Tour De France: Stage 19 and 20

Sorry for my absence and just scheduled blog posts for the past few weeks but due to storms our internet at our holiday cottage was down for 10 days, I’m back now and back in the UK on Sunday.

So this year I was lucky enough to be able to go to see two stages of the Tour de France, even though I had to miss seeing it with all my family in Yorkshire. We have all followed cycling for years and it was our first opportunity to go and despite lacking names like Froome, Cavendish and Contador it was still an amazing experience.

Stage 19: Maubourguet Pays Du Val d’Adour/Bergerac

We had chosen to aim for Monbazillac, and we arrived at the small town at lunch time, pulling into a temporary car park where moments later it decided to piss it down with rain. So we ate lunch in the car and waited for this to stop, by this time a huge river had formed at the bottom end of the car park but with not many signs of clearing up we went to explore the town. Its amazing the effort that  goes into all the decoration of towns on the tour de france route its amazing.

It cleared up and we went for a wonder round the roads around the vineyard and its such a beautiful landspace, eventually we looped round and walked up the hill on the race route. We found a stand that was giving out hats and t-shirts for free (yellow obviously) grabbing each some for ourselves and a few for friends back home. Not the most fetching look but with everyone wearing them we felt like part of something special (by the time the cyclists came through it was pissing it down and everyone was in their coats anyway. We stopped near the top of the hill and had a beautiful view of the vineyards and the race.

25.07 Monbazillac

Some how Brits always managed to end up next to each other at these things but it was nice to have other people to talk to. Then the caravans came, my dad stood on the road and me and my mum stood on the bank to try and catch freebies. To be fair we didn’t do too bad, haribo; fruitshoots and loads of other bits and peices the caravans are definatley worth catching.

It was another two hours before the riders came through and buy then the heavens had broken. . . .

25.07 Stage 19 Riders

It didn’t matter it was raining it was exciting seeing the race live, and getting really excited when I’d stopped which one Geraint Thomas, Team Sky, was. It was all over in two minutes after standing in the rain for hours and I’d definitely go again. That night we went back to our cottage and watched the highlights even stopping ourselves on TV.

Stage 20: Time Trial

So the day after we drove to another town to watch the time trial, settling down to watch the racers come by in reverse order at approximately 3 mintue intervals. This works really well at seeing racers although it feels less exciting but you know who you’ve seen and it was the penultimate stage. There isn’t much to say about it so I’ll add some pictures.

26.07 Stage 20 a rider 26.07 Stage 20 Julie 26.07 Stage 20 Mionard (BMC) 26.07 Stage 20 Pichot 26.07 Stage 20 Rogers 26.07 Time Trial (20) Villanblard DSCF4137

Anyway its late at night, I’m tired and this is a little bit rushed but I hope you like it. Do you like the Tour de France? Have you ever been to a stage.


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 60: Elizabeth Arden Minatures Review

I wrote this a while ago and took all the pictures then when it came to scheduling it I’d realised I’d accidently deleted them and got rid of the box (cever me). However, i leave for France in a few hours so cannot retake the pictures so have had to google them, sorry guys.

So I got brought the beautiful travel sized Elizabeth Arden set as a gift and I’ve never had any of them, I’ve had them for a while so here is a miniature review of all 6 miniature travelled size perfumes. First and for most with all the bottles being so small they are ideal to put in a hand bag or take a few in a suitcase for a weekend the size is ideal or even as a gift for when you aren’t sure what perfume they like or they are just wanting to discover fragrances. It allows you to test loads of fragrances and if you don’t like it it’s not a huge bottle. Also as another little plus this set contains six out of ten Elizabeth Arden Fragrances.

Red Door

“The same classic fragrance, with a new signature look. A melange of rich, rare florals. Glamorous. Elegant. Sophisticated.”

