Day 60: Elizabeth Arden Minatures Review

I wrote this a while ago and took all the pictures then when it came to scheduling it I’d realised I’d accidently deleted them and got rid of the box (cever me). However, i leave for France in a few hours so cannot retake the pictures so have had to google them, sorry guys.

So I got brought the beautiful travel sized Elizabeth Arden set as a gift and I’ve never had any of them, I’ve had them for a while so here is a miniature review of all 6 miniature travelled size perfumes. First and for most with all the bottles being so small they are ideal to put in a hand bag or take a few in a suitcase for a weekend the size is ideal or even as a gift for when you aren’t sure what perfume they like or they are just wanting to discover fragrances. It allows you to test loads of fragrances and if you don’t like it it’s not a huge bottle. Also as another little plus this set contains six out of ten Elizabeth Arden Fragrances.

Red Door

“The same classic fragrance, with a new signature look. A melange of rich, rare florals. Glamorous. Elegant. Sophisticated.”

This has to have the cutest bottle ever a little perfectly square bottle, with the main bottle glass and the lid is plastic. It has a beautiful subtle sweet smell, I guess it is closest to floral over anything but it isn’t obvious. I think this would be great for everyday use and when I’ve warn it I cannot stop sniffing myself I just love it. If you want a sweet simple smell I would highly recommend it. Also no matter what size this is such a sophisticated bottle that would look nice sat in any room. (5ml bottle)


“Every day, everywhere. Every woman wants to feel pretty. Pretty is a spirited floral fragrance of exceptional charm. The floral heart is surrounded by a mélange of fruits, wrapped in a well-rounded background of serene woods. At its core is a premiere ingredient, Petalia.”

I’m torn between this and the Mediterranean been my favourite bottles, it is just so girly and cute. It’s such a pretty floral scent that literally is aptly named and is definitely a perfectly named fragrance. A must for every girly girl, or if you want to feel a little more feminine this summer season. Just an all-round perfect perfume.

Green Tea

“Energizes the body, excites the senses and revives the spirit.”

First and foremost I don’t like the packaging I think it looks cheap, looking more like a bottle of tea tree oil or something rather than a designer perfume. It certainly has that refreshing, green energising smell but I’m not sure I’d like it as a perfume. I am reluctant to try it and think I should just bite the bullet but with others I like I just can’t yet. It’s sadly disappointing but it just isn’t for me. (3.6ml bottle)


“A radiant woody floral. A modern expression of sparkling radiance.”

I’m completely in love with this bottle it’s so chic but I’m not sure what I think of the smell. Overall, it’s a nice fragrance but it smells alcoholic and over powering and I’m just not convinced by it which is a shame as I’d love a big bottle to sit on my shelf.


“A celebration of life: bright, uplifting, invigorating in spirit and mood.”

This along with the green tea bottle is my least favourite bottle it just looks cheap and tacky. Lucky it is redeemed is slightly by the beautiful summery floral scent. This will definitely come with me on my summer travels but once September comes round it will be retired in the day. This will be something like a summer day wearing flip flops and a sun dress, day with your friend’s kind of scent. (7.5ml bottle)

5th Avenue

“A sparkling, sheer floral with subtle warmth and richness.”

This bottle screams sophisticated and elegant and has the typical high end scent. This would look so good sat on my shelf, making me out to be more intelligent and sophisticated than I actually am and I will definitely wear it to graduate job interviews. Definitely a good staple for any perfume collection. This bottle is 3.7ml.

All in all this is a beautiful set. All of the bottles are glass but with some of them it is a let-down with a plastic lid but I’m not sure what I was expecting really, although the Mediterranean should definitely have a metal one. When we brought it we got it on sale for £14.99 which is a really good price but the retail price is £29.99 is it worth that? Possibly, I think you need to look into do you want all these fragrences, there size is idea to put in a bag and travel with but you could buy a big one and an atomiser so I just don’t know. I loved the idea and I think they are such cute bottle. Before buying do your research and weigh up what you want scent wise and product wise?

Have you tried anyone these? What is your favourite perfume? Would you buy a travel sized mixed set to try something new?

Gwenllian Branwen


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