Day 88: Getting Ready in a Rush Tips.

So we’ve all done it overslept and having to leave the house as soon as possible, so I have a few tips on making that last minute panic a little less stressful.

  • Leave hair messy or simple. If you are in a rush just leave your hair as it is the least important either leave it down and pop a bit of dry shampoo in or opt for a messy up do. Lucky these are in at the moment so grab a bobble through your hair up and leave it.
  • Keep clothes simple and fuss free. When you have to throw stuff on in a rush keep it simple like jeans, a plain tee and a jacket, fuss free and always a winner. Clothes that go with anything like jeans are a must, the less it goes with the more time you’ll waste searching for something that matches.
  • Skip the foundation. Foundation takes ages to blend and isn’t suitable for when you’re in a rush, instead opt for a good concealer to cover up problem areas.
  • Focus make up on one area. Pick one area to focus on with your face, bit it your lips or eyes ect. you might not have time to do a full face so decide what is important to you to have done.

What are your tips for getting ready in a rush?


Gwenllian Branwen


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