Day 81: New Free From Frizz


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So the other day I saw the launch of the new Free from Frizz products in Superdrug on Instagram, apparently they are already available in Boots but I have personally never seen them in store. Today I’m going to talk about the products, what they do, how they work and would I consider giving them a go.

The official website states that:

Welcome to the biggest breakthrough in anti-frizz technology – the patent pendingFree From Frizz system.

Free From Frizz is unique; our patent pending bond softening treatment works within the hair shaft, smoothing out frizz leaving hair soft, shiny, manageable and Free From Frizz for up to six weeks.

Enjoy Free FromFrizz – whatever the weather

How it works is that initially you follow the different steps and serums involved with the treatment process and you have to seal it with heat aka straightners on damp hair. Also in order to maintain the results you need to use the Free From Frizz shampoo and conditioners.

The treatment/haircare comes for two hair types both with delicious sounding scents, for fine to normal hair it is watermelon and for thick/coarse hair the scent is mango. Therefore it should be fairly enjoyable to maintain the keep up with no chemically scents and you hair smelling amazing.

I’m in love with the idea of of it set aside an afternoon and then have amazing frizz free silky hair for the next month or so as I’m lazy or during term time when studies stack up I much prefer to spend my spare time sleeping that fussing with my hair.

All of the reviews on the official website are highly positive however, those on Boots are highly mixed and tend to lean towards the negative end. This at home treatment is a cheaper alternative to salon treatments however, often these cannot match the salon versions and with people not taking proper time, following steps and lack of technique therefore salon quality results cannot be expected.

I am highly likely to try this out at some point but its the near £30 price label that is putting me off at this stage, I might wait for a few more people to try and weight it up again. Do you think this is worth a try?

Complete sets are available from Free From Frizz for £26.97, also available as individual components at Boots and Superdrug. Shampoo £5.99, Conditioner £5.99 and Treatment £14.99.


Gwenllian Branwen


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