Day 91: August Favourites


So August really did fly by and I am making a start of setting up doing monthly favourites. I was gong to start monthly favourites last month but as I was barely home and wasn’t using much beauty or anything.

MUA’s Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette


This was one of the two palettes I took to Cornwall with me but it is the only one I used when I was always and since it is such a lovely subtle and diverse palette. From a simple was of colour to smoky eyes. I live for neutral eyes and I am so glad to have this as part of my make up collection.

Halo Eye Make Up Remover Pads


I brought these for weekends away and got loads of use out of them. This month I have been really loving them for doing make up or make up touch ups on the go to wipe brushes or my hands ect. They effortlessly remove eye make up and are soft and gentle on the rest of your face, I just love them and I think I might keep buying them to keep in my bag.

Foot Pack Intensive Rejuvenation


I love these moisturising booties. After coming back from France my feet were so dry and cracked after a few weeks of wearing sandals and flip flops. These were my life saves and my feet are slowly getting back to normal and lovely again. Well worth picking up and they are so cheap.

Rimmel London Apocalips in Nova


I finally embraced the bold lips and wore this most of this month, its such a beautiful summery shade and I cannot get enough of it. Another bonus is that it stays put, for a bit more about this lip gloss with swatches and my verdict check out my review here.

So this is a brief look at why I have been loving this month, what have you been loving recently?


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 90: Make Up Starter Kit (under £20)

So school starts again this week so I thought I’d do a make up starter kit, for if you want to start but don’t know where to or you want to stock up your basics. To make it more of a challenge for myself by trying to create the entire set for under £20.00 for everything therefore making it appropriate for those starting out to affordably buy.



You don’t need to start off with a full foundation routine, begin with a BB cream or tinted moisturiser which will even out you’re skin tone but isn’t to heavy. For this I recommend Natural Collections Tinted Moisturiser, there are loads that are affordable but I didn’t want to suggest one I hadn’t tried myself. This I used loads when I started out using make up and its only £1.99 at boots.

For a powder I live at the budget end, I’ve tried loads and the one I always come back to is Collection Pressed Powder. For a start this one actually comes in a shade that matches my skin tone. It mattifys, reduces oily appearance and lasts all day, basically all that you want in a powder that you don’t need to spend any more. This is available at Superdrug for £1.99.

Concealer is a must for any make up collection, a recently new discovery for me but my mums used it for ages is the NYC Cover Stick, effortlessly blendable as well as providing a high level of coverage to hide pesky redness and spots. Available from Superdrug for £1.79.

To finish it off I’m adding a blush, to add a touch of colour to your face. My new favourite blushers are the MUA Blushers. With a large range of colours corals, pinks, lilacs edging on to bronze, they are well pigmented and workable. For such a low price it is perfect for starting off your make up collection and even experimenting with colours of blush without breaking the bank. Available direct from MUA or Superdrug for £1.00.



Most important for eyes is mascara, defining and adding to the look of the the face. Here I am choosing my tried and tested endlessly repurchased Collection Supersize Fat Lash MascaraI love this which adds lots of volume without clumps or looking unnatural it is now a permanent part of my make up collection. This is a great mascara for the price, I also love the Max Factor False Lash Effect but costing an aditional £8.00 its not for starter, I have also never paid full price for it so I understand not wanting to spend £11 on a mascara when cheaper ones like this work just as well. Available at Boots for £2.99.

For Eye Shadows I picked two palettes allowing you to complete all looks that you’d want to. First up I picked the NYC HD Quattro Eyeshadow in Gothic Harlem, this is perfect for night looks with everything you need for a night look, highlighter and all. Perfect for smokey eyes and dramatic night time looks, also at only £2.99 at Superdrug it is a perfect staple for your make up bag. In addition to this I picked my go to, madly in love with palette MUAs Heaven and Earth Palette. It is great for so many looks from simple to dramatic including beautiful brown smoky eyes, I just can’t get over how pigmented the eye shadows are it is just the perfect neutral budget palette. Available from Superdrug for £4.00.



I’m counting these as simple 1 item at only £1.00, as I think lip colour and picking between lipstick and lip gloss is definitely a personal preferences. I especially love the lipsticks such good pigmentation and log lasting I think everyone should check them out.

Final Total: £17.75

So here are a few ideas for a complete make up kit if you are just starting out especially at coming in at under £20, everyone priorities are different I am a much more eye person some people prefer lips so will spend more there and less on eyes.

What is in your make up starter kit?


Gwenllian Branwen


HUGE Giveaway this Friday!

Fernanda's Choice

two words. white hot  || The 9 Best Outfits We've Seen In A LONG Time via @WhoWhatWear

Hi my beautiful bloggers out there!

