Day 27: What’s in my Suitcase?


So I’m away 3 nights, Saturday to Tuesday, and here’s a snippet of what I am taking with me. I know it may seem that some things are missing like a towel and toiletries ect but as I am visiting my sister I can use one of her towels and shampoo ect.


First up comfy, comfy pjs these I brought a year or so ago from Primark and the bottoms are hello kitty ones, ย I brought these to wear as a set as I didn’t like the top that was matched up to the bottoms but I love how with a lot of primark PJs you can mix and match to create a set.


I love skater dresses as they are flattering for most shapes, this I purchased in a sale earlier this year. I love this one its cute and you can dress up or down and wear it throughout the year. We might be going to the pub or a meal out so I can dress this up or wear it shopping so this is a great idea.


I am so in love with this kimono, so obviously it was going to have to come with me I have a selection of tops, a skirt and skinny jeans so it will go with a range of stuff and it will look so cute and I am excited to wear it once again. And it adds the layers without the weight in your suitcase and the ย material is the type that won’t crease :).


So I’m taken a selection of tops and I will be wearing a black top there and then thought I’d just take a selection as we have no exact plans so then I can dress accordingly. I’ve also packed: leggings, skinny jeans; a skirt; two scarves and underwear, as well as all the stuff in my other post of my travel make up/toiletries.

What do you take for a weekend away? Do you pack for mix and match or pure outfit?

Gwenllian Branwen

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