Day 111: Why I Love Autumn and Winter

So Summer is officially over and Autumn (Fall) going on to Winter is my favourite time of year and here is a few reasons why. . .



It always reminds me of been back like a little kid again when you shuffle along in the leaves and kick them. I also love all the colours and how pretty campus looks in the Autumn, essentially I just love rediscovering my childhood every autumn.

Sweater Weather


♦ Mela Grey Bird Print Jumper: New Look £26.00 Mint Green Penguin Jumper: New Look £22.99 ♦ Lace Heart Sweatshirt: Asda £10.00 

No more worrying about what to wear, if too much skin is on show and just everything while in winter you can bung on a pair of skinny jeans or leggings and pull on a warm sweater and effortlessly on trend and comfortable. I can rock up to lectures so comfy and looking good I’m just so happy about it and I love wearing cute knitwear. Who else loves winter comfort? Also there are some cute knitwear options out there right now.

My Anniversary

005 - 12.03.13 - breakout

This isn’t a general one but this year especially as I have been with my boyfriend for two years, we have loads of plans which I’m excited of what we are going to be doing our anniversary weekend. Basically I love things all cute and soppy, any excuse to have lovely plans and dressing up for a meal out.

The Return of Thick Tights


No more bare legs, no more worrying about cellulite; bumps; bruises or if your legs are stubbly or not. Warm comfy and worry free that can instantly make and outfit. Plus no more needing to take an extra pair of tights in your bag in case of ladders or ripping them as you put them on. YAY!

Bonfire Night


Fire light and fireworks, I’m just so excited. I’m always in awe of how pretty fireworks are especially  the big displays, the last two years me and my university friends have been going to Hatfield house and its such an amazing display I cannot wait to go again. Also I’m so excited to glove up and play with sparklers in our back garden and writing my name. Bonfire Toffee ♥



And finally, by no means the final reason but the last one on this post is Christmas. Although it is no longer about presents, I love it as a day eating lovely food and spending time with my family. It just leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside and its perfect, I also love decorating the house and looking at christmas lights.

I think this time of year is my faavourite, just the chance to feel like a child again, as well as snuggling up in the warmth and when you spend a day on the couch having a movie marathon with friends you no longer feeling like you are wasting the day. So why do you love Autumn/Winter?

Gwenllian Branwen

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