Day 115: Pamper Essentials


We all love to pamper ourselves once and a while, I love doing it the most the night before I return to university so I will be kicking back and relaxing on Thursday night. So here are my top tips to having a great pamper session.

Run a Bath



Step one toward relaxation is always having a bath, the best way to start a pamper session it just completely clears your mind. Pick you’re favourite bubble baths, bath bombs just whatever you enjoy to use. I love loads of the lush bath bombs and they just add a touch more luxury to to the whole process.

Grab a Few Candles


This is the best way to build atmosphere is to light a few candles, they are everywhere nowadays and some beautiful ones can be relatively inexpensive and its getting to the time of year full of warming autumnal and winter scents so its a great time of year to stock up. I always find them relaxing especially vanilla candles. Also Matalan is doing loads of amazing relatively inexpensive candles atm so check them out.

Take a Book, Disconnect from Reality



I find its best on pamper nights to completely shut off the outside world so turn off your laptop and phone and enjoy the peace and quiet. These and holidays are my main time for reading, in fact this week I have just finished Mark Cavendish’s book which is a great read for those who are fans of him and the sport or those who are just curious about it.

Treat Yourself

P1030594 P1030595 P1030600 P1030599Then just fully get into treating every part of you. Use a face mask, foot pack, treatments or even paint your nails just make time for you and use products you love. I love to use a face mask while paint my nails once getting out of the tub it just allows me to feel well and truly pampered and special, the  pots I haven’t tried yet but I love mixing up face masks maybe one day I’ll stick to one but I do enjoy trying loads of different ones out.

How do you like to pamper yourself?

Gwenllian Branwen


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