This has to have the cutest bottle ever a little perfectly square bottle, with the main bottle glass and the lid is plastic. It has a beautiful subtle sweet smell, I guess it is closest to floral over anything but it isn’t obvious. I think this would be great for everyday use and when I’ve warn it I cannot stop sniffing myself I just love it. If you want a sweet simple smell I would highly recommend it. Also no matter what size this is such a sophisticated bottle that would look nice sat in any room. (5ml bottle)


“Every day, everywhere. Every woman wants to feel pretty. Pretty is a spirited floral fragrance of exceptional charm. The floral heart is surrounded by a mélange of fruits, wrapped in a well-rounded background of serene woods. At its core is a premiere ingredient, Petalia.”

I’m torn between this and the Mediterranean been my favourite bottles, it is just so girly and cute. It’s such a pretty floral scent that literally is aptly named and is definitely a perfectly named fragrance. A must for every girly girl, or if you want to feel a little more feminine this summer season. Just an all-round perfect perfume.

Green Tea

“Energizes the body, excites the senses and revives the spirit.”

First and foremost I don’t like the packaging I think it looks cheap, looking more like a bottle of tea tree oil or something rather than a designer perfume. It certainly has that refreshing, green energising smell but I’m not sure I’d like it as a perfume. I am reluctant to try it and think I should just bite the bullet but with others I like I just can’t yet. It’s sadly disappointing but it just isn’t for me. (3.6ml bottle)


“A radiant woody floral. A modern expression of sparkling radiance.”

I’m completely in love with this bottle it’s so chic but I’m not sure what I think of the smell. Overall, it’s a nice fragrance but it smells alcoholic and over powering and I’m just not convinced by it which is a shame as I’d love a big bottle to sit on my shelf.


“A celebration of life: bright, uplifting, invigorating in spirit and mood.”

This along with the green tea bottle is my least favourite bottle it just looks cheap and tacky. Lucky it is redeemed is slightly by the beautiful summery floral scent. This will definitely come with me on my summer travels but once September comes round it will be retired in the day. This will be something like a summer day wearing flip flops and a sun dress, day with your friend’s kind of scent. (7.5ml bottle)

5th Avenue

“A sparkling, sheer floral with subtle warmth and richness.”

This bottle screams sophisticated and elegant and has the typical high end scent. This would look so good sat on my shelf, making me out to be more intelligent and sophisticated than I actually am and I will definitely wear it to graduate job interviews. Definitely a good staple for any perfume collection. This bottle is 3.7ml.

All in all this is a beautiful set. All of the bottles are glass but with some of them it is a let-down with a plastic lid but I’m not sure what I was expecting really, although the Mediterranean should definitely have a metal one. When we brought it we got it on sale for £14.99 which is a really good price but the retail price is £29.99 is it worth that? Possibly, I think you need to look into do you want all these fragrences, there size is idea to put in a bag and travel with but you could buy a big one and an atomiser so I just don’t know. I loved the idea and I think they are such cute bottle. Before buying do your research and weigh up what you want scent wise and product wise?

Have you tried anyone these? What is your favourite perfume? Would you buy a travel sized mixed set to try something new?

Gwenllian Branwen


Day 59: Reacting to Old Tagged Photos Pt2

I did way too many to realistically put into one post without it being stupidly long so I split this post into two.


We just could resist any excuse for a group photo, my hair looks awful and bushy too and I went to school like that every day. Why? Also out of the 4 other people in that photo with me I talk to what one of them, which is completely and utterly crazy in itself as this was only what 4 years ago.


School leavers get a bunch of girls in slip ons and skirts to get together on a climbing frame, once again these were my best friends for well over 5 years some of them since primary school and I talk to 3 of them. I look back and remember it fondly but it’s still sad to think how time changes


Posing and duck facing with food, I will never ever understand 16 year old me. Also Alice next to me what on earth is up with that face, it is completely hilarious. Its so big its edging on looking like she is insane.


Why are we posing with bowls of food on spoons I just don’t even get what we were thinking lets all stand in a line posing with a bowl of what rice? If get it maybe you can explain it better than I can.


The first appearance of drunk me, at a work Christmas party with my two best work buddies Eamon and Stephen. It was such a great night if not a highly unflattering look for me.


