shampoo and a bottle of random conditioner.

So yeah that is what is in my bathroom cabinet, hope you like it? I just always enjoy these sorts of posts as I am just so damn nosey.



Gwenllian Branwen


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