Primark Haul

primark haul

So this year in the sales I had a fairly unsuccessful trip considering I went on 3 different days to the sales in various places but luckily my home town has a new and improved Primark so I picked up the odd bits a pieces when I was in.

Black and Navy Stretch Vest Tops: I essentially needed some more basic tops and with the quality of the primark ones matching much more expensive ones there’s no point spending more. These are £2.50 each.

Brown Beanie Hat: A must for winter as I oddly don’t actually own a hat and I thought that this would go with everything it doesn’t do the floppy bit that I wanted it too so I’m going to wash it before wearing it to see if that improves anything. The hat costs £2.00 from primark.

White and Blue Star Slipper Socks: I brought my boyfriend the batman version of these and the immediately regretted not getting myself a pair they are so comfy. Also they are so inexpensive and probably machine washable although they might not be as fluffy after. The slippers cost £2.50.

Batman Thongs: This is a pack of 3 with various batman designs on them and i just had to have them plus the feel like a good material and good considering the price. I haven’t had cartoon underwear in ages it might be nice to wear something joky. Available for £3.00

Nail Varnish: This was a complete impulse purchase but it looked nice and cost £0.80 so I cannot complain its just not a wintery colour.

Red and Blue Checked pj set: I needed some more pjs and these are simply great they are cute and kinda wintery but nothing in particular and could be worn all year round. Brought for £3.00.

Apart from Primark I brought a new coat from next and ordered a bra online as there was literally f*** all suppose it has saved me some money for the time being. What did you you guys get in the sales?


Gwenllian Branwen


Happy Christmas


It’s finally here after 24 days of advent calender goodies, manic shopping, braving the crowds, resisting buying yourself stuff and battling wrapping paper it is finally Christmas Day!

So happy Christmas, I hope all of you are enjoying quality time with family, friends and loved ones. Fill up on amazing food, too much drink and enjoying all of the things you can’t normally as well as enjoying your gifts and seeing the faces of what you have got everyone else.

Be safe and have a great day,

Lots of love,

Gwenllian Branwen


NOTD: Elegant Touch Christmas Jumper

IMG_20141224_101627576[1] IMG_20141224_101634674[1] IMG_20141224_101644378[1]

Happy Christmas Eve! Its almost here and to get into the festive spirit I’m wearing Christmas Jumper Nails by Elegant Touch and I think these are a perfect amount of festive.

They come with stick adhesive tabs, with a choice of two shapes which I wore when I went out for work drinks and only lasted a night, as I won’t be needing them again I’ve used nail glue. The only thing I’d say about these is the price I got them on offer  from asda fr £5 but they retail for £8 a little on the pricy side but then its cheaper than getting it done professionally and they are super cute.

Happy Holidays,

Gwenllian Branwen


It’s like standing on a see saw 24/7

Everything in life is about balance we all know that but sometimes it feels as though I have taken way too much on. In case you didn’t know I am currently in my third and final year at university gaining a BA(hons) in Economics, and at this time of year as the first semester comes to a close things get crazy as deadlines loom, I had two 3000 word essays due in Thursday, another 2500 word essay due Monday. Despite finishing these with over a week to go it didn’t really add any sort of impact to the mountain of work I have due in . . . a non-word limit report (that’s when you know it will be a long one) for Econometrics and 3 exams of the 12th, 13th and 14th January. University is never meant to be easy and I never get the people who always seem to go out and do everything how they have time to study, but then again they might not study or do well while I want to come out with a 2:1 or a first and secure a good financial career.
On top of studying I work 15-20 hours a week for my Students Union shop, in which I am not just a shop assistant I’m a supervisor. My co-workers and managers are amazing and I love my job but it doesn’t half amp up the pressure, I’m not just into work I’m in charge  of everything getting in making orders, sorting delivery and stock rooms, checking the float, filling tills, helping staff dealing with customers the list never ends. So once we’ve closed for the night and cashed up and I walk home I’ve got to think if I’ve done everything ready for the morning and even when you know you have you still worry. I’ve worked in retail since I was 16 basically 4 ½ years and I know it inside out yet I still worry when I’m in charge. Yet working has become part of university life, a loan doesn’t stretch much past accommodation and you still have to pay bills, buy books and eat before you even consider anything else.
Then you have everything else balancing friends and family, a social life and it all gets a bit hectic, I love my life I wouldn’t change a thing  but sometimes it gets a bit tricky to balance and you feel like you need a hand. Luckily I have a supportive boyfriends as well as supportive family and friends.
My social life is going to have to suffer over the Christmas period so while everyone is going to parties, I have to stay in and study fitting in the odd coffee/lunch meet up opposed to nights out. It’s a shame but then again I don’t have to face awful hangovers and buy new outfits I only wear once, I get to sit at my desk or in bed in cosy pjs with baileys hot chocolate and remember a bunch of facts about the great Adam Smith.
Fun Fact: the economist Adam Smith is on the £20.00 note, without him free markets and everything else you know wouldn’t exist.
I also feel bad when I don’t posts I have loads of half started one in draft but they never inspire me enough to power though and finish, I don’t want to post for the sake of posting and I don’t have the time or energy to waste on something I don’t want to write let alone finding time to write something I do. So sorry that I’m posting less but It sometimes feels like I’m balancing on a flimsy see-saw and no matter what something has to give in some way or another or I’m going to fall.
So here’s a mini life update, I hope to post more in the new year and may get one or two posts up around Christmas/New Year if the time appears as I’ve made notes for a post or two so if I find the time to photograph and make the posts I will.
Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Gwenllian Branwen