Another highly unflattering shot of me but you can tell I was trying to have a comfy day, it’s not a particularly good shot of my mum either especially because it’s in our old kitchen with the highly unflattering lighting too. Note to my sister who took up and uploaded it, please let me have comfy days in peace


We all look somewhat mad and delerious don’t we? And why are my thumbs in my sleeves? I don’t know I think finally finishing A levels turns you a bit loopy really.

Hope you liked this little something different, and encourage you to do this even if you don’t do a post as you can really discover some old gems.

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 58: Reacting to Old Tagged Photos Pt1

So I watched Joe Sugg and Tanya Burr doing the hilarious reacting to old facebook profile pictures. I thought I would go along that line and just go right back on facebook and pick a selection of tagged photos and just show my reaction to them.


So this was my first ever tagged photo and was probably taken back when I was 15/16 it was year 10 anyway, the days when I’d get up early and put my hair in heated rollers to create loose waves and a full face of make up. This is completely utterly insane why did I do this just for school. Oh and you see that bright pink tartan thing? Yep that was the bag I took to school so yeah . . .


So this is me, my sister and our friend Tom seeing forever never in Milton Keynes. To this day I still think this is a classic and every time I see it I’m like oh yeah I remember that.


A massive group shop and I really do not look good in this, why in half of my tagged photos are my eyes closed. It was a mufti day so we normally had hideous uniforma and if you cannot tell from the photo it was my friends Vicki’s birthday and we took loads of photos for no real reason.


Oh god the duck face, I used to nearly always duck face. This was my best friends 18th family get together where she dragged me to for moral support noting I was 15 at the time (I’m just over 2 years younger). Its just the duck face combined with the cup of probably WKD and I look back and just think oh god.

05Let’s all stand in a like in the same pose and have a photo . . . .


Was this a trend at your school? It certainly was at mine, getting a photo half way up the escalator in New Look and I never understood it but you had to it. This was also during my shorts and tights phase no matter the time of year, as you can tell. Its cold enough to wear a winter coat but I’m still wearing fairly thin tights with shorts and it isn’t a particularly flattering look..

Tune in tomorrow for part two. . . .

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 57: MUA Brand Focus


So today I thought I would do another brand focus and this time I will focus on the amazing budget brand MUA which is an amazing budget make up brand which I have mentioned plenty of times before.



I cannot seem to get on with their foundations which is a shame as who doesn’t want an amazing cheap foundation. The biggest issue is there lack of shades with most only having 3 shades, the BB having the most but there is still not a light shade and the lightest shade is still too dark and turns me orange so pale skinned girls you have to miss out.

Most disappointing of which was the Undress Your Skin Foundation in Porcelain which was way too dark even when I acquired a tan so I have no idea what shade they think porcelain to be. I found it to be an odd texture and it would flake of on the skin even after primer/moisturiser and wouldn’t mix in properly with a moisturiser if you tried to use it like that. I just couldn’t get on with it and definitely wasn’t worth the £5.00 it cost.


P1030191So first up I have the Pressed Powder, this comes in only 3 shades so it will not necessarily suit every one. I’ve also only been using this for a week for so as I still have loads left of my other pressed powders but so far I really think it. It provides good mattifying coverage and seals my make up perfectly, well worth buying especially for travel so your perfect expensive one doesn’t smash. Retailing at only £1.00 you cannot go wrong.

Next up I have two of the £1.00 blushes in Lolly and Bonbon, I brought Lolly first and fell in love with the colour then I brought Bonbon home and realised they are near enough the same colour. So I’m slightly annoyed at myself for buying the same thing again however, at least I know I will get the use out of it. They are such beautiful colours with a good pigment yet very build-able and I’d recommend check them out. I do desperately want to check out the cream blushes so if you’ve tried them let me know.

Final thing for the face, the Pro Base Fixing Mist, this has been a life saver this summer. For the best results I place on between layers of make up but it works keeping everything in place all day through work and music festivals which is great for a £5.00 fixing mist.



So for some wierd reason I don’t have a picture of the actual products on the left is the Lipstick in Shade 14 Bare Nude and on the left the Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Tranquility. Sorry guys I completely dropped the ball here.

