The Price of Beauty


(Purse is available from Not On The Highstreet)

So read somewhere that on average a women will spend £18,000 on beauty over a lifetime and I thought how is that even a possible figure so I thought I would work it out based on my day to day products if its possible. In my head it seemed impossible but as I sat looking all my make up sat on my desk including 3 foundations, 3 pressed powders, 2 mascaras and 20 shades of brown eyeshadow it started to seem more possible even though I will use these up.

So I thought what that comes under beauty do I buy yearly? How many years will I be wearing it? How long have I so far? Just to gain a good average and thats not counting the fact that as I get older and finally move into the real world of work I may choose to buy higher end not just drugstore. It is just an insane calculation and I haven’t even thought how much money worth of make up is set in my draw.

This seemed like a good place to examine it closely thinking of how much the make up in my draw is worth, all at full price as I cannot remember exactly what some stuff on offer were and things like buy one get one half price. Yet I’m not including what my samples would be worth I’m too lazy, and it totaled £194.12! I’m in  shock you just don’t think about I,  I have £200 worth of make up in my draw and its all what I use regularly that’s why it’s there as I cleared it out part way through August so some of the expenses are starting to make sense.

Then just take a step out and think what you’d repurchase regularly, every 3 months I’ll buy new foundation, powder and mascara then you have hair care products its not cheap. The cost of what products everyday is £56.74 which is ridiculous considering that all but my usual MUA palette will need replacing every 3 months so heres some maths.

In a 3 month period I’m spending close to £100 when you consider the cost of make up, skin care and hair care. Thats £400 a year which is insane because when you’re buying it you don’t think about it and thats not including all the things you buy because you want them but you have no need. I also haven’t thought about nails or anything as I wanted to keep it simple but start to think how many years your wearing it and not taking into consideration that your tastes and budgets will change.

I’ve been wearing a full face of make up since I was 14 and I’ll be wearing it and using it daily for the rest of my working life so taking retirement is 65 (although by the time  I get there it’ll probably be older), that means I’ll be spending this much there abouts in beauty for 50 years.

50x£400= £20,000.

So it is true a women will spend it in a life time so essentially a years worth of wages will go on beauty throughout your life which is insane!

How much is the beauty in your make up draw? How do you feel about this statistic?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 117: End of the Chapter


So today, actually right now as this is scheduled I will be back on my way to university and to my student house with all my friends I am so excited to be getting back to it all. I am more apprehensive about this year as its my 3rd and final year but it should be good.

Although this is the end of my daily numbered posts it isn’t the end of my blog, there is just less pressure to post everyday and think of something even when I cannot think of anymore. I’m still planning to blog a lot but it will turn into more of a 3 times a week blogging think just depends what I have to say.

So big love to every one who has read my blog over the summer and the fact I’m close to 100 followers is really cool, so thanks.

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 116: DIY Candles

Feeling a bit inspired by Jim Chapman’s Candle making video and thought I’d give it a go, for better instructions follow his video.

I had some little candles that although I love the smell I much prefer the more practical shape and use of candles in jars as you light and go, so I thought I’d slip the wick out melt them down and make ones I wanted, I also melted down the end bit of a few matching little glass candles.








However if you are curious here are the basic steps?

1) Boil water in a pan fill the pan to half way with water, cut up candles or wax and place into a glass bowl or jug place in the water it should start to melt down. A glass jug is better for this as its easier to pour out at the end.

2) Once your wax has melted pour a small amount in your pot just a light covering once this starts to cool place in the wick and allow to set.

3) Add wax a bit at a time allowing each layer to set.

Thats all there is too it really, if you have any questions just ask or check out Jim Chapman’s Video which is linked above.

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 115: Pamper Essentials


We all love to pamper ourselves once and a while, I love doing it the most the night before I return to university so I will be kicking back and relaxing on Thursday night. So here are my top tips to having a great pamper session.

Run a Bath



Step one toward relaxation is always having a bath, the best way to start a pamper session it just completely clears your mind. Pick you’re favourite bubble baths, bath bombs just whatever you enjoy to use. I love loads of the lush bath bombs and they just add a touch more luxury to to the whole process.

