Cosmetic Fairy Order!


So a few days ago I did a blog about some products I ordered from Cosmetic Fairy well they arrived this morning and I am so thrilled with my order.

I’ve had a look through but obviously haven’t had a chance to try anything yet I am just so pleased with everything its all exactly what I expected or even better than expected. I just cannot wait to get trying these but most of it will have to wait until I get back from France and the pressed powder and mascara should probably wait as I have several of each of those on the go at the moment so there is no point starting another new one.

I still cant get over that all this including postage only cost £10.04 and it was all extremely well packed. I’m just so pleased and highly recommend you go and check out the website here. Also if you want to know what was in this order check out my previous post here.

I’m off to France for to weeks as of tonight, so all my posts for the next few weeks are scheduled just in case I didn’t have the time to post anything. So I will be able to check posts and reply to comments it just might take me longer than usual, so sorry in advance.

Gwenllian Branwen

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