I have never been so surprised and delighted by a lipstick in my entire life as I have been with the MUA £1.00 Lipsticks. I’ve tried others but only have the nude shade in my currently collection as I’m not that much of a bold lip person although I wish I was I tend to focus on eyes anyway. The pigmentation is amazing and although you need to touch it up every so often, who cares when you’ve spent so little on them, they aren’t too drying but a balm is always a good idea. I just think they are great all of them are so pigmented and I love the little bit at the bottom of the packet so you know exactly what colour you are getting and there’s always a bit to tried you over once you’ve run out. With a colour for every one definitely check out the lipsticks.

Up until the end of June I’d never even consider touching the luxe velvet lip lacquer as I didn’t have the confidence to pull of such bold shades however much I wanted too. Then they released the nudes and pinks, I just couldn’t resist and they are so work it. Such true colours and staying power, I just couldn’t get over it although the feeling is a little odd at first and take some getting used too.



Unfortunately I couldn’t manage to buy any singles for this post but I have two palette so it’s a start, as when I went to buy singles there were literally just purple left. I should have done an online order for this in reality.

So first up the basic heaven and earth palette which has been around forever but I have only recently got my hands on it. It is such a perfect everyday neutral palette that you can guarantee you will get the use out of it and probably use every shade so it is such a perfect palette for every girl to have as it’s a do it all day to day palette. While my second palette is from the Luxe range and is the Luxe palette which is beautiful especially perfect for night looks or smokey eyes but it’s too beautiful to ruin so I will have to make the plunge someday.

I’m highly impressed with the eye shadows they are such beautiful colours and highly pigmented and blendable, all you really need from an eye shadow really. Sometimes you get the odd one with a low pigmentation or it is slightly chalky but its workable and for such a low price you can’t complain especially as there is pretty much a £4.00 palette so suit every occasion and need.

Also don’t forget the undressed MUA palette are good dupes for the naked palettes.

I’ve only tried the one Mascara too, which is alright for the price but it doesn’t especially add volume to your lashes so it is disappointing in that sense but if you just want a cheap mascara this works fine and is really workable.


I only have the one nail varnish as I have so many I need to restrain myself which is hard when they are only £1.00 a bottle and the beautiful shades are calling your name but I’ve managed some restraint. I’m just once again amazed as even in a pastel shade it isn’t watery and glides on so even and smooth, the colour pay off is amazing as you only need two coats so once again another great MUA product.

I love MUA although I am aware of the whole hit and miss nature of it but it can be expected at this price range and I guess I am just lucky with the products I choose. It’s different for everyone, so what is your MUA experience? Love it or Hate it? What is your favourite MUA product?

Gwenllian Branwen

56: Why I Love It . . .

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

So why do I love all this gigging? I just can’t explain I love everything about it. Over the years I have met some of the most amazing people and my closest friends, people thanks to music and shared experience are the best people I’ve ever met. We’ve danced, laughed and cried together there is something about music that unites people and brings them closer together.

I also love travelling with my best friend, we love to just see different cities and places and love the open road. We’ve had bumps along the way but it has brought the two of us closer together and I wouldn’t change a single second of it, it has made me who I am today.

In addition, me and my boyfriend love much of the same music but when we haven’t we take each other to our stuff and it lets each other into our world. Then we can go to see a band we both really want to see and have a perfect date night, there is always someone to go with.

So there is a basic over view of why I love it. Hope you liked this miniseries as it is something a little bit different, let me know what you think and if I should do other miniseries/themed weeks.

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 55: What to Take?

There’s no set rules with make up or what to take so do your make up to fix your outfit and what you are comfortable. Just remember it has to last all night and it may be hot and sweaty so opt for waterproof when you can.