Grab a Few Candles


This is the best way to build atmosphere is to light a few candles, they are everywhere nowadays and some beautiful ones can be relatively inexpensive and its getting to the time of year full of warming autumnal and winter scents so its a great time of year to stock up. I always find them relaxing especially vanilla candles. Also Matalan is doing loads of amazing relatively inexpensive candles atm so check them out.

Take a Book, Disconnect from Reality



I find its best on pamper nights to completely shut off the outside world so turn off your laptop and phone and enjoy the peace and quiet. These and holidays are my main time for reading, in fact this week I have just finished Mark Cavendish’s book which is a great read for those who are fans of him and the sport or those who are just curious about it.

Treat Yourself

P1030594 P1030595 P1030600 P1030599Then just fully get into treating every part of you. Use a face mask, foot pack, treatments or even paint your nails just make time for you and use products you love. I love to use a face mask while paint my nails once getting out of the tub it just allows me to feel well and truly pampered and special, the  pots I haven’t tried yet but I love mixing up face masks maybe one day I’ll stick to one but I do enjoy trying loads of different ones out.

How do you like to pamper yourself?

Gwenllian Branwen


Day 114: University Lecture Outfit Ideas

So its that time of year again where term starts again and the stress of picking what to were to university, college or sixth form. So I thought I’d post some outfit ideas on what you can wear.

Outfit One: Prepy Chic


‌♥ Pink Shirt: Apricot £24.00 ♥ Leggings: H&M £12.99 ♥ Shoes: Asos £22.00 ♥ Tweed Backpack: Paperchase £30.00 ♥

This is just an stylishly preppy smart casual outfit that is simple and straight forward. The leggings are amazing and are the first pair of leggings that I’be brought in a long time that aren’t see through in the slightest, I’m so pleased with them and they are so comfy so if you want inexpensive good quality leggings check out H&M’s high waisted leggings. I love these types of shirts, they are all over this season so silky and soft so comfortable to wear yet they look so chic and smart I cannot wait to get my hands on one.

Last but not least I’ve paired it with a simple pair of black pumps which will go with any outfit and a tweed backpack. Tweed screams preppy and back to school and I just thought this backpack was so cute plus it will easily fit in your laptop, books and all over essentials.

Outfit Two: Hang Over Glam


♥ Collared Jumper: Asda £12.00 ♥ Leggings: H&M £12.99 ♥ Boots: Bear Paws $79.99 ♥ Tan Day Bag: BooHoo £20.00 ♥ Insulated Mug: Paperchase £7.00 ♥

It’s inevitable that at some point during the university year that you will end up going to class hung over, this is where low effort and comfort is key for this outfit. Leggings are pretty much every students basic as they are so versatile and comfortable, here by pairing them with this cute collared jumped helps you look put together even thought you want to crawl back into bed and due to it been knitwear it’ll be so comfy. Feel like you’ve barely left the flat wear ugg style boots comfy and warm, the ones shown are bear paws which are the real thing and absolutely amazing but often loads of shops do cheaper versions of uggs or check out TK Maxx.

The bag ties it all together and screams ‘I’m a put together person;’ even though you feel like death warmed up, worst comes to work fill it with pain killers and sugary treats to help pull yourself together. In addition to this I’ve added the most adorable insulated

Outfit 3: Rock Chick


♥ T shirt: H&M £7.99 ♥ Jeans: Topshop £38.00 ♥ Leather Jacket: River Island £60.00 ♥ Ankle Boots: New Look £24.99  ♥ Scarf: New Look £6.99 

I always rolls my eyes when this and the grunge trends come in, coming from a grunge back ground myself however, I do feel like these type of clothes are a staple for campus life.

Yes my eagle eyed reader this is the t shirt I hauled last week (check it out here), and I’m obsessed with this and will definitely be a staple for be this semester this term teamed like here with my leather jacket and leggings for my full days in uni. Since first seeing these jeans in Essie Button’s videos (who doesn’t love Estee), they are just completely awesome and well worth the money there is something I love about ripped jeans I don’t know what it is. An instant biker but practical way to keep warm is a leather jacket, they are so versatile and great to add to any outfit and especially great for transitioning from Autumn to Winter.

