Day 36: Chocolate Brownie Cake

As I mentioned the other day I made chocolate brownie cake so I thought I’d share my recipe so you can try this tasty treat for your self.



LETS Start Baking

1) Start by buttering a cake tin and lining with greaseproof paper. Then preheat your oven to 180C or gas 4.


2) Put 175g of chocolate in a pan with the butter and sugar and heat gently stirring gently until full melted and smooth. Once melted remove off the heat and leave to cool. (picture 1)

3) While the mixture is cooling beat the egg whites thoughly until they form soft peaks and place to the side (pictures 2 and 3).

4) Move the chocolate mixture into a bowl and whisk the egg yolks into the mixture. Then add the flour and remaining chocolate and mix again until all is mixed in a smooth, scrapping excess mixture down from the sides (picture 4).


5) Fold the egg whites gently into the rest of the mixture until fully incorporated into the mixture (pictures 5 and 6).

6) Pour the mixtue into the cake tin and place into the oven for about 35 to 40 minutes until crispy on top.


Eat warm with ice cream, custard or one its one, although it is just as nice cold too, enjoy.

Gwenllian Branwen

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