Take a small bag of just essentials, cloak rooms are expensive and you spend ages trying to put stuff in as well as collecting it at the end of the night. So take a small bag of only what you need also make sure everything stays in securely so things don’t fall out and nothing gets stolen. So don’t forget to bring:

  • Your tickets – you want to get in after all.
  • ID – Just in case you need it, even if you’re over 18 and don’t intend to drink some venues will ID everyone on the way in.
  • Cash – not all venues have cash machines and not all bars take card. Also you will need cash if you want to buy merch as merch tables do not take card. A tshirt will cost £15/£20 and hoodies will cost more so take money accordingly.
  • Keys- Not essential but keep them safe and secure if you do.
  • Travel- depending on where you got to and how you are travelling make sure you hold onto your tickets or Oyster card if required.
  • Phone (and Camera)- A camera is good if you want to take better quality pictures but a phone will do. Also a phone is essentially for staying in contact with friends.
  • Mascara, Lipbalm/Lipstick, Eyeliner – basically small bits of make up that you can easily touch up.

That’s it basically just take the essentials and as little as possible.

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 54: What to Wear?

So carrying on with the music theme here are some outfit ideas for going to gigs. . .

Outfit One: Back to Basics


Shorts:  H&M £14.99 ♥ Vest Top: Asda £4.00 ♥ Converse: Schuh £40.00

This is a great start for every gig and you mix it up with any shirt or jacket that you want. It is so timeless and comfortable too especially with the converse basically I wear a version of this to every gig you can never go wrong with shorts and a vest top, even in winter you can just team it with leggings/thick tights.

Outfit Two: Festival


Wellies: Asos £40.00 ♥ Knee High Socks: BooHoo £4.00 ♥ High Wasted Shorts: Tesco £16.00 ♥ Denim Jacket: New Look £19.99 ♥ Vest Tops: H&M £7.99 (for pack of two) ♥ Sunglasses: BooHoo £3.00

Its best to be sensible over fashion at a festival, always take wellies or trainers you don’t mind getting ruined and opt for basics. Never take your favourite items as they will get damaged to wear old or cheap stuff but it doesn’t mean that you cannot be stylish. Also sunglasses always get something cheap but check it has a suitable UV filter rating.

Outfit Three: Rock Chic


Textured Treggings: Topshop £28.00 ♥ Ring: Drop Dead £5.00 ♥ Vest: Blue Banana £9.99 ♥ Jacket: New Look £39.99 ♥ Watch: BooHoo £15.00


I hate the ‘fake’ rock chick looks so here is my take on the trend from someone on the inside.

Hope you enjoyed these few outfits. What do you like to wear to gigs/festivals?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 53: Cross Another of The List

This post is essentially a long list of who I have seen and the number of times I’ve seen them. As it’s some 359 bands it will just be block text otherwise it will be way way too long.

Only Once:

