The Price of Beauty


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So read somewhere that on average a women will spend £18,000 on beauty over a lifetime and I thought how is that even a possible figure so I thought I would work it out based on my day to day products if its possible. In my head it seemed impossible but as I sat looking all my make up sat on my desk including 3 foundations, 3 pressed powders, 2 mascaras and 20 shades of brown eyeshadow it started to seem more possible even though I will use these up.

So I thought what that comes under beauty do I buy yearly? How many years will I be wearing it? How long have I so far? Just to gain a good average and thats not counting the fact that as I get older and finally move into the real world of work I may choose to buy higher end not just drugstore. It is just an insane calculation and I haven’t even thought how much money worth of make up is set in my draw.

This seemed like a good place to examine it closely thinking of how much the make up in my draw is worth, all at full price as I cannot remember exactly what some stuff on offer were and things like buy one get one half price. Yet I’m not including what my samples would be worth I’m too lazy, and it totaled £194.12! I’m in  shock you just don’t think about I,  I have £200 worth of make up in my draw and its all what I use regularly that’s why it’s there as I cleared it out part way through August so some of the expenses are starting to make sense.

Then just take a step out and think what you’d repurchase regularly, every 3 months I’ll buy new foundation, powder and mascara then you have hair care products its not cheap. The cost of what products everyday is £56.74 which is ridiculous considering that all but my usual MUA palette will need replacing every 3 months so heres some maths.

In a 3 month period I’m spending close to £100 when you consider the cost of make up, skin care and hair care. Thats £400 a year which is insane because when you’re buying it you don’t think about it and thats not including all the things you buy because you want them but you have no need. I also haven’t thought about nails or anything as I wanted to keep it simple but start to think how many years your wearing it and not taking into consideration that your tastes and budgets will change.

I’ve been wearing a full face of make up since I was 14 and I’ll be wearing it and using it daily for the rest of my working life so taking retirement is 65 (although by the time  I get there it’ll probably be older), that means I’ll be spending this much there abouts in beauty for 50 years.

50x£400= £20,000.

So it is true a women will spend it in a life time so essentially a years worth of wages will go on beauty throughout your life which is insane!

How much is the beauty in your make up draw? How do you feel about this statistic?

Gwenllian Branwen

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