Playing Tourists

So this weekend is mine and my boyfriends anniversary weekend so yesterday we went to London and play tourists for once, ass living so close its not something we tend to do. However while his playing xbox right now I’m recovering from a serious cold in bed.

Views from the London Eye

We wanted to do something seriously touristy and we both fancied going back on the london eye as neither of us have done it in like 10 years so we thought it’d be nice to do.

DSCF4192 DSCF4193 DSCF4194 DSCF4196 DSCF4197 DSCF4199 DSCF4201

Tower of London

This was on my must see list especially due to the poppies for remembering all the british soldiers that died in the first world war, it was amazing to see and it really dawns on you how many people sacrificed themselves.

DSCF4202 DSCF4205 DSCF4208 DSCF4209 DSCF4210

So there’s a few snap shots of our day it was really fun and just nice to see London in a different light considering we are so back and forth yet never take the time out to appreciate and see the amazing site the city has to offer.

Gwenllian Branwen

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