Then add to the accessories, ankle boots are great practical shoes giving an outfit a bit of an edge but waterproof and great for any time of year. To finish off end an on tred leopard print scalf and you put together no matter how much your lacking sleep due to a mix of deadlines and nights out.

What do you like to wear to class? How are you keeping effortlessly stylish this year?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 113: Sweater Weather Tag

Its getting towards Autumn and time for comfy clothes so I thought I’d do the lovely sweater weather tag as I am feeling so autumnal at the moment

Favourite Candle Scent?

I love candles but my fail safe, always lovely is vanilla candles. I’m literally obsessed with vanilla candles and can never really resist them as they work all year round. I also love Yankee Candles Candy Corn but thats because me and my bestie love it.

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

Mocha, why not be cheeky and combine the two for a delicious caffeine and sugar over  load.

Whats the best fall memory you have?

Collecting conkers, playing in leaves essentially my childhood. Although one year we hand fire works round my neighbours as well as setting fire to the fence we also wrote down what we wanted for christmas and attached it to a rocket.

Which make up trend do you prefer: winged eyeliner or dark lips?

Winged eyeliner although I am useless at it.

Best Fragrance for Fall?

Elizabeth Arden Red Door

Favorite Thanksgiving Food?

As we don’t have thanksgiving here in the UK so I am going to do my favourite Christmas food which has to be pigs in blankets and to those from America the UK’s pigs in blankets we wrap the sausage in bacon.

What is Autumn weather like where you live?

Well its the UK so it’s cold and wet, much like the rest of the year. Although sometimes we’re lucky to get some perfectly crisp autumn mornings which are the best.

Most worn sweater?

All of my most worn ones are dropping to bits so this year I’m looking forward to be going shopping.

Must have nail polish this fall?

Tanya Burr’s Penguin Chic it is just perfect.

Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

Jumping in leaf piles.

Boots or Uggs?

Uggs, so comfy.

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

Kinda its nice but its not amazing.

Favorite fall TV show?

At university I don’t watch a huge amount of TV at university, I’ll be bingeing on Gilmore Girls on netflix.

What song gets you into the fall spirit?

dunno really

So I Tag anyone who wants to do this and send me your links in the comments below 🙂

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 112: Top sites for getting your make up cheaper

Everyone loves getting a good deal with there make up so here are the top sites to check out if you want to get the best deals and tons of make up for not a lot.

Cosmetic Fairy

cosmetic Fairy


So I’ve mentioned Cosmetic Fairy before after been told about it by a friend so if you want to see my previous posts check them out here and here. They have such a huge range of products on there site with some even as low as £0.20, yep 20p! You have to keep checking back as there isn’t always something you want but there’s a huge range in brands from Collection to Sleek, Sally Hansen to Urban Decay and you can even try something out of your comfort zone for not a lot. Postage is really speady and relatively inexpensive plus if you spend over £10.00 its free. I highly recommend in and I’m tempted to make another order soon so check out Cosmetic Fairy here.

All Beauty


This is the site where I have to really hold back as there is a lot of higher end brands on it with amazing price cuts and you have to make yourself take a step back and think do I actually want this? Its so tempting to want to blow all your money in one go. This is better than cosmetic fairy in a way as it has a wider range of products including tools, though the individual items are more expensive they are good deals. Ideal for gifts and all sorts so check t out if you want something or are running low on essentials. Check it out here.

Fragrance Direct


So I have never personally used this store but my best friend swears by it, so when my student loan comes in this may be my first port of call. Once again amazing offers on high end brands this does loads of perfumes, so if you want them you definitely need to come here. Check it out here.

All of them have an incredible range of products make up, skin, hair and perfume and have amazing genuine offers depending on what you are looking for. Just take your time and don’t be tempted because everything is so cheap. What are your go to for cheap beauty bargains?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 111: Why I Love Autumn and Winter

So Summer is officially over and Autumn (Fall) going on to Winter is my favourite time of year and here is a few reasons why. . .



It always reminds me of been back like a little kid again when you shuffle along in the leaves and kick them. I also love all the colours and how pretty campus looks in the Autumn, essentially I just love rediscovering my childhood every autumn.

