April Roundup

April May

April ended way too soon, in less than a month I will of completed my final ever exam and coursework and I will of finished education forever, well probably. I just cannot believe it, its just unreal. Unfortunately there isn’t much in the way of favorites simply because between the mountain of coursework and revision I’ve barely had time for specific beauty favorites or anything so unfortunately I can’t really do my usual monthly favorites.

April was a mixed month it was nice to spend time with the family over the Easter break as well as catching up with old friends, it was nice to see where everyone is. Also its lovely that the weather has warmed up but it is somewhat bitter sweet simply because I’ve mainly been trapped inside doing coursework ect. It’s going to be so odd finishing university so I have to thoroughly relish in a world of flexibility and interesting research projects in which three years of study has been leading to. Overall I’m glad I went to university and got to study economics a underrated and fascinating subject, its just weird to think I am done as I have always known that I was going to University so not having my life completely planned is weird. Had anyone else had that when leaving education or the ending of plans you’ve always had? It’s just a weird mix of emotions but I’m looking forward to May, the end of exams, relaxing and getting to go to Slam Dunk Festivals as well as wanting to try out some new blog things probably as I now have more time.

So how is has your April been and what are you guys looking forward to in May?

Lots of Love

Gwenllian Branwen


Mega Empties Part One

Mega Empties Part One

This is the biggest empties post I have ever done with a grand total of 25 items overall (between the two posts), it just seems like everything has ended as a massive collection. I’ve kept putting this off as the mini reviews can take a little bit of time but my empties are taking over my life so I thought I would just have to bit the bullet and get it over and done with. It is also so big that something that was going to start off as one post has now become two as there is just so much stuff, so today we’ll cover make up, Skincare and some random bits and pieces. Part two which will cover Bath and Body as well as hair which will be up next Friday.


L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation Rose Ivory

L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation in R1 C1 Rose Ivory: My first issue with this is you cannot tell when this is used up and a lot of product seems to go to waste which is a shame, I was half way through my face when it ran out and had to take it off and start again so you probably always need a back up. I liked this foundation and its nice to have such a good colour match especially at the drugstore but I think due to being up able to judge it running out I think its something I would consider repurchasing but I’ll see what else is out there and possibly come back. Major bloggers bug now as I have to see what else is out there.



Superdrug Superfruits Exfoliating Mask: This is the first time I’ve tried and exfoliating mask surprisingly and I really enjoyed it my skin felt amazing after. Also with a mix of raspberry, cranberry and blueberry it just smells amazing I will definitely pick it up again.

Superdrug Yoghurt Smoothie Mask: This is one of my favorite Superdrug face mask it smells sweet and subtle and just perfect for any time of year and any occasion. Also with cocoa butter it is really nourishing to the skin and as I have to odd dry patches it works wonders at hydrating the skin.

Superdrug Purifying Cucumber Peel-off Mask: I love peel off masks as I just feel like they fully clear out your skin. This cucumber one from Superdrug was really refreshing and felt really nice.

Superdrug Tropical Peel-Off Mask: Final mask I promise, I always buy sachet masks and I react funny to mud masks and I like to mix up my face masks. This one smelt like pina-coladas need I say more really.

Skin Therapy Normal & Combination Skin Lightly Frangrance Face Wipes: Why did Tesco stop doing there everyday value own brand wipes? I used to love those wipes these were the replacement and cost twice the price (okay from 50p to £1.00 isn’t a lot but its the principle), but these are a dud. They feel nice on bare skin if you feel a bit oily and you want a quick clean and cleanse but for removing make up they are too dry and do nothing. They are especially useless for removing eye make up so I’m on the search for a new inexpensive makeup wipe for lazy days.

Botanical Choice Dark Circle Reducer Eye Patches ‘Sunflower’: I threw out the box but I have the sachets you you can have a little glimpse, you get four goes within a pack. I’m not convinced how well they work but they feel really refreshing and really wake you up so I’m enjoying them for now. I’ll definitely pick up some more at some point.

Superdrug Deep Action Pore Cleansing Nose Strips: Are there any good ones of these? These seemed like a little bit of a dud and didn’t really do much and it always came off clean which it shouldn’t as I have loads of blackheads on my nose.

Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Hydrating Cleansing Milk and Hydrating Toner: I received this in a swap from the lovely Danielle, it was like a 10 day treatment a long with mini moisturizer which I still haven’t finish they last way longer than that as a little goes a long way and they smell amazing well worth checking out if you can get your hands on them

Fashion Nails and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea


Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Perfume Sample Size (3.7ml): So I recived this last summer in a set with several other Elizabeth Adren Samples which you can check out here to see what else I got here. They last ages and are great for travel, this is the first one I’ve finished and I was unsure initially about this one but on hot or sunny days it was a nice and refreshing scent. I think now I would repurchase and these sample size was great to fully discover what you like and what you don’t.

