Day 95: Top Eye Products under £10

So here are my top drugstore eye products including eyeshadows, mascaras and eyeliners; basically all the things I absolutely love considering I almost always focus on my eyes. Once again all ordered in price order from low to high.

Collection Colour Kohl Eyeliner in Black Magic


I have repurchased this eyeliner so many times, its a really intense black which can be used for all of your usual eyeliner need. It stays on the waterline for hours and can be easily smudged out. Although I am always trying new eyeliners I doubt I will ever stop using this one. Available at Superdrug for £1.99.

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette


The most amazing, go to easy to reach for palette I have ever owned, I pretty much use this every day and you can use it for a wide variety looks its going to make me so upset for when I start to hit pan on this product yet at being so inexpensive you can easily buy a new one. In addition, there isn’t a single colour I haven’t used loads so it is definitely worth it. Available from MUA and in Superdrug stores for £4.

Avon True Colour Eye Duo in Warm Cashmere


A small handbag sized duo now, an entire subtle day time look all that can easily fit in any handbag or make up day. Its ideal for touch ups however, with such long livity with these eyeshadows you won’t need to but I carry it in my bag anyway. With both been matt its ideal for day time  as half the time now I find it difficult to find matt neutral shades. Available from Avon for £6.00.

MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Eye Palette


So finally I have this stunning palette, I initially bought it for the packaging and have since fallen in love with it especially for more dramtic night time looks. With the pinks though you can also create a cute day time look if you wanted to and the 4 big shades are matte. Available from MUA for £8.00.

There are other drug store products I love like the Max Factor False Lash Effect as well as some Body Shop however, despite often been on offer often the retail prices are over £10 so did not include them.

What are your favourite eye products?


Gwenllian Branwen


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