beauty swap

I did a little swap with Danielle, see what I sent here. Still waiting for my goodies, the problem with transatlantic swaps but hopefully they’ll be a delightful christmas treat . . .

just add mascara

This fall I did a beauty swap with Gwen from Gwenllian Branwen who lives in the UK. I was so excited to do this because there are a surprising number of beauty brands that we don’t have in Canada that I’m always reading about or seeing on Youtube. Gwen’s package arrived a few weeks ago stuffed with wonderful makeup goodies!

beauty swap How cute is all this wrapping?

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Mid-Monthly Favourites

At the end of December I’m considering doing a yearly favourites or my top products of the year and seeing as I haven’t done a November favourites and I’ve finally had to spend a day writing a shit ton of blog posts to see me over this busy period. So enjoy . . .


First up in my favourites are my new fairy lights which have helped create this beautifully relaxing and calming space I can come to after a hard day working/at lectures/at the library. Plus they were only £2.00 from Asda so I couldn’t really loose. In addition to that I’m loving burning a candle at the moment just making the room smell amazing the one I have as my go to is a vanilla one I got from Wilkinsons for £2.00, vanilla is just a great scent for any occasion.


Just two beauty favourites this month as most of what I’ve been using is the same old stuff the I always go two and are more likely to feature in my best of the year post coming up at the end of this month.

First up is something my friend introduced me to when we went to town its the Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer, this is amazing for covering up dark circles and tired eyes I don’t know how I lived without it. Now I never look drained ever again. Then I have the L’oreal Paris Color Riche in Doutzen’s Nude (also known as hint of pink), its such a moisturising hint of shine lipstick and perfect for a low maintenance look.


I rarely talk about fashion and it’s so damn hard to get a picture but here are some fashion favourites. My first fashion favourite is oversized checked shirts however, I own none my boyfriend owns a crazy amount so I wear his we have the same tastes and they are so comfy. It is so much easier to find the perfect oversized fit with mens clothing then in the womens department. A checked shirt paired with wet look leggings has started to become a staple look after picking up some in the black friday/weekend offer with boohoo, they are such a good quality pair considering how cheap they were and are actually fairly warm.

I also love this fluffy reindeer snood that I brought from work for the whole sale price as my manager is just that lovely. It is essentially so warm and comfy and perfect for this season. There were loads of other colours but I opted for the grey scale one as it just essentially goes with absolutely everything.


And finally my favourite person is my amazing boyfriend, who has put up with so many mood swings and a very stressed me while coping with final year deadlines and balancing everything. He has just taken everything in his stride, helping me calm down and take a step back.

What are your current favourites?


Gwenllian Branwen


Winter Pamper Essenitals

It’s got to that time of year when the nights are closing in, its getting darker earlier its freezing cold and all in all you just need some good TLC, here are what I consider essential for pampering yourself this winter.

I’m not a big fan of a lot of the Lush Products I just tend to find them over powering and over priced and would much after fill my bath with bubbles and a subtle comforting smell rather than one that bowls you over and after 5 minutes I feel sick and dizzy due to just too much smell. However, I feel like I am somewhat alone in this thinking? Although dont get me wrong I love other lush products it’s just the bath bombs ect I find overpowering.

So my first up pamper essential is a lovely deep bath filled with tons of bubbles, it just totally allows you to escape. I’m a huge lover of Radox bubble bath and have done ever since I was a kid. My current favourites is Radox Nourish Bath Soak with Ginger and Shea Butter, not only really relaxing but after you’re skin feels so soft and silk too. While indulging in a lovely hot bath I like to set the mood with a candle, my go to scent is Vanilla suitable for every occasion but there is something about Wilkinsons Fig and Black Pepper Candle I just cannot get enough of. Also with a candle you can turn off the lights, get in the bath and close your eyes and pretend you’re not in a cold student house in a shower/bath and just think about whatever you want and escape.

