Day 114: University Lecture Outfit Ideas

So its that time of year again where term starts again and the stress of picking what to were to university, college or sixth form. So I thought I’d post some outfit ideas on what you can wear.

Outfit One: Prepy Chic


‌♥ Pink Shirt: Apricot £24.00 ♥ Leggings: H&M £12.99 ♥ Shoes: Asos £22.00 ♥ Tweed Backpack: Paperchase £30.00 ♥

This is just an stylishly preppy smart casual outfit that is simple and straight forward. The leggings are amazing and are the first pair of leggings that I’be brought in a long time that aren’t see through in the slightest, I’m so pleased with them and they are so comfy so if you want inexpensive good quality leggings check out H&M’s high waisted leggings. I love these types of shirts, they are all over this season so silky and soft so comfortable to wear yet they look so chic and smart I cannot wait to get my hands on one.

Last but not least I’ve paired it with a simple pair of black pumps which will go with any outfit and a tweed backpack. Tweed screams preppy and back to school and I just thought this backpack was so cute plus it will easily fit in your laptop, books and all over essentials.

Outfit Two: Hang Over Glam


♥ Collared Jumper: Asda £12.00 ♥ Leggings: H&M £12.99 ♥ Boots: Bear Paws $79.99 ♥ Tan Day Bag: BooHoo £20.00 ♥ Insulated Mug: Paperchase £7.00 ♥

It’s inevitable that at some point during the university year that you will end up going to class hung over, this is where low effort and comfort is key for this outfit. Leggings are pretty much every students basic as they are so versatile and comfortable, here by pairing them with this cute collared jumped helps you look put together even thought you want to crawl back into bed and due to it been knitwear it’ll be so comfy. Feel like you’ve barely left the flat wear ugg style boots comfy and warm, the ones shown are bear paws which are the real thing and absolutely amazing but often loads of shops do cheaper versions of uggs or check out TK Maxx.

The bag ties it all together and screams ‘I’m a put together person;’ even though you feel like death warmed up, worst comes to work fill it with pain killers and sugary treats to help pull yourself together. In addition to this I’ve added the most adorable insulated

Outfit 3: Rock Chick


♥ T shirt: H&M £7.99 ♥ Jeans: Topshop £38.00 ♥ Leather Jacket: River Island £60.00 ♥ Ankle Boots: New Look £24.99  ♥ Scarf: New Look £6.99 

I always rolls my eyes when this and the grunge trends come in, coming from a grunge back ground myself however, I do feel like these type of clothes are a staple for campus life.

Yes my eagle eyed reader this is the t shirt I hauled last week (check it out here), and I’m obsessed with this and will definitely be a staple for be this semester this term teamed like here with my leather jacket and leggings for my full days in uni. Since first seeing these jeans in Essie Button’s videos (who doesn’t love Estee), they are just completely awesome and well worth the money there is something I love about ripped jeans I don’t know what it is. An instant biker but practical way to keep warm is a leather jacket, they are so versatile and great to add to any outfit and especially great for transitioning from Autumn to Winter.

Then add to the accessories, ankle boots are great practical shoes giving an outfit a bit of an edge but waterproof and great for any time of year. To finish off end an on tred leopard print scalf and you put together no matter how much your lacking sleep due to a mix of deadlines and nights out.

What do you like to wear to class? How are you keeping effortlessly stylish this year?

Gwenllian Branwen

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