Primark Haul

primark haul

So this year in the sales I had a fairly unsuccessful trip considering I went on 3 different days to the sales in various places but luckily my home town has a new and improved Primark so I picked up the odd bits a pieces when I was in.

Black and Navy Stretch Vest Tops: I essentially needed some more basic tops and with the quality of the primark ones matching much more expensive ones there’s no point spending more. These are £2.50 each.

Brown Beanie Hat: A must for winter as I oddly don’t actually own a hat and I thought that this would go with everything it doesn’t do the floppy bit that I wanted it too so I’m going to wash it before wearing it to see if that improves anything. The hat costs £2.00 from primark.

White and Blue Star Slipper Socks: I brought my boyfriend the batman version of these and the immediately regretted not getting myself a pair they are so comfy. Also they are so inexpensive and probably machine washable although they might not be as fluffy after. The slippers cost £2.50.

Batman Thongs: This is a pack of 3 with various batman designs on them and i just had to have them plus the feel like a good material and good considering the price. I haven’t had cartoon underwear in ages it might be nice to wear something joky. Available for £3.00

Nail Varnish: This was a complete impulse purchase but it looked nice and cost £0.80 so I cannot complain its just not a wintery colour.

Red and Blue Checked pj set: I needed some more pjs and these are simply great they are cute and kinda wintery but nothing in particular and could be worn all year round. Brought for £3.00.

Apart from Primark I brought a new coat from next and ordered a bra online as there was literally f*** all suppose it has saved me some money for the time being. What did you you guys get in the sales?


Gwenllian Branwen


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