Green Day; The Scorpions; October file; Smoking Hearts; Misfits; Speed Theory; Ill Nino; Taking Back Sunday; Slayer; My Chemical Romance; Placebo; The Spirit; The Explosion; Afi; Tool; Trivium; Iron Maiden; The Haunted; Demonica; Luna Mile; Idlewild; Serpico; InMe; Harvey Steals Band; My First Radio; A Perfect Sin; Rachel Furner; Sukie; Mesh 29; Ka Tet; Head Inc; The Almighty; Sill Remains; Norther; Turisas; Panic Cell; Overture; Blacklight Club; Shroud; Wasted; Iryran Muyha; Lost on Campus; Organised Chaos; Chokehold; Opaque; Speeding Mellow; Anti Vigilante; The So Called; Cathexis; God Sacks Man; Dear Superstar; Firewind; SIGN; Salves to Gravity; Imperial Leisure; Beat Union; Pepper; Shaped by Fate; August Burns Red; The Ocean; Cynic; Falchion; Kivimetsan Druidi; Battlelore; Beholder; Testament; Megadeth; Hammerfall; Powerquest; Attica Rage; Hollow Earth Theory; Hexagram; NEX; Waylander; Sepultura; Broken Mentality; Sworn Amongst; Susperia; Idiom; Tonight is Goodbye; Plagues; The Morning After; Facecage; Autumn Ablaze; Brassphemy; Last Protocol; Farino; White Clouds and Gunfire; Komatysed; Radicus; Torn Assunder; Don’t Look Down; Will & The People; Scared of the Ocean; A Major Motion Picture; Twelve Titans; Crisis Confirmed; Rise to Addition; Firetone; Grand Theft Audio; Scar My Eyes; Gamma Bomb; Malefice; The Rotted; Fury UK; Esoterica; The Plight; Little Fish; Alice in Chains; Waylander; Die Apokalyptischien Reiter; Gun; Ratt; Monster Magnet; Sons of Merrick; Winterborn; Sonata Atrica; Pig Iron; The Glitterati; Girlscchool; Tigertailz; Quireboys; Angel Witch; Demon; WASP; Queensryche; Onslaught, New York Dolls; Skeletonwitch; Combichrist; Rammstein; Nemhain; Romeo Must Die; Die so Fluid; Meet The Storm; Sworn to Oath; Set Your Goals; Steel Panther; Evile; 5 Finger Death Punch; Airbourne; Samurai Lawn Party; Smokescreen; 69 Shots; Awake; Don’t Look Down; Hollywood Tease; Amelia; Lionsex; Gloryscars; Signals; The Elijah; Sons of Betryal; Held Beneath; Celesty; Metsatoll; Valhalla UK; Sondura; All Forgotten; Emarosa; The Way of the Atom; Bloodguard; The Engines of Armageddon; DAOR; Arms of Atlas; Your Demise; Murderdolls; Million $ Reload; The Treatment; Lethargy; New Device; We’re not Worthy; Ghost; Buckcherry; Sylosis; Devin Townsend Project; Twisted Sister; In Remission; Fall of Science; Adrenaline; Black Ink Sun; Red Enemy; That Sunday Feeling; Adelaide; Pain of Salvation; Chilli con Carnage; Held Beneath; Heavy Metal Kids; UFO; Young Influential; The Corairs; Dead Poets; Zico Chain; Black Spiders; Vried; Imsmnium; Apollo; Black Acid Souls; Viking Skull; Deadites; Agi Jarocka; Tower of Cows; Thumper Monkey; Black Hawk Down; Exteritus; Porky Pig; The Final Chapter; Tears of Eden; I’ll Stay in Memphis; The Road to Nowhere; Lay Seige; Draw The Line; Pavillions; Go Primitive; Evarosa; Korda Marshall; Fraser; Stooshie; Arcane Roots; Primitive; Resurrection; 28 Blunts Later; Fortunes; Maverns; Taking Hayley; It! Boys; A Loss For Words; Family Force 5; 3OH!3; Funeral for a Friend; Bowling For Soup; Azriel; We Butter The Bread With Butter; CB6; Feed The Rhino; Silent Descent; Hey Vanity; We Die Tonight; Despite My Deepest Fear; Adept; Pure Love; Hollagon Collective; TRC; Outright Resistance; The Foxboro Not Tubs; The American Scene; Gnarwolves; Tonight Alive; Pierce The Veil; Sleeping With Sirens; The Wonder Years; All Time Low; All Time Low; Dead Set Disorder; Voices From The Fuselage; In Colour; Scar City; Graveyard Johnnys; Djevera; Soft Tone Needle; T Rex; A Great Notion; Echos of Flyod; The Drowning Man; The Blackout; Skalmold; Fintroll; Katatonia; Lacuna Coil; Page 44; Jim Lockey & the Solum Sun; A Day To Remember; Coheed and Cambria; Yellowcard; Billy Talent; Rise Against; Making Monsters; Only Rivals; Fort Hope; Mayday Parade; Mix Blackout; Tortunga; Love Zombies; Bayside; Modern Baseball; Canterbury; Natives; We The Kings; Motion City Soundtrack; We Are The In Crowd; Lee Rayner; Stonepit Drive; The New Hellfire Club.

