Bigger doesn’t mean better value and ‘High End’ been the same price as ‘Drugstore’


The other day I read somewhere that sometimes with make up, especially with high end products that the bigger sizes are worse in value than travel. A baffling concept as most the time buying bigger products often means better value for most products so when I noticed it myself I just had to share.

I first noticed this is the case when looking at Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer on Feel Unique. The travel size containing 6ml costs £8.00 meanwhile the standard size containing 11ml costs £18.00, the maths is simple enough but I’ll do it anyway buying to travel sizes cost £16.00 and you have an additional 1ml over buying the full size. Yes it’s only £2.00 but over time it all adds up and you could even purchase a mixture of the Eyeshadow Primers depending on need. So keep an eye out for this, your better to order two travel sized over the full sized.

In addition to this I just thought I’d point out an interesting fact, I currently use Soap and Glory’s eyeshadow primer which costs £8.00 for 5ml, yes thats right the Urban Decay one is actually cheaper and much better for what you get. A higher quality high end product is actually ‘equal’ in price to a drug store product. So if you want a eyeshadow primer go for urban decay I’ve been trying them out recently with samples I received with the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette my boyfriend brought me.

After been so annoyed about this fact I have just ordered a travel sized urban decay primer as I find the Soap and Glory primer causes creasing.

Have you ever noticed bigger been worse value for money? Or Drugstore products equating in price to their high end equivilents? Comment below and let me and everyone else know, also what is your opinion in this topic.


Gwenllian Branwen


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