Bare Minerals Binge

A few weeks back I went into TKMaxx with my friend on a shopping and managed to pick up some amazing items I cannot really get over it. TKMaxx can be a bit hit and miss sometimes but its always worth going in case there is a great bargain especially as the range of cosmetics is vastly improving all the time. Back in the Summer my mum wanted to finally own some decent make up to go along with her new job so I introduced her to Bare Minerals and since then I have always kept wondering if I should try it too and its such brilliant quality make up.

With Bare Minerals your base is what you want it to be, light to full coverage you can build it up in certain areas as a concealer (although I’m yet to get the knack of that) and it just gives a fresh natural look to the face. The colour selection is also amazing and I definitely suggest that if your curious to check it out, using the bare minerals brushes are the best form of application so its worth getting it in a set for the first time you buy before buying the foundations on their own any way enough of the basics of bare minerals here.


So I managed to pick up two amazing packages, first up is the Bare Minerals Get Started Kit. This set contains:

  • Prime Time Original Foundation Primer 15ml;
  • Original SPF 15 Foundation in N10 Fairly Light;
  • Original SPF 15 Foundation in W15 Light;
  • Warmth All-Over Face Colour;
  • Original Mineral Veil;
  • Full Flawless Face Brush;
  • Flawless Application Face Brush;
  • and Max Coverage Concealer.

Basically the whole kit does your whole face as the warmth is a cross between a bronzer and a blush, but tends to be more like a bronzer as it really warms up your face and makes your face looks more natural. This is just a perfect kit to get you started you couldn’t ask for any better. The Light kit is perfect although you can get similar kits with single colours but this is perfect for me and it covers both winter and summer. If your unsure go to a counter or shop and get colour matched and feel it, its really the ultimate foundation I’m permanently switched, well probably this will be great for every day or a perfect face for interviews for graduate jobs (scary stuff), yet I think I will stick to having a liquid or other foundation for if I want to switch it up or want a different look as I like to keep my options opened. The recommended retail price for this kit was £49.99, I purchased this set for £29.99.



Then I picked up the beautiful In the Spotlight Kit, this was ideal to pick up as a pair as I now have a full make up look. This set includes:

  • Flawless Diamond Eye Colour in Peach Champagne;
  • Center Stage Eye Colour in Shimmering Gilded Pecan;
  • Flawless Definition Mascara in Black;
  • Luminary Blush in Sunwashed Berry;
  • Mini Marvellous Moxie Lipstick in Rosebud Mauve;
  • Shimmer Glaze Lip Top Coat in Diamond Glaze;
  • Tapered Shadow and Crease Brush;
  • and a Cosmetic Bag.

This essentially perfect for a low maintenance day time look right up to a classy evening look, the shadows are amazing and the crease brush side of the brush is amazing for blending and I’ve even used it for my every day look. The only thing I’m unsure about is the lip gloss, the colour and finish is spot on but it’s a plumping tingly lip gloss but I don’t always want the feel of it, still great for a night out. I’m yet to try the mascara as I’m currently trialling one for review purposes yet I’m excited to try it out when it comes to it. The recommended retail price for this product is £49.00, while I brought it for £29.99.

Both of these sets are amazing value and I’m so glad I finally purchased some bare minerals stuff at some point I may do a full look with these items so let me know if you want to see it. I just keep your eyes for bargains like this at your local TKMaxx and let me know what bargains you’ve found there.

Lots of Love

Gwenllian Branwen


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