Day 90: Make Up Starter Kit (under £20)

So school starts again this week so I thought I’d do a make up starter kit, for if you want to start but don’t know where to or you want to stock up your basics. To make it more of a challenge for myself by trying to create the entire set for under £20.00 for everything therefore making it appropriate for those starting out to affordably buy.



You don’t need to start off with a full foundation routine, begin with a BB cream or tinted moisturiser which will even out you’re skin tone but isn’t to heavy. For this I recommend Natural Collections Tinted Moisturiser, there are loads that are affordable but I didn’t want to suggest one I hadn’t tried myself. This I used loads when I started out using make up and its only £1.99 at boots.

For a powder I live at the budget end, I’ve tried loads and the one I always come back to is Collection Pressed Powder. For a start this one actually comes in a shade that matches my skin tone. It mattifys, reduces oily appearance and lasts all day, basically all that you want in a powder that you don’t need to spend any more. This is available at Superdrug for £1.99.

Concealer is a must for any make up collection, a recently new discovery for me but my mums used it for ages is the NYC Cover Stick, effortlessly blendable as well as providing a high level of coverage to hide pesky redness and spots. Available from Superdrug for £1.79.

To finish it off I’m adding a blush, to add a touch of colour to your face. My new favourite blushers are the MUA Blushers. With a large range of colours corals, pinks, lilacs edging on to bronze, they are well pigmented and workable. For such a low price it is perfect for starting off your make up collection and even experimenting with colours of blush without breaking the bank. Available direct from MUA or Superdrug for £1.00.



Most important for eyes is mascara, defining and adding to the look of the the face. Here I am choosing my tried and tested endlessly repurchased Collection Supersize Fat Lash MascaraI love this which adds lots of volume without clumps or looking unnatural it is now a permanent part of my make up collection. This is a great mascara for the price, I also love the Max Factor False Lash Effect but costing an aditional £8.00 its not for starter, I have also never paid full price for it so I understand not wanting to spend £11 on a mascara when cheaper ones like this work just as well. Available at Boots for £2.99.

For Eye Shadows I picked two palettes allowing you to complete all looks that you’d want to. First up I picked the NYC HD Quattro Eyeshadow in Gothic Harlem, this is perfect for night looks with everything you need for a night look, highlighter and all. Perfect for smokey eyes and dramatic night time looks, also at only £2.99 at Superdrug it is a perfect staple for your make up bag. In addition to this I picked my go to, madly in love with palette MUAs Heaven and Earth Palette. It is great for so many looks from simple to dramatic including beautiful brown smoky eyes, I just can’t get over how pigmented the eye shadows are it is just the perfect neutral budget palette. Available from Superdrug for £4.00.



I’m counting these as simple 1 item at only £1.00, as I think lip colour and picking between lipstick and lip gloss is definitely a personal preferences. I especially love the lipsticks such good pigmentation and log lasting I think everyone should check them out.

Final Total: £17.75

So here are a few ideas for a complete make up kit if you are just starting out especially at coming in at under £20, everyone priorities are different I am a much more eye person some people prefer lips so will spend more there and less on eyes.

What is in your make up starter kit?


Gwenllian Branwen


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