Cosmetic Fairy: Budget Buys at Its Best

So I first heard about Cosmetic Fairy when I was watching a Miss Beauty Budget video on Youtube, I looked online and saw how amazingly cheap the products are. The main thing to think about with these, like the named brands in pound shops is that they are old, completely sealed and never been touched so they are hygienic but they have been sat in a box in a warehouse for god knows how long. There are some great buys and when you think about it with all the seals done up they should be fine to use and I have no problem buying them.

I purchased more of the Loreal and Wet n Wild type stuff however there are brands like Urban Decay on there for £5.00, this purchase will depend on your opinion on bright blue eye shadow. There are a good mix of all sorts of make up and beauty bits so I really so suggest taking a look sometime.


First up I purchased the Loreal Wear Infinate Eyeshadow Quad Landscape 824, I know I don’t need another neutral quad or shades and this isn’t for me. I brought this for my mum, its a beautiful matte quad that anyone can use and it’s something my mum will get a lot of use out of it. £2.49.


This again is for my mum, brown mascara is much better as you get older as it is less harsh so I thought I’d upgrade my mums mascara and brought here this Maybelline Define a Lash Stretch Define Mascara in Brown. £1.49.


When I saw this beautiful L’Oreal Infallible Lipstick in Unending Kiss I just have to have it, its such a beautiful pinky natural shade that should be so versatile and wearable I just cannot wait to finally own/wear it. Also I think this was such a huge bargain that there was no stopping me when I saw it. £0.99.


Next I picked up the Wet n Wild Sparkle Eyeshadow Palette in Desert, there was no other reason for buying this other than it been pretty and I thought why not. I also wanted to try out some wet n wild as you don’t get it here in the UK. £0.99.

Then I went a bit Wet N Wild mad picking up Wet n Wild Eyebrow/Eyeliner Pencils Duo in Dark Brown for £0.99, and Wet n Wild Natural Wear Face Powder in Fair for £1.99. I just thought I might as well stock up/try some new basics while I was there.

Finally I picked up 2True Self Tan Towelette Pack of 3, for £0.25, this was to take me over the free postage amount and I may use them wait and see,

My final order total was £10.04. Not bad going really,  also if I failed to mention shipping to the UK is free when you spend over £10.00 so you cannot lose. So if you want to check out Cosmetic Fairy click here.

Gwenllian Branwen

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