Gift Guide: Gifts for Him


So continuing the gift guide series here are some gift ideas for the men in your life.

The Big Child . . .


What guy doesn’t want this? Loads of guys I know either own one or want one of these however, warning these are bloody annoying after a while so purchase with caution. Also I know a lot of guys that don’t keep up on keeping charged so they’ll either stop using it or it will break when they drop out of power mid use. They’ll love it but take full consideration before buying one, this one is fairly inexpensive for a helicopter, costing £34.99 from Men Kind.

The Cooking Enthusiast . . .


These look so amazing and will be a feature of pride in any mans kitchen (not matter if they like cooking or not). Functional yet such and interesting and unique piece. Available from Menkind for £39.99.

The Hard Man (foodie) . . .


Every man likes to act like his tougher and more manly than any one else so put him to the test and gage his spice tolerance with this sophisticated and elegant looking Edingborough Preserves Blazing Hot Box. Just see how long it takes for him to start to sweat and struggle with Jalapeno Sauce; Cajun Sauce; Chipotle Sauce; Chili and Vodka Mustard. Any foodie will love this too with a delightful mix of high quality products to add to their recipies. Available at John Lewis for £18.00.

The Impeccably Groomed. . .

This Bluebeards Revenge Deluxe kit is ideal for any man who wants to be perfectly groomed and its a bit fun and pirates but its a great brand. Bluebeards Revenge also offer a wide range of gift set no matter what your price range so ideal for everything. This kit includes: Pre Shave Oil; Shaving Cream; Post Shave Balm; “Doubloon” Brush; Roll on Antiperspirant Deodorant. Available from Feel Unique for £35.00.

The Gamer . . .


If that man in your life loves gaming then why not buy him a video game, this needs to be less or a surprise ask him what he wants and he’ll still love it no matter if its a surprise or not. I tend to default to buying my boyfriend video games as thats what he loves doing and there are always loads of new games released this time of year . Also prices and packages can vary dramatically so make sure you shop around.

The Sophisticated Gentlemen . . .


Personally I think Hugo Boss create the nicest mens fragrances and this is a well presented and sophisticated looking gift set. Also I love how in this set the second part is a shower gel as I feel like this is of more use to a man, not many men I know can be bothered with moisturisers but many use shower gel and aren’t fussy so you can guarantee it will get use. This is just a nicely presented, great smelling perfume set for the men in your life. Available from Feel Unique for £40.00.

 The Business Man . . .


Strong, sophisticated, stylish, classic what more could he want? An essential for every business or well dressed man. Although I’m not sure how many blokes I know would appreciated the fact its Armani it is a good looking watch and thats something no one can deny. Available at the Watch Shop for £159.

l sample of the amazing gifts that are on the market this year and as Christmas draws closer the more full the shops will get. Take a look a round and there are gifts perfect for every one you know. What are you buying for the men in your life this year?


Gwenllian Branwen


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