Day 108: What I Ate Wednesday

First and foremost apologies for the lack of beauty posts I’ve had nothing to write about as I’m trying to prevent buying things I don’t need especially until my student comes in so I thought I’d do and Anna Saccone inspired ‘What I ate Wednesday’. I love these because I’m so damn nosey, so here’s what I ate yesterday so technically its what I ate Tuesday.




So for breakfast I usually have porridge, today was no different I prefer the sachet stuff as it eliminates trying to work out how much you need. I make it with almond milk as I just think it tastes better and mix in a small amount of honey as well as half a banana, making it just perfect. Then as always I have my morning cup of coffee with it, I don’t have a coffee machhine the milky frothy because I was using the last bit in the bottle I shook it up before putting it in.



Sorry for the blurry picture I took it on my phone and didn’t realise how bad it was until come to write up this post. So today I was running errands and picked up lunch at the co op. I thought I’d try out the new coke life which is organic and I’m not sure what else is  new, it pretty much tastes like coke but I’m not overly keen and would much prefer my usual coke zero any day. Then I had the chicken, bacon and sweetcorn pasta salad as I often hate shop brought sandwiches unless its something like subway. And finally a melon and grape box, the always over priced but always enjoyable fruit boxes I’m not one to buy these all the time but they are nice for one off treats.


So I was feeling unbelievably lazy today and what do I make when I cannot be bothered salad or salmon, today it was a combination of the two. I cook my salmon with a mix of butter, lemon juice and garlic and I add extra lemon jusic to my salad. Then its just a bed of rocket, mini tomatoes and red peppers. Then I just shred my salmon on top, looks a mess but tastes amazing plus its good for you.

So there’s the basics of what I ate yesterday, do you like these types of posts and should I do them every so often?

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Day 107: Changing from Summer to Winter

It’s getting into September and we can no longer keep pretending its Summer, so here is how I’m transitioning my make up ect from Summer through Autumn to Winter.

Swapping Pastel Nails for Dark Nails


Barry M Nail Paint in 161 Vivid Purple ♦ MaX factor Glossfinity in 45 Rose Petal ♦ Tanya Burr Nail Polish in Penguin Chic ♦ Collection 60 Seconds Nail Polish in 60 Midnight

Swapping Lip Gloss For Lip Stick


MUA Luxe Lip Laquer in Tranquility ♦ MUA Lipstick in Shade 14 Bare ♦ Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine in 7 Rose Infinite

Ditching the Bronzer For Blush


In the summer sunkissed skin and coral cheeks are my go to but Autumn and Winter isn’t the time for a beautiful bronzed face. I will still use bronze for basic contouring but I think Autumn and Winter is all about rosey cheeks, that flush of colour that makes you look fresh faced and that you’ve just caught a little bit of the cold.

Shimmer to Matte Eyeshadows

Winter is all about more matte shades not just for lips but eyes also, but by switching to matte out can go more dramatic with eyes without looking too over the top. So add a plum or cranberry in there, in matt its more suitable and can be worn for a day look. Also as I have very few matt shades I’m loving the excuse to go out and buy more make up with a legitimate excuse.

Body Butter, Lip Butter Everything


In summer I use tinted moisturisers and general moisturiser only once a week using body butter as I just don’t need it the same in the summer. In winter my skin suffers so I’m breaking out the body butters and lip butters, I’m also switching out the scents opting for shea butter and cocoa butter opposed to my favoured passionfruit and mango. This isn’t because I don’t like these scents I love them but in winter I want a more warming comforting scent, I think its just me.

This is simple the start of changes I am making to my beauty routine, how are you changing yours?

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Day 106: Making Your University Room Your Own

So I’m back at University for my third and final year, in just under two weeks and I may do a follow up post when I’m there to show you how I’ve done it this year but I thought I’d show you how to do something with what you’ve got and make it a home away from home for th 6-8 months you live there.