To be honest when I started blogging I did it because I have been wanting to write, encourage women all over the world and make them feel you are special and beautiful in your own way.. I have been having so much love that I need to thank all of you for that. So Today I am celebrating my 100th post, reaching the most amount of views since I started blogging and also the fact that I have received the best response from you.

I am doing a Fashion Giveaway for this Friday 29th.

I will be  selecting one of my followers and the only thing you have to do is reblog this post and follow me.

To the winner:

I will be sending the winner an outfit, makeup goodies, accessories and a special mention on my blog so all my followers can…

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Day 89: NOTD


So just a quick post today as I’ve done my nails, not dont to the best standard but i’m not used to going manicures and am completely out of practice you should see the mess all over my right hand after doing this.

To create this look I did 3 layers of Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Lychee, then for the tips I used Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in GuavaEssentially this look was created with 2 of the 3 nail varnishes I brought the other day. This nail varnishes give such a lovely finish and colour pay off but do take that bit longer to dry I am yet to put them fully to the test with seeing how long they last but I am tempted to try that at some point soon.


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 88: Getting Ready in a Rush Tips.

So we’ve all done it overslept and having to leave the house as soon as possible, so I have a few tips on making that last minute panic a little less stressful.

  • Leave hair messy or simple. If you are in a rush just leave your hair as it is the least important either leave it down and pop a bit of dry shampoo in or opt for a messy up do. Lucky these are in at the moment so grab a bobble through your hair up and leave it.
  • Keep clothes simple and fuss free. When you have to throw stuff on in a rush keep it simple like jeans, a plain tee and a jacket, fuss free and always a winner. Clothes that go with anything like jeans are a must, the less it goes with the more time you’ll waste searching for something that matches.
  • Skip the foundation. Foundation takes ages to blend and isn’t suitable for when you’re in a rush, instead opt for a good concealer to cover up problem areas.
  • Focus make up on one area. Pick one area to focus on with your face, bit it your lips or eyes ect. you might not have time to do a full face so decide what is important to you to have done.

What are your tips for getting ready in a rush?


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 87: Sims 4!


So Sims 4 is finally coming out on the 2nd of September for PC, I am lucky enough to be borrowing my boyfriends Origin account and was able to download the Sim’s 4 Create a Sim Demo. So I thought I’d show you how I’ve got on and how I found is as I try to create myself as a Sim (or a better version of me).

I have owned every single version of the sims I love it and was so excited to hear about 4, I’ve watched all the videos and found myself awestruck so it is time to get stuck in.

Creating a Face


This is amazing how much detail you can go into with editing and creating the features, however as this is my first try I found it a bit tricky. I can see once you get the hang of it how amazing it will be allowing you to have a larger variety of sims and you can finally realistically create yourself and live out your dreams.

Hair and Make Up




I know this is only the demo with a small amount of the final hair and make up but I was absolutely amazed, I love them all. You can view all the hairs or select by length, I’d happily pick any of the hairstyles and they look amazingly realistic. The make up is so much better too allowing you to pick different eye liner and eye shadows styles and colours, as well as allowing you to pick in between lip gloss and lipstick. I was in love creating looks for everyday, formal and party.

Body Type



The two body extremes you get on the sliding scales you can also make her look pretty much anorexic too which I don’t particularly like. As well as the sliders you can adjust sections individually like making the ass and boobs smaller/bigger and playing with the waist to get the look you want. Also the body adjustments is much easier than doing the face. I don’t know if you make them fat they can loose wait and tone up or not or if you are permanently stuck with what you pick, we’ll have to wait and see.

Get Dressed


There are both preset styles and create your own which is brilliant and a lovely range of clothing to pick from even at this demo stage. I found it really weird that leggings were under tights but I finally found them and then I could truly make me into a Sim. I cannot wait to see what other clothing you get or the swimwear ect as these aren’t featured in the demo. Another little bonus is you add shoes as you like, no more being stuck with hideous preset shoes. The only thing I’m not keen on is the accessories there aren’t meant earrings, necklaces ect that I like but this is usually the case with sims which is a shame.

Final Touches


And finally you get onto picking their traits and aspirations such as family and picking what they mainly want have as there main goal. You can also pick hobbies such as music lover and geek, basically making the sim that you want. Interestingly child hater is on the list which I suppose makes it realistic and its nice to see romantic have two paths, one the usual romance and woo hoo with everyone while the other is find a soul mate (awe). In addition to all of this you can pick there walk and voice, all just cute finishing touches that really allow you to create a proper person/sim.

Overall I enjoyed playing around with the demo and I cannot wait for the game to finally come out though I’m waiting for student loan day to purchase it. I would highly recommend it I just hope one day I get the hang of playing around with the faces.

