Day 83: Product Empties #1

Keep meaning to do this for a while but I finally managed to not throw enough away to do a post, I’m not going to do monthly empties but will do them regularly as and when I have enough products to make it worth it.

Sanex Dermo Pro Hydrate


First up is a deodorant, I do tend to flick around on which one I am using it but always stick with either Sanex or Dove. This time it just happens to Sanex, this just smells sweet and floral but also the smell doesn’t cling. So although it provides amazing coverage and strength so you never have to worry about the smell its not overpowering so its easy to layer another perfume over the top. I like this deodorant and would definitely repurchase it.

Morrisons Sensitive Aloe Vera Shave Gel


I love this stuff I have no idea how many times I have repurchased it but as it does the job perfectly and leaves my legs silky smooth why would I try anything else. The smell is a bit odd, it smells like obvious shaving foam/gel so I’d definitely recommend thoroughly washing it off. Although I always use Body Shop body butter after shaving my legs so it usually covers it. Even without moisturing, after shaving with this my legs feel silky smooth and hydrated. Cheap and effective I’ve already started my never bottle.

Kingsley House Skincare Cocoa Butter Cream


This is essentially a slightly thin body butter but way thicker than your basic moisturisers. I used to use this all the time before I kept clocking to Body Shop sales and stocking up then. This only cost approximately £1.00 and it is available in most pound/budget shops and it is lovely i have just found better replacements but I highly recommend if you want a cheap body butter.

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo Party Nights


I originally brought this when I’d run out of batiste cherry (my usual favourite), and this was cheap I thought why not. It smells like the original batiste, and it clings like really clings so you spend the rest of the day or the time up until you next wash your hair which isn’t pleasant. I also found it was quite a lot of effort to rub in and it was so easy to miss patches having a streak of white in your hair. My housemate ended up using most of it, and I’ve finally finished it. Safe to say I will not be repurchasing this and will be going back to Tresemme or Batiste.

Ted Baker London Bodywear Body Wash,Ted Baker London Bodywear Body Spray and Nivea Invisible Deodorant


And finally 3 little travel sized products, I have done a lot of travelling over the past few months so these are the ones I’ve used up and I’m throwing as I tend to refill my mini tresemme ones ect that I’ve used up. I loved using all of these especially the Ted Baker scents and they are such a convenient size.

So those are all my empties that I can finally chuck to make space for everything else.


Gwenllian Branwen


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