No matter if its halls or a student house, the rooms you get are drab, plain and boring, no longer the comfy perfect space that was your bedroom back home. So here I’m going to share some tips on how to make it comfy cosy and feel a little bit more like your own personal space. I honestly long doing these posts, any excuse to look at home stuff and all the pretty bits I want.

1) Brightly Coloured Bedding


Tesco: King size only :/ £18.00 ♥ Dunelm Mill: From £9.59 ♥

Okay, so it doesn’t have to be bright coloured but definitely patterned just something that really adds to your room, as its plain, simple its best to add to your room with bedding which will be the main thing in your room. My first two years I had a bright pink and purple one and a plain one and my room definitely had a brighter happier vibe to my room so give it a go.

2) Take A Rug


♥ Iowa Homestead Rug, Dunelm Mill £14.99 ♥ Red Shaggy Rug, George Asda Home £30.00 ♥ Chantilly Rug, Dunelm Mill from £24.99 ♥ Oriental Rug, Tesco £12.91 ♥

A rug will tie in your room and cover the horrible carpets you generally get in the rooms. You don’t have to go expensive something that covers the floor and thats colourful or brings it all together. As I had a smaller room second year and I was unsure about the size of my room first year, I had a bath mat which is a smaller size and come in a large range of colours plus they are in huge range of colours to suit what you want.

3) Poster and Picture Walls


This is obvious and is seen in practically all rooms in halls, whether you use the pin board in your room or stick it to your wall with white tac its an ideal. Print out photos from great times with friends, family or holidays or select some posters and be as creative as you want with sticking them up.

4) Cute Decorative Items


♥ Silver Phone Ornament, Asda £7.00 ♥ Blomster Vase, Ikea £7.00 ♥ Teal Crackle Vase, Dunelm Mill £1.99 ♥ Plum Pudding Bird, Dunelm Mill £1.99 ♥ Hanging Birdcage Tea Light Holder, Matalan £8.00 ♥ Ruby Collection Wicker Hear, Dunelm Mill £1.99 ♥ Butterfly Clock, Wilkinsons £5.00 ♥ Orchid Glove, Next Home £10.00 ♥ Vintage Green Floral Collection Wooden Dream, Dunelm Mill £1.49 ♥ LED Love, Matalan £10.00 ♥

These just make your room your own get as few as many as you want there are loads of cute things on the market. Although not pictured you could also buy a diffuser as very few student residences allow you to have candles, basically add any little touches to make it pretty or find pretty items that also have uses.

5) Blankets and Cushions

 z9♥ Owl Knit Cushion, Matalan £10.00 ♥ Love Dogtooth Cushion, Wilkinsons £6.50 ♥ Faux Mongolia Cushion, Wilkinsons £6.00 ♥ Applique Heat Cushion, Dunelm Mill £9.99 ♥ Snuggle Throw Pink, Wilkinsons £8.00 ♥ Blackcurrant Winter Blanket, Dunelm Mill £9.99 ♥

Just make the room cosy with the pillows and blankets, as well as make it pretty and comfy up a chair in your room. Worst come to worse, you can cover it with the blanket tie it in nicely and make it more comfortable that it was before. Essentially add anything that makes the room cosy and a blanket is great addition especially in winter when it can get chilly.

Unfortunately you can’t paint the walls, change the floors or curtains you have to deal with what you’ve got, so just add these few bits and make it a little bit more homely. Here is what my first year halls looked like after I moved in not much and I’ve learnt what works best over the last two years and I will update you what this years looks like.

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

See what I mean about the bright bedding it really brightens up the room and brings it together.

What are your tips for making student accommodation homely and your style?

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International Beauty Box Swap

small globe

So I’ve always wanted to do one of these as they always look so fun so who wants to do one?