How can it possibly be a pamper session without a face mask, these do tend to vary on mood. If I’m wearing one while watching tv I prefer a peel off but in the bath I feel like the self heating ones feel like true pampering even more. Also at this time of year I find that Superdrugs Chocolate Orange Self Heating Mask just hits the tone of christmas and comfort really.

I’m more of a music listener in the bath and just put on an acoustic playlist rather than reading so as much of me as possible, basically anything by my head/hair is in the water and fully relax. So just close my eyes, sit back and relax for essentially as long as possible.

Once I get out of the bath I’ll put on a pair of comfy pjs (usually my boyfriends), a pair of slipper socks and sit down either to watch tv or do a bit of online window shopping. Along side this a hot chocolate is must, I just go for bog standard Cadbury instant hot chocolate but make it with almond milk instead of normal milk, the slight nuttyness is just amazing.

Occasionally I’ll paint my nails, or basically all the lovely girly pampering bits I don’t normally get to do.

What is your winter pamper routine/essentials?

Gwenllian Branwen

The Body Shop Banana Shampoo and Conditioner Review


So recently I’ve been struggling from a dry and irritated scalp which I think is due to the weather as my skin is suffering too, I also know it wasn’t caused by a change in hair products as I’ve been working my way through my massive bottles of TRESemme. My friend recommended these as they’ve done wonders for her hair.

First up the smell, they’ve hit the banana scent on the head but I think it could be a bit hit a miss with some people as they are quite full on so take a sniff before purchasing as it can be a bit like marmite in that sense.

So on to actually using it, they are both quite thick formulas so it does take a while of working it into your hair to create a lather however, it does ensure your hair is thoroughly clean. The conditioner is lovely and smooth and despite reading reviews saying it doesn’t do anything my hair is left silky and smooth I just love it. I still much prefer my TRESemme combo but these are great and my scalp is no longer feeling irritated or dry, so definately if you’re scalp is suffering in the winter months go and pick some up.

I also realise that mine is different in colour and look to those on the website so I don’t know if I have a new or older formula of it as my local body shop down the road is an outlet one so these could easily be an older formula, if any one knows let me know.

Another thing to mention is the price each bottle costs £4.50 for 250ml compare this to by good old trusty TRESemme costs £4.99 for 500ml and is often on offer. Saying that I got mine from the outlet where you save 30% on two items ect, so buying them both together actually cost £6.00 rather than the usual £9.00. They do work and it has worked wonders for my scalp but would I repurchase I don’t know. I would not switch to these permanently as they are a bit on the pricey side especially as I have thick hair so they might not last overly long which is a shame really.

I have enjoyed using it and will continue to do so for a while before switching back and will just keep using as and when a problem flares us.

Both the Shampoo and Conditioner are available from The Body Shop for £4.50 each.

Have you tried either of these and how did you find them?

Gwenllian Branwen

Empties #2


I haven’t done an empties in ages not since what August? Which is a mix of waiting to have enough to do a post and remembering to put stuff on the side as I don’t want to do an empties with hardly any stuff. I also barely seem to have any empties but maybe its because I impatiently swap between items but I have loads of almost done products so maybe there will be another empties fairly soon.



First up my go to favourite face wipes Tesco Everyday Facial Wipes I am not sure if I’ve mentioned these before but these are my go to face wipes as and when I use them as they are so inexpensive yet so good.  Continuing with the make up removal theme I finally finished my Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover, I did a review on it ages ago which you can check out here, but I doubt I will repurchase this its a effort and just alright so we’ll wait and see. Paired with the make up remover I used the Skin Therapy Large Oval Cotton Wool Pads, I love the big cottonwool pads and they are absolutely great for quick and easy make up removal. At the moment I haven’t got any other big pads as because I sent out my boyfriend when I needed them I’m stuck with the small ones but I’ll make do, totally recommend sometime you need to go to baby isles other times brands do the big ones..

I feel like there’s not much to say about this as I’m always using my Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer, basically its inexpensive and amazing. And finally for skin I have the Wilkinsons Fruits Face Mask in Strawberry and Pomegranate, I had two other pots one I gave away and the other I had issues with. Unfortunately I’m allergic to something in the formula as it makes my skin prickle and ‘burn’, and even taking it off immediately it broke my face out in hives. However, they smell absolutely amazing and there is loads in there me and my boyfriend even split and pot and he had no problem with them so its probably just me.



Not much to say these are just the travel sized Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner, I just got them for summer/travel/swimming and got a few uses for them unfortunately you cannot refill them which is a bummer. They were good but I’m not switching from TRESemme any time soon.



So wow I actually have some make up empties which is amazing as I feel like I barely ever. First up I have two mascaras that have just dried up and have been a bit rejected recently as whenever I get a new mascara I forget about my old mascara.  First up Collections Super Size Fat Lash Mascara, its not over the top voluminous but is perfect for fuller thicker everyday lashes and I have loved this for ages. The Makeup Academy Extreme Volume Mascara, with this I absolutely love the brush but unfortunately the formula is a little bit lacking but its a good one to keep in the bottom of your bag for touch ups.