Have you tried the Sims 4 demo? Will you be buying Sims 4 yourself?

Gwenllian Branwen



Day 86: Bag Essentials

Continuing with my back to school idea I thought I’d do a mini post on bag essentials, those go to items or essentials that should be in your bag for every occasion/situation. This will be more of a school/collage/university orientated post.


♥ Bird Bottle: Paperchase £6.00 ♥ Hand Gel (Grapefruit): The Body Shop £2.50 ♥ Baby Lips Lip Balm: Superdrug £2.99 ♥ Nurofen: £2.09 from all pharmacies and supermarkets ♥ Bobby Pins: Amazon £2.29 for 250 ♥ Cath Kidson Compact: John Lewis £8.00 ♥ Hello Kitty Tissues: Tesco £1.30 ♥ Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Summer Bloom: The Perfume Shop £9.99 ♥ JVC Gummy Headphones: Argos £7.99 ♥ Wrigley Extra Gum: Everywhere ♥

Refillable Bottle: It’s important to stay hydrated and by taking your own bottle you save on forking out for expensive bottled drinks, just refill it in the morning with whatever you want and enjoy for the rest of the day. In the winter months why not take a flask with coffee in.

Hand Gel: For those times when you want clean hands but aren’t near the bathroom so whenever you want to eat or you’ve touched something you rather not hand gel is ideal to have in your bag. They are everywhere these days in a variety of scents I just think the body shop ones smell amazing and work really well. I especially love these when I’m travelling or have popped into London for the day.

Lip Balm: There are loads of great lip balms on the market at the moment from Barry M’s Cor Balmy to Maybelline Baby lips, so you can pick a scent, colour and texture you prefer. Keep your lips perfect, especially in the colder months when your lips are more likely to get chapped.

Painkillers: You’ll always need them when you don’t have them. Headache, tooth ache, women problems no matter what they’ll be in your bag when you need them.

Bobby Pins: Fix a bad hair day or numerous problems with a simple bobby pin, essentially a girls best friend . . . if only we knew where they all went?

Compact Mirror: Check your looking okay on the go and say goodbye to been paranoid. If you take your make up with you this may not be essential if one of your make up compacts already includes one.

Perfume: Keep yourself smelling fresh after PE (if your at school), or in general throughout the day and pop a perfume in your bag either a body spray, roll on perfume or decanter some of your favourite perfume out.

Headphones: Escape the world for some much needing down time, always pack your headphones.

Gum/Mints: With loads of yummy foods that make you have bad breath having gum in your bag is always a must. I prefer the tubs as they last longer and are way easier to find in your bag.

What are your hand bag essentials?


Gwenllian Branwen


This is a scheduled post, all information and links were correct at the time of composing.

Day 85: Back To School Essentials

So it’s not long until term begins again and I thought I’d do a mini back to school post with all the essentials and some things you may or may not of thought of. I’m aware in most cases schools provide exercise books however, colleges and sixth forms provide nothing so I suppose this post is more aimed at alevel/college students or even those starting or going back to university this September. I am excited myself for picking out my folders for my final year at University.


♥ Bag: New Look £24.99 ♥ Diary: Paperchase £12.00 ♥ Heart Post it Notes: Amazon £5.44 ♥ Black Ring Binder: Tesco £1.00 ♥  Pink Swallow Ring Binder: Paperchase: £3.00 ♥ Owl Lever Arch File: W H Smiths £2.99 ♥ Pink and Orange Pencil Case: W H Smiths £3.49 ♥ 

Bags: Make sure when picking a bag that it is strong and sturdy, preferably with large straps so when its fully loaded with books and everything it will support the weight and be comfortable to carry. Another highly important thing to think about is size, yes it might look good but if you end up needing a second bag or you end up carrying things in your arms its no good, I always used to prefer to carry my ring binders but for things life your note books and texts books you’ll need your bag to at least be an A4 size and big enough to carry everything you need.

Diary: Some schools/collages/universities provide there own versions which I have never particularly liked but my school had compulsory planners, nowadays I will always have a diary with every deadline in as well as every lecture/tutorial/shift at work written in every week so I can plan my time effectively. I’m such an organisation freak that this is all on my phone and laptop calenders too however, the most effective way is writing it down. Weekly views are best with plenty of space for writing something for each day but not too big I tend to buy 18 month/academic diaries as they suit the time I tend to use them most.

Post It Notes: Perfect for quickly jotting bits down, keeping track of pages and helping you keep organised. I don’t know what I’d do without them, plus they now come in a huge range of colours and shapes so you can buy ones that suit your personal taste/need.