Sweater Weather


♦ Mela Grey Bird Print Jumper: New Look £26.00 Mint Green Penguin Jumper: New Look £22.99 ♦ Lace Heart Sweatshirt: Asda £10.00 

No more worrying about what to wear, if too much skin is on show and just everything while in winter you can bung on a pair of skinny jeans or leggings and pull on a warm sweater and effortlessly on trend and comfortable. I can rock up to lectures so comfy and looking good I’m just so happy about it and I love wearing cute knitwear. Who else loves winter comfort? Also there are some cute knitwear options out there right now.

My Anniversary

005 - 12.03.13 - breakout

This isn’t a general one but this year especially as I have been with my boyfriend for two years, we have loads of plans which I’m excited of what we are going to be doing our anniversary weekend. Basically I love things all cute and soppy, any excuse to have lovely plans and dressing up for a meal out.

The Return of Thick Tights


No more bare legs, no more worrying about cellulite; bumps; bruises or if your legs are stubbly or not. Warm comfy and worry free that can instantly make and outfit. Plus no more needing to take an extra pair of tights in your bag in case of ladders or ripping them as you put them on. YAY!

Bonfire Night


Fire light and fireworks, I’m just so excited. I’m always in awe of how pretty fireworks are especially  the big displays, the last two years me and my university friends have been going to Hatfield house and its such an amazing display I cannot wait to go again. Also I’m so excited to glove up and play with sparklers in our back garden and writing my name. Bonfire Toffee ♥



And finally, by no means the final reason but the last one on this post is Christmas. Although it is no longer about presents, I love it as a day eating lovely food and spending time with my family. It just leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside and its perfect, I also love decorating the house and looking at christmas lights.

I think this time of year is my faavourite, just the chance to feel like a child again, as well as snuggling up in the warmth and when you spend a day on the couch having a movie marathon with friends you no longer feeling like you are wasting the day. So why do you love Autumn/Winter?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 110: sorry no post today


I’d like to apologise for the lack of proper post but for the first time in 110 days I haven’t managed it with only 7days left to go, it isn’t bad going. On Monday a tank in our boiler burst and because my room is next to the boiler the carpet got soaked and I had to gutt my room.
Today my room was finally dry enough to start putting things back in, so putting the carpet back in, my bed draws and everything. It has been a long slow process but I’m getting there. I’m hoping to stay up tonight and at least get something sorted for tomorrow 🙂
Sorry guys,
Gwenllian Branwen

Day 109: Opps I couldn’t resist

Today I met up with one of my old Sixth Form friends in town, before we both return to university for our final years we were going to have lunch and just window shop which never happens. So I managed to bring it in a little and brought only stuff I told myself I really needed (even if I didn’t)


So first up I went into H&M and brought leggings and a cute tee. The leggings or more like treggings I genuinely needed, my leggings are dying as I live in them and its so hard so find something that isn’t see through and those that aren’t always end up being too short in the leg. These are perfect, not see through well made and they are plenty long enough no more flashing my ankles. I’m so pleased with these and for £12.99 its a bargain. Available from H&M here.

I also brought the dusty print over sized tee, I just thought itt’d be great for uni when I couldn’t be bothered and wanted to be comfy. It will look effortlessly stylish with ankle boots, a snood and leather jacket as well as been 9am lecture friendly. Effortless rock chic is what I’m all about really. Available from H&M here for £7.99.


Then I got some beauty bits from Pound World and Superdrug.


So first up from poundworld I picked up a tube of maybelline baby lips, haven’t tried any yet and just thought why not for a pound, I’m excited to use it and think it will be one of those go to lip products that doesn’t leave my bag. I also picked up Myleene Klass nail wraps they are so cute, black with little white hearts that I think I will wear during freshers weeks as they are more durable than false nails, I haven’t used nail wraps but I imagine these to be really good hopefully, at a £1.00 if they are it doesn’t matter.


At Superdrug I just brought the essentials, I’ve been going without a top or base coat with my nails for ages so I finally thought I ought to get some so brought a MUA top coat and a separate MUA base coat, which I will review at some point. Due to the soap and glory concealer I brought being so disappointing (read the review) I repurchased the NYC cover stick in light, which I love I’m so glad to have a proper concealer back in my life.

So thats the bits I brought today, are you enjoying what’s in the shops at the moment? What have you brought recently?

sign off