The next thing are 4 Urban Decay Primer Potion samples in: Original; Eden; Sin and Anti- Aging that I got with my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I really enjoyed trying them out as there was a weeks worth in each sample and have since purchased the travel sized of the original.



These don’t really fit into a category. I never know what to say about nail varnish remover like Superdrug Nail Polish Remover, it works and its really good what else is there to say.

With working in retail; spending an insane amount of hours in the library and the general amount of bugs going around this time of year hand sanitiser is a must. So we have an empty Cuticura Cucumber and Garden Mint hand sanitiser and Asda Protect Hand Gel, both are really good and great to keep in your bag to use throught the day.

So I hope you enjoyed my empties hopefully one day soon I’ll get better at remembering to do them.

Gwenllian Branwen

Another Haul

Sorry its been quietish on the blog  front but with deadlines looming finding time to blog is hard to do as we speak I will be in the library doing work as this is scheduled from Sunday night after a busy day shopping. Also sorry for lack of November favourites I haven’t had the time to sit down think and put everything together.



So I brought these on a separate trip to Superdrug/Town that everything else. I wanted a more wintery nail varnish and that got distracted by triple points and 3 for 2 offers.

Make Up Academy Nail Varnish in Deepest Purple: This is the kind of perfect autumn/winter colour, such a beautiful warm colour that can be worn for any occasion. Only problem is that it isn’t as opaque as I would of liked it just means it lasts a bit longer to build up colour but it is worth it.

Maked Up  Academy Nail Varnish in Red Rose: This is purely as I have no reds in my nail varnish collection and feel like I really ought to, what’s a nail varnish make up without a red one?

Make Up Academy Intense Colour Eyeliner in Snow White: I wanted to start using white eyeliner on my eyes to make them look brighter but its not that great on the waterline however, it is a decent eyeshadow primer and good for brightening the inner corners with eye make up.


So this is from a second superdrug trip where actually everything was stuff I needed.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation in C1 Rosy Ivory: I’m almost out of my rimmel wake me up foundation and thought I’d try something a bit different, I’ve heard loads of good things about this foundation. Also I love the fact I’ve managed to find a perfect stage although we’ll see when it gets on my face but I’m going to wait till I’ve use all of my other foundations first.

Make Up Revolution Blush in Now!: Last week I dropped my MUA blush in bon bon and its smashed and its too cheap and I’m too lazy to fix it so I set out to buy that but it wasn’t there then I found this one at the Make Up Revolution counter and its so pretty and I’m excited to finally try out the brand. This packaging also feels more sturdy than MUA’s and the pan is bigger though both at £1.00 I’m happy with either.

Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer in Shade 1 Naked: I always love trying new concealers, the friend I was shopping with was repurchasing this as she loves it I thought I would give it a go. Has any one else tried it, if so what do you think?

Collection Pressed Powder in Ivory: I’m hitting serious pan on my current ones of these so instantly repurchased this at my next opportunity despite having 3 other pressed powders in other colours from other brands but this is my favourite so always has to be in my collection.


So next stop is a must which is primark, although due to it been a small one I couldn’t get loads.

Bambi Vest and Pants set: I been eying this up for ages and finally took the plunge and brought it, its just a cute set that can be for bed or just use the top as a vest or something either way its super cute and I love it. This set was £6.00.

Batman Slipper Socks: I love slipper sock although these aren’t for me they are for my boyfriend despite been from the womens section. He needs to slippers and he loves batman, although he’s more of a marvel man in general. I love the fact these are so soft and they can easily go in the wash if needs be. These cuties were £4.00.

Ivory Pillowcases: I got these to go over my pillows before putting on the actual pillow case if that makes sense, as I hate it when pillow pokes out so these are great as they are so inexpensive at only £1.80 for the pair.

Opaque Tights: Its winter so opaque tights are a must and I love these one so I picked these ones up they are so much less than opaque tights elsewhere and are really well made. 1 pair of tights is £2.50.


I’ve never been in a Discount UK before so we went it, its essentially the same as home bargains/B&M and I found some good deals.

Marvel Deodorant & Shower gel gift set. a £3 bargain that I brought for my boyfriend for the simple reason that I knew he would love it, plus hopefully if his using this he can stop using my body shop ones but you never know.

Calvin Kline Cream Eyeshadow: I’ve been on the search for this for a good 6months and only every found blue/purple ones or essentially any colour I wouldn’t actually wear but I found this today and didn’t have to think twice and I’m so excited to start using this either as a colour in its own right or as a base. £1.00 and completely amazing.

So I hope you liked my haul, what have you brought recently? Have you brought anything in the sales recently?


Gwenllian Branwen