Day 87: Sims 4!


So Sims 4 is finally coming out on the 2nd of September for PC, I am lucky enough to be borrowing my boyfriends Origin account and was able to download the Sim’s 4 Create a Sim Demo. So I thought I’d show you how I’ve got on and how I found is as I try to create myself as a Sim (or a better version of me).

I have owned every single version of the sims I love it and was so excited to hear about 4, I’ve watched all the videos and found myself awestruck so it is time to get stuck in.

Creating a Face


This is amazing how much detail you can go into with editing and creating the features, however as this is my first try I found it a bit tricky. I can see once you get the hang of it how amazing it will be allowing you to have a larger variety of sims and you can finally realistically create yourself and live out your dreams.

Hair and Make Up




I know this is only the demo with a small amount of the final hair and make up but I was absolutely amazed, I love them all. You can view all the hairs or select by length, I’d happily pick any of the hairstyles and they look amazingly realistic. The make up is so much better too allowing you to pick different eye liner and eye shadows styles and colours, as well as allowing you to pick in between lip gloss and lipstick. I was in love creating looks for everyday, formal and party.

Body Type



The two body extremes you get on the sliding scales you can also make her look pretty much anorexic too which I don’t particularly like. As well as the sliders you can adjust sections individually like making the ass and boobs smaller/bigger and playing with the waist to get the look you want. Also the body adjustments is much easier than doing the face. I don’t know if you make them fat they can loose wait and tone up or not or if you are permanently stuck with what you pick, we’ll have to wait and see.

Get Dressed


There are both preset styles and create your own which is brilliant and a lovely range of clothing to pick from even at this demo stage. I found it really weird that leggings were under tights but I finally found them and then I could truly make me into a Sim. I cannot wait to see what other clothing you get or the swimwear ect as these aren’t featured in the demo. Another little bonus is you add shoes as you like, no more being stuck with hideous preset shoes. The only thing I’m not keen on is the accessories there aren’t meant earrings, necklaces ect that I like but this is usually the case with sims which is a shame.

Final Touches


And finally you get onto picking their traits and aspirations such as family and picking what they mainly want have as there main goal. You can also pick hobbies such as music lover and geek, basically making the sim that you want. Interestingly child hater is on the list which I suppose makes it realistic and its nice to see romantic have two paths, one the usual romance and woo hoo with everyone while the other is find a soul mate (awe). In addition to all of this you can pick there walk and voice, all just cute finishing touches that really allow you to create a proper person/sim.

Overall I enjoyed playing around with the demo and I cannot wait for the game to finally come out though I’m waiting for student loan day to purchase it. I would highly recommend it I just hope one day I get the hang of playing around with the faces.

Have you tried the Sims 4 demo? Will you be buying Sims 4 yourself?

Gwenllian Branwen



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