Day 84: Barry M Impulse Buy

So I popped into town to buy a few bits and ended up buying 3 Barry M nail Varnishes as they were 3 for 2 in Boots and I couldn’t resist.



(From L to R: Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Guava; Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Lychee and Nail Paint in Ruby Glitter. For the picture for an idea of shade only one coat was used of each polish).

Both the Guava and Lychee are Gel paints so are much thinker that normal nail varnishes, after a few coats they leave a beautiful finish and I’m hoping they really do last, all the reviews left are highly positive so I am hopeful. I brought Lychee as I think Essie Button wears it or possibly another beauty youtuber and I always loved the shade and have been after it for ages but have only just found it in a shop as it has usually sold out. While the Guava was the last one I picked up to get it in the 3 for 2 and I simple brought because I love the shade. If the Gelly ones last I will definitely be investing in a load more.

The other one I brought is simply a normal nail paint, or a normal glitter paint. The Rubby Glitter nail paint has 3 different sizes of glitter the biggest is the big pinky/red glitter and then the black glitter comes in two different smaller sizes to create a beautiful nail effect. The liquid is fairly runny and you would have to do quite a few layers to create any sort of effect so is probably best layer over another although I will have to experiment with what works.

Have you tried any of the Barry M Gelly Paints? And what do you think? What are your favourite Barry M nail polishes?


Gwenllian Branwen


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