I live in the UK so we have all sorts of goodies although I’m not especially clear on what we have that other countries don’t. I’d love to do a swap with a mix of make up, hair, skin just a bit of everything although baring in mind perfumes, aerosols and nail varnishes cannot be shipped internationally. I’d also prefer to chat together before the swap to arrange a budget that works for both us and what type of items we are looking for, colour preferences ect. Also if you want to do a swap and don’t know what you want we can do a swap of stuff that we both think are great products our country has to offer.

I’m not sure what brands are available elsewhere so I will just list what we have here and then you guys can let me know: 2true; Accessorize; B Beauty; Barry M; Beauty UK; Body Shop; Bourjois; Collection; Essie; Gosh; I Heart Make Up; L’Oreal Paris; Make Up Academy (MUA); Make Up Revolution; MaX Factor; Maybelline; Miss Sporty; Models Own; Natural Collection; No. 7; NYC; Revlon; Rimmel; Seventeen; Sleek; Soap and Glory; Superdrug; Tanya Burr; Tresemme; Lush; Aussie; Batiste and many more.

So yeah if you live anywhere in the world and want to do a beauty box swap with the UK just let me know, and we can get talking and sorting everything out.

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Day 105: Benefits Build Your Own Kit: Is it worth it? (Theoretically)

benefit-cosmeticsSo while looking longingly on the Benefit website the other day at all the make up I want but cannot justify spending my money on I noticed they had a build your own kit thing and I started to wonder if its worth it, so lets work it out.

What does it include and for how much?

The kit costs £66 not matter what you choose from the selection, for this you get to pick a complextion product, cheek product, eye product, a ‘free’ gift and a make up bag. All in all not bad as you get some choice and its worth more than what you are actually paying for it as all items will be full size. Items you can choose from:

Complexion: the POREfessional; hello flawless oxygen wow! in various shades; big easy in various shades; “that gal”  or “hello flawless!”.

Cheeks: rockateur; benetint; hoola; posietint; lollitint; fine-one-one; highbeam; watt’s up! or dandelion.

Eyes: they’re real mascara; gimme brow; fakeup; BADgal lash mascara; boi-ing; high brow; instant brow pencil or ooh la lift.

‘Free’ gift: creaseless cream shadow; longwear powder shadow; ultra plush lip gloss; benebalm; chachabalm or lollibalm.

So no matter what your tastes or what you want to try it is probably be fairly easy to find an item you want on each list because even with cheeks a limited sounding category there’s highlighter; blush and bronzer so you just have to pick your favourite.

How does the cost add up?

Unfortunately Benefit do not sell the make up included in this kit separately so it is hard to gauge this as a priced item however, there travel sized beauty bag is £29.50 almost half of the price you pay on its own. Yet for the purpose of working out if it is worth it I will calculate it using the 4 cosmetic choices only but you can see how the retail values of the whole set is much greater than the cost of the kit.

First up how much would it cost if you choose all the least expensive item of each category and what the final cost would be: The cheapest items for each would result in you getting: “that gal” brightening face primer; instant brow pencil/high brow and any free gift lip product (choice of 4).

£22.50+£19.50+£15.50+£14.50= £72

£72-£66=£6 saving

The how much would it cost if you choose the most expensive item in each category? By choosing the most expensive items you would receive: big easy complexion corrector; any of the cheek and lip stains; they’re real! mascara and creaseless cream shadow/longwear powder shadow.


£87-£66=£21 saving

So by buying this kit any of the combinations will save you between £6 and £21.

So is it worth it?

Hmmm it depends it is a very good deal and obviously with the make up bag its huge savings, but you can buy a make up bag any time so its not worth including. The big question is before buying this is how much do you want the products if you are just picking for the sake of saving then no. If you only deserately want two products and aren’t fussed about the others do not bother buying it, buy the two products you want and save a bit of money. The kits are designed to make you buy more than you intend as they seem like a good deal as you save quite a bit but in reality if you were only going to spend £40/£50 you spend more than you want or need to without realising it (bit of economics for you).

