Day 29: Sleek Face Form Review


So I brought this a few weeks back and thought I’d do a review of how I found the Sleek face form kit. I purchased shade 373 light as I thought in the shop it was the same as the contour kit in 3 shades however, the face form kit also has fair so once this is used up I may try that.

When you purchase it, it comes in a little cardboard box which I personally think looks cheap and tacky so I threw it away however I think the little palette/compact looks so nice and sleek. I also love that the mirror is fairly sizeable so it is a handy little kit for travelling or touch ups on the go.



So lets look at the 3 products individually. Initially I thought the bronzer would be to organge but that has never been and issue. I tend to put very little on the brush and build it up to the desired colour of effect. Unlike the other two the highlighter is very chalky, which is a shame really as it makes it harder to get the right distribution of highlighter but it is such a lovely highlighter and shade. Finally the blush, I love the colour however, I have found it is really shimmery I don’t know it is just the top layer as I haven’t liked the shimmer I keep using one of my other blushes so I may try and take a few layers off and see.

I love the principle of this set so much and I don’t know if each one is different, I may have to take a look at the fair one. I am also unlikely to repurchase it as a trio and next time to go for the contour kit as I will not use a shimmery blush.

All in all I am undecided the principle is great and all in all its not bad but I am unsure if it is a definite repurchase or not I think when it runs out I will see what else is available.

Have you tried this product? How did you find it?

The Sleek Face Form kit is available from Sleek, Superdrug and Boots for £9.99.

Gwenllian Branwen

9 thoughts on “Day 29: Sleek Face Form Review

    • gwenllianbranwen says:

      It is although a little shimmery for my liking but its such a good summer colour I’m determined to learn to embrace the shimmer. I don’t know if they sell this shade on its own or not 🙂

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