Folders/Ring Binders: Which you get tends to depend on how much work you need to stuff in and they vary from cheap and plain to pretty and pricey, so you can easily find one that suits your need and budget.

Notebooks: Some people prefer to have pretty note books per subject but since university I have found these hard to organise with sometimes going straight from a lecture to a tutorial about a previous weeks lectures. This depends on individuals however, I much prefer to buy a cheap asda refill pad and then rip it out and organise it this way.

Pens: You don’t need to spend a fortune on pens I brought a box in tesco a few years ago and I’m still working my way though, select a good range of pens, pencils ect in a variety of colours depending on what is appropriate for what you are studying.

So I hope this has been helpful in regards to advice and finding items that make you excited about studying? Tomorrow I will be doing a post on School bag essential or things I think should be in your school bag or that are in my bag for term time at University so come back tomorrow for that.

Gwenllian Branwen

This is a scheduled post all links and prices are correct as of the time of composing.

Day 84: Barry M Impulse Buy

So I popped into town to buy a few bits and ended up buying 3 Barry M nail Varnishes as they were 3 for 2 in Boots and I couldn’t resist.



(From L to R: Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Guava; Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Lychee and Nail Paint in Ruby Glitter. For the picture for an idea of shade only one coat was used of each polish).

Both the Guava and Lychee are Gel paints so are much thinker that normal nail varnishes, after a few coats they leave a beautiful finish and I’m hoping they really do last, all the reviews left are highly positive so I am hopeful. I brought Lychee as I think Essie Button wears it or possibly another beauty youtuber and I always loved the shade and have been after it for ages but have only just found it in a shop as it has usually sold out. While the Guava was the last one I picked up to get it in the 3 for 2 and I simple brought because I love the shade. If the Gelly ones last I will definitely be investing in a load more.

The other one I brought is simply a normal nail paint, or a normal glitter paint. The Rubby Glitter nail paint has 3 different sizes of glitter the biggest is the big pinky/red glitter and then the black glitter comes in two different smaller sizes to create a beautiful nail effect. The liquid is fairly runny and you would have to do quite a few layers to create any sort of effect so is probably best layer over another although I will have to experiment with what works.

Have you tried any of the Barry M Gelly Paints? And what do you think? What are your favourite Barry M nail polishes?


Gwenllian Branwen


Day 83: Product Empties #1

Keep meaning to do this for a while but I finally managed to not throw enough away to do a post, I’m not going to do monthly empties but will do them regularly as and when I have enough products to make it worth it.

Sanex Dermo Pro Hydrate


First up is a deodorant, I do tend to flick around on which one I am using it but always stick with either Sanex or Dove. This time it just happens to Sanex, this just smells sweet and floral but also the smell doesn’t cling. So although it provides amazing coverage and strength so you never have to worry about the smell its not overpowering so its easy to layer another perfume over the top. I like this deodorant and would definitely repurchase it.

Morrisons Sensitive Aloe Vera Shave Gel


I love this stuff I have no idea how many times I have repurchased it but as it does the job perfectly and leaves my legs silky smooth why would I try anything else. The smell is a bit odd, it smells like obvious shaving foam/gel so I’d definitely recommend thoroughly washing it off. Although I always use Body Shop body butter after shaving my legs so it usually covers it. Even without moisturing, after shaving with this my legs feel silky smooth and hydrated. Cheap and effective I’ve already started my never bottle.

Kingsley House Skincare Cocoa Butter Cream


This is essentially a slightly thin body butter but way thicker than your basic moisturisers. I used to use this all the time before I kept clocking to Body Shop sales and stocking up then. This only cost approximately £1.00 and it is available in most pound/budget shops and it is lovely i have just found better replacements but I highly recommend if you want a cheap body butter.

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo Party Nights


I originally brought this when I’d run out of batiste cherry (my usual favourite), and this was cheap I thought why not. It smells like the original batiste, and it clings like really clings so you spend the rest of the day or the time up until you next wash your hair which isn’t pleasant. I also found it was quite a lot of effort to rub in and it was so easy to miss patches having a streak of white in your hair. My housemate ended up using most of it, and I’ve finally finished it. Safe to say I will not be repurchasing this and will be going back to Tresemme or Batiste.

Ted Baker London Bodywear Body Wash,Ted Baker London Bodywear Body Spray and Nivea Invisible Deodorant


And finally 3 little travel sized products, I have done a lot of travelling over the past few months so these are the ones I’ve used up and I’m throwing as I tend to refill my mini tresemme ones ect that I’ve used up. I loved using all of these especially the Ted Baker scents and they are such a convenient size.

So those are all my empties that I can finally chuck to make space for everything else.


Gwenllian Branwen