October Favourites

It’s that time of the month again . . . monthly favourites time. October has been a good month I’m back at work, back to university and me and my boyfriend celebrated our two year anniversary so all and all a pretty good month and these are the things I have been loving this month.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette: I got this as a gift from my boyfriend and I’m so happy with it I have literally used it pretty much everyday. This isn’t a colour I don’t love and you can create so many looks with this palette. I also feel as though it has the right mixture of mattes and shimmery shades so its so versatile. Also I feel like its different to other neutral palettes due to its more pinky tones and its just simply beautiful, I also love they fact in this palette everything goes together its just perfect.

Urban Decay Primer Potions: I got all 4 primer potion samples with my urban decay palette and each sample has a weeks worth in it. They are amazing with such lasting power and prevent creasing I just love them especially when they are comparable in price to soap and glory per ml. Also Sin and Eden are such lovely shades you can get away with wearing them on there own for a lazy subtle wash of colour. I loved the samples so much I bought the travel sized packet of the original.

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche in 255 Blush in Plum: I picked this up on a spur of the moment trip to Superdrug but this range of lipsticks are often linked to the YSL Lipsticks that I love as they give a wash of colour but aren’t really full on so you don’t have to worry about it. I think I’ve worn it pretty much every day.

Adapt by Tim Hartford: As an economics student I love Tim Harford especially his other book the undercover economist. I’m not sure how to describe it so if you’re curious about what its about here’s the blurb.

When faced with complex problems, we have all become accustomed to looking to our leaders to set out a grand vision, experts to draw up a detailed plan of action, or gurus who can provide us with some infallible solution.

In this groundbreaking book, Tim Harford shows us a new and inspiring approach to solving the most pressing problems in our lives. Harford argues that today’s challenges simply cannot be tackled with ready-made solutions and expert opinions; the world has become far too unpredictable and profoundly complex. Instead, we must adapt—improvise rather than plan, work from the bottom up rather than the top down, and take baby steps rather than great leaps forward. Drawing from research across disciplines—psychology, evolutionary biology, anthropology, physics, mathematics, political science, and economics—and interviews with some of the world’s most pioneering leaders, thinkers, and strategists, Harford reveals hard-won lessons learned in the field and the importance of adaptive, trial-and-error processes in tackling issues such as fostering innovation, climate change, poverty, the financial crises, and conflict.

From a spaceport in the Mojave Desert, to the street battles of Iraq, to a blazing offshore drilling rig, to everyday decisions in our business and personal lives, this is a handbook for surviving—and prospering—in our complex and ever-shifting world.

It’s a fairly compact favourites this month as I’m either using the same old stuff or other bits that I haven’t been using long enough to constitute it being a monthly favourite yet. So what have you been loving this month?

Gwenllian Branwen

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