Day 42: Why I Wear Make Up

So I was taking off make up yesterday after a lovely meal out with my boyfriend and I realised how different my face looks. I began to think why do I wear make up?
I started wearing make up when I was 13/14 at school, just eye shadow and mascara at first but it gradually grew to a full face. Getting up early to do a full face of make up and hair every morning. From there it grew my make up collection, touching it up throughout the day it just made me feel more confident.
As time went on I got into all aspects of beauty, I just wanted to look and feel good. Becoming a student made me more budget conscious so I moved to cheaper brand and renewed a love for make up as I found at one point I got stuck in a rut. Half the fun in shopping now is looking for a good deal, with the quality of budget brands like mua improving cheap doesn’t always mean bad. Becoming a student at university didn’t change me love of it, it changed my perspective.
In first living in halls made me realise I didn’t need to wear make up all the time, and the fact I wasn’t wearing it for anyone else but me. It changed the way I thought about it, for the past two years make up hasn’t been a disguise or barrier it has allowed me to express myself. The fact every morning you can completely change your look if you wanted to.
Its hard to express why I wear make up, I suppose I’m really wearing just wearing it for me. So why do you wear make up?
Gwenllian Branwen

5 thoughts on “Day 42: Why I Wear Make Up

  1. Cherry says:

    my boyfriend often asked me why do I wear make up, and I often told him I do it not for others to see it, but is my own way to take care of myself, just like wearing clothes. It helps to feel confident … and let’s be honest, we also love all the accessories related to it 😉

    • gwenllianbranwen says:

      Agreed who does love new clothes and accessories :-p that huge confidence boost that comes with a new outfit, a beautiful pair of shoes and a full face of make up is unbeatable.
      I like the morning ritual of it too, makes it feels like today is going to be fine. Make up is definitely more about the wearer than anyone else x

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