Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers (all £10 and under)


So here’s some stocking fillers, great for building up a stocking full of gifts or for those on a budget that was to get amazing gifts on a budget.

For the Baking Enthusiast . . .


For the baker in your life why not add this cute kitchen timer to their stocking. As well as cute and decorative its practical too so won’t go a miss. It will look great on the side or on a kitchen shelf, it would also be great for a student so nothing gets burnt ever again. Available from Matalan for £4.00.

The Always on the Go Girl . . .


These are adorable they are little jars of hand cream in the little dolls, ideal to put in your bag ad have on the go. I always have a hand lotion in my bag as I wash my hands or use anti bacterial gel so much my hands get dried out especially in the winter months. These are great to put in your bag and use on the go. Available from Matalan for £3.50.

For The Joker . . .


You’ll never trust this individual when they offer to make you a drink ever again after you’ve brought them this mug, as the joke never gets old with this mug. An actual practical joke present, as half the time you buy a joke present you laugh for a few days at most and then it never gets looked at again so at least this has some sort practical application as a mug is always needed or can be used in any household. Available from MenKind for £4.99.

The Chocolate Lover . . .


For the chocolate lover or anyone for that matter as who doesn’t love chocolate this is a great stocking filler. Christmas is the best time of year for chocolate gift boxes/sets at great prices and its a time of year where people are happy to binge. I just love the Lindt Chocolate Loves Gift set as its nicely package and has a healthy mix of everything. Available at Tesco for £8.00.

 Seasonable Shower . . .


Make a bath or shower more seasonable over the festive season by adding this little fella to their stocking. A small but practical gift it will cheer up any bathroom it is also available as a polarbear been seasonal they are not just for christmas and you can enjoy their cuteness all year long. Available from The Body Shop for £5.00.

So here are just a few of the great selection of budget gifts/stocking fillers that are on the market this year, there are many more but I need to resist buying before I buy any more stuff I don’t need. Have you found any good stocking fillers this year, just let me know in the comments below.


Gwenllian Branwen


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