At the end  of the day you need to weigh it up in your own head as to if its worth it for you as ultimately only you can decide it it is really worth the money.

Have your tried any of these benefit products, if so what do you think? And would you create your own kit?

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Day 104: Autumn Bake – Date and Apple Slice

So today I baked my favourite Autumn recipe a delicious slice that is suitable for breakfast or as a tasty snack throughout the day.



250g Margarine;

250g Porridge Oats

125g Self Raising Flour

125g Wholemeal Flour

100g Sugar

400g of Stewed Apple

125g of Chopped Dates

1tsp Mixed Spice

(Sugar and mixed spice are not pictured and the flours are mixed together)

1)Pre heat oven to 200C/400F/gas mark 4, and grease a tin with margarine.


2) Place all dry ingredients in a bowl and mix together.


3) Add in the margarine and crumble in with the dry ingredients. Just get your hands dirty and rub it in with your fingers, I recommend having a good sized bowl and stuff seems to go everywhere.


4) Place half of the mixture in the tin and press it down so it is all packed together and on an even level.


5) Smooth the strewed apple mixture all over the first layer, then add the topped dates randomly over the top making sure that there is approximately even distribution of dates throughout the slice. After this simple sprinkle over the remaining mixture evenly  over the top making sure everything is covered. Bake in the oven for roughly 25 minutes.


6) Bake until golden brown then place on the side to cool. Once cool cut into slices and remove from the tin, sit back and enjoy.

Like I said before I love this tasty treat especially warm with a bit of cream or with a cup of coffee for breakfast. The apple and mixed slice also makes it have the ideal autumnal taste. So if you try it out let me know, I’d love to see how you get on.

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Day 103: Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer Review

P1030526 P1030527 P1030528P1030529

So I needed a new concealer and as everyone I know loves this I thought why not, I tend to prefer these stick/pencil types anyways as they always seem to give better coverage. So upon picking a good colour I was excited to try it out but once again I’m disappointed with my soap and glory purchases.

I love the packaging so punchy and different yet still pleasant to look at. The screw up bit for the pencil is also a nice bonus. Now on to actually using it, the coverage is decent but definitely more suited to covering up blemishes rather than dark under eye circles it just didn’t seem to blend or sit right under the eyes. In addition to all of this it weirdly it seemed to leave my skin looking dry and flakey.

I thought it was just taking me to take a while to get used to and it seemed to work better with some foundations that others, so I thought come on lets pursue this then on monday I took it out of my make up draw opened it and the stick of concealer has loosened itself semi stuck to the top and then fell out on my lap. I’m highly unimpressed to say the least after having it for 4 days its broken and fairly useless. Combining breaking with variable finish and lack of coverage and it isn’t a great product.

I so badly wanted to like it as a lot of my friends consider it to be a holy grail of make up items but it isn’t. Unfortunately you can’t really return make up and I’ve been highly disappointed with the first two Soap and Glory cosmetic products that I’ve tried its safe to say I am unlikely to buy any more of their make up. Even cheaper stuff is better when you consider it’s around the £6.00 mark and is pretty much unusable after having for 4 days in which it has either been in use in my hand of laid on its side in my make up draw it’s just not right.

Sorry for my moany review, I’d love to hear how others got on with this or any other Soap and Glory cosmetic so just let me know in the comments.

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Day 102: Soap and Glory It’s About Prime Eyeshadow Primer Review



Another day, another make up review and this time its Soap and Glory’s Eyeshadow Primer in the shade Bright Light. Bright light is a whitey/nude shade which I picked over the smoky one as I thought it would be more versatile.

I’m always a bit mixed on the Soap and Glory packaging, much like I am with Benefit, the names are adorably cute but the packaging has that 50s/60s pin up vibe which isn’t my style but I appreciate the effort that’s gone into it. The applicator is your typical doe foot applicator when you can simply dab in on and smooth over with your ring finger.