Twice as Nice:

New Found Glory; Judas Priest; Mastodon; Kill Switch Engage; Bullet For My Valentine; Pearl Jam; March to the Grave; Lauren Harris; Symbo; Vendetta; Middenheim; The Ruined; Aiden; Bring Me The Horizon; Architects; Saxon; Heart of a Coward; None The Less; Young Guns; My Passion; Myrya Roxx; Emerald Sky; Glamour of the Kill; The Defiled; Black Veil Brides; We are Wolf; Shadows Chasing Ghosts; Tantrum to Blind; Jody Has a Hitlist; Red Cow Down; Acoda; Green Date; Decade; Stormbringer; We Are The Ocean.

Threes a Crowd:

Forever Never; Illusion; The More I See; Death Valley Pile Driver; Kuias; Korpiklaani; TYR; Illuminatus; Don Broco; Deaf Havana; Alkaline Trio; LYU; Red Jumpsuit Apperatus; Man Overboard; Mallory Knox; Hacktivists; Max Rapter.

Four’s More:

Less Than Jake; Alestorm; Fei Comodo; Opeth; Paradise Lost; Exit Ten; Imicus.

Five in a line:

Breed 77; Skindred.

Sinful Six:

Sacred Mother Tongue; With One Last Breath.

Eight Times:

Last Stop China Town.

Whopping Fifteen:



Yeah so there is the extensive list. How many of these have you seen as well?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 52: Combining My Passions

“You could call me a rolling stone because I’m always on the road, every night I wonder if you’re there alone” The Audition

“With a little less than an hours sleep, we’re back on our feet, we still couldn’t want this more” City Stereo

So it’s day 3 or combining my passions and today I’m going to talk about combing both of my passions music and travel. Both have always gone together hand in hand really . . .

I am lucky to have my best friend Chloe, with her we have travelled many miles, countless hours and friends. I could simply list all of the places but I am going to tell you about our favourite trip.

Glasgow April 2012

Normally our road trips take months of planning, buying clothes planning routes and then in the end all we are really doing is driving up the motorway an hour to Birmingham or something, 2012 was our year of travelling going all over the country to see band, the previous month having travelled to Manchester to see Yashin for my 18th. This on the other hand was a complete spur of the moment trip.

It all started when I saw our fellow Yashin fans who we’d met at other shows and since become great friends talking about and arranging last minute details to see Yashin on the Jager tour in Glasgow as they were only doing that date and the tickets were £5.00 to see 4 amazing bands. I was set in the year 13 section of the sixth form centre attempting to do Chemistry work while counting down the last few days until the Easter Holidays and I just thought why not go too? So I text Chloe so over enthusiastic in my idea, and next thing you know she’s online looking at the tickets. You’d think been older she’d just tell me to calm down and it is a stupid idea but I went over to hers at the end of the day and we were booking our coach and getting advice from friends on where to stay.  10 days later we were on a national express coach to Glasgow.

It took 2 coaches and 9 hours to get there but it was all worth it, we were met at Bauchan Coach Station by our two friends Deb and Sarah and all walked back to our hostel together where amazingly our room was literally 2 doors down from there’s in the hotel.

That night we explored a bit of Glasgow and located the venue for the next day all getting stupidly excited.

That night was when me and Chloe discovered we really were country bumpkins, and all the traffic and city noises kept us awake all night, that and the fact we didn’t realise getting a twin room would mean bunk beds so we were essentially attempting to both sleep on the bottom bunk. So we stayed away the entire night and at about 6am popped along to the tesco express round the corner for some breakfast and supplies.

We spent that day exploring more of Glasgow and gig prep before heading along to the venue for the really early doors. It was such an amazing night and we got to see some bands that we wouldn’t normally. We left a little bit early from the final band of the night Skindred, as I had seen them several times before and the others weren’t that interested to get ready for the after party at the Cathouse, an alternative club in Glasgow that we had wanted to go to for ages.

We had an amazing night and drank way too much because unfortunately for us, Glasgow is cheap to drink in. However, after another night of little sleep and drinking getting the coach home at 8:30am was painful and tiring but we made it.

It was over way too soon and I can’t even begin to say how much I loved the city and how much I want to go back but one day I will. Here is a little gallery of our adventure:

Where do you like to travel to or where would you like to do? Are you a city slicker or a country bumpkin?

Gwenllian Branwen