It applies easily and smoothly so no problems there and as directed on the box I waited the 30 seconds before applying eye make up. My make up became beautiful and pigmented, looking absolutely stunning. It works well at helping my make up stay on all day on Saturday I did my make up in the morning and it all stayed in place until evening.

There is just one down side with the product no matter how little primer I put on I ended up with creasing which was highly unexpected considering the eye shadows I used never normally crease. I am completely perplexed as to why this product causes creasing. I think I will try and play around with this product a bit more however, I cannot think of much else to try so suggestions are welcome.

Overall I would not repurchase this product and I don’t recommend trying it as its a waste of money. Have your tried this and what are your thoughts? What do you recommend for eye primers. Available at Boots for £8.00.

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Day 101: GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Review



So first up of my leicester haul reviews is of the GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer (Classic). Currently I use Nivea’s Daily Essentials Express Hydration primer which is more of a cream based primer and I wanted to try and see the look of what a silicon based primer involves.

First and foremost the packaging, it does its job and the pump and the amount of product it gives with one pump is the right amount. My issue is the plain and cluttered look, not everything has to look pretty but it feels cluttered and busy not what you want really. It is probably just me, at least it should be less busy especially the front.



So now on to using the primer. A little well and truly goes a long way been able to use even just half a pump on your whole face, leaving it feeling soft and velvety, which surprised me as I never expected it to feel so nice to wear. I put it on and instantly noticed the difference and was even shocked out how much nicer it looked after the finished make up look. It makes you looks some what air brushed, a natural but better than your skin look.

I’ve always considered that a good base to be the most important bit of any make up look, and this is definitely a very strong one at a very reasonable price too. I love the matt finish too, just allowing you to keep your face natural which is what you really want in a primer especially if you are using it to help to maintain your make up throughout the day a matt finish is really what you want. Overall, I am very pleased with this product and would highly recommend trying it out.

GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation primer is available at Boots for £7.99.

Have you tried this and what are your thoughts? What are your favourite primers?

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Day 100: 100 Days of Blogging


I never thought that I’d make it to this point when I came up with the idea on my last few days of living in my second year shared house with the intention to blog  everyday throughout summer. Now I’m 100 days in 110 posts in all, its just crazy I’ve loved the experience and will be carrying on upon restarting university, the only difference being I will stop numbering the days and I might not post daily and will aim for posting at least twice a week.

So with 100 days in and 17 days let to go I’m going to do a look back and pick out a few blogs of what I’ve covered over the past 100 days, or you can go right bag to the start and check out my first ever post here.

Reviews: Whats a beauty blog without reviews, initially when I started I never knew what to say to describe a product then again maybe I shouldn’t of started with reviewing Barry M’s Cor Balmy, lip balms are hard to review. Now I’m finding it much easier to go with the flow just say what I thought and even conducted full on Brand Reviews (including MUA and TRESemme) which although are great and highly informative take a long time to compose but I won’t stop doing them. Plus it gives me an excuse to buy more things.

Travel: I was going to blog more on my travels however, with patchy internet it wasn’t the case and I failed that aim, only managing a handful including my two days seeing the Tour de France and holiday snaps from France. Instead you got to see countless packing posts and travel make up bags where I endlessly failed to pack lightly. Also under this I did a few bits of travel advice writing including how to pack lightly and tips for rail travel.

Fashion: Earlier in the summer I ran a series of fashion Summer Staples including Maxi Dresses and Kimonos, finding them online for all your summer needs. As well as this I posted summer date outfits all of which were on a budget of under £40 for an entire outfit which you should check out here.

TAGS: The fun and fail safe option for when you want or need to make a post but are running low on ideas. The TAGs I have undertaken over the past 100 days include: Would You Rather (Beauty Edition)Colours of the RainbowSummer Lovin; Drugstore Favourites and Get to Know Me.

There’s loads more sections but here’s a few you may of missed here’s to a long and great time blogging.

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