P.S. Love Fashion Nails: These were a super cute owl design which I wore to london zoo for my 21st birthday, I love the primark nails they stay on really well and only cost £1-£1.50. These were on sale for 50p so how could I say no. Although the primark glue is alright I much prefer to buy my own elegant touch glue which is awesome and lasts ages

Phew we made it through the mountain of rubbish that I’ve been hording in my room. I’m now about to fill up the recycling with all of my junk. . . .


Gwenllian Branwen


Review: The Body Shop Rain Forest Moisture Hair Butter

the body shop rain forest hair butter

Hi Everyone,

Another review for you guys today and its hair related this time, something where I tend to stick with what I know and love but the other day I ran out of my TRESemme hair treatment mask which has lasted me ages, and thought I’d try something new. I then popped into The Body Shop Outlet to pick up a few things and saw these, I picked up the smaller sizes as hair masks seem to last ages.

the body shop rain forest hair butter

I’ve tried it twice since I brought it and I think I have learnt how best to do it as a lot of the reviews online said oh it disappears as you rub it in and oh it leaves you hair sticky with a residue. The first time I used loads like I usually do with a hair mask smothering the ends of my hair and kept it in for the 5 minutes and like the instructions says. This left my hair feeling awful like I hadn’t fully washed it out although I know I thoroughly washed it out which was really weird. So I made sure when I washed my hair I used a clarifying shampoo to make sure it was fully clean.

The second time I used it I literally used the amount of 2p added a small bit of water and ran it thoroughly through my hair and brushed it through with a wet hair comb before clipping all of my hair up on the top of my head. This time I left it for twenty minutes while I did some household chores, then washed it out. I had no remaining residue although initially my hair felt no differently however, once dry it was a lot shiner and looked better, it just didn’t feel any better.  Which is a major disappointment especially for a body shop products which are usually amazing that this was so-so, I will continue to use it as I hate for these things to got to waste but I would’t repurchase it or recommend it to a friend.

I don’t agree with the reviews on the body shop website, you just have to use it in a different way to other mask masks its much thicker and stickier. It smells amazing and I love the thicker texture of the hair butter thus feeling much more substantial than most other hair masks but it just didn’t live up to my expectations. So leave The Body Shop for all of its other amazing products and I love the other hair ranges too like the banana shampoo but if you see this just skip it and spend your money on something else.

The Body Shop Rain Forest Moisture Hair Butter is available in 50ml and 200ml, priced at £3.00 and £8.00 respectively at The Body Shop.

So have you tried The Body Shop Rain Forest Hair Butter’s what did you think of them? What hair butters/masks are you loving as I really want to try a new one.


Gwenllian Branwen


Have you tried the

Primark Haul

primark haul

So this is kinda part two of my haul from the other day but I had enough Primark stuff for a haul in its own right. I love Primark and since my home town has only in the last few month upgraded its Primark so I’m still loving shopping in a huge Primark.

primark flipflops

Summer is just round the corner and my flipflops broke last summer so I needed a replacement but I didn’t want anything fancy, so i picked up the pretty Black Patterned Flip-flops (£1.00). Hopefully they will go with most things and at £1.00 it doesn’t matter if they break or I cannot use them that much. I also picked up the Marvel Avengers Flip-flops (£3.00) for my boyfriend, he loves all things marvel and he needs a new pair as he lives in flip-flops over the summer. I cannot wait to see his face when he gets them.

primark ripped jeans

I’ve been loving the look of the ripped jean look but I am way more of a legging girl so I thought Primark would be a good place to start. I found these Ripped Skinny Jeans (£13.00) which are absolutely perfect so even if I don’t wear them that much its fine, these also fit really well so hopefully I’ll get some wear out of these.


Finally I hit the beauty section for a few bits and pieces, first up my old favorite is the Primark False Fashion Nails (£1.00) in which I went for a subtle nude colour so it doesn’t really matter when I use them. Next up I picked up the P.S. Love Your Skin Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (£1.50) which I’m excited to try and I will possibly do a review for it if you are interested in it as cheap but good make up removers are always welcome. The final thing I brought was a Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener (£1.00) which has two sizes which is really useful to have the bigger size and most of the time these things are really overpriced so I’m glad I picked it up so cheap.

Have you guys found any good finds at primark recently? Have you tried anything good from the primark p.s. love range?

Lots of Love

Gwenllian Branwen


Ebay Sale


Hi guys,

Just a quick one incase any of you guys are interested I’m selling a pair of primark sandals on ebay I absolutely love them but unfortunately they don’t fit and I lost the recipit. So if any of you guys are interested head over to my ebay and you can check them out, make a bid or if you really want them message me through here and we can sort something out. Anyway you can check them out here.

Lots of Love

Gwenllian Branwen 


Review: Veet Face Precision Wax and Care


Hi guys, a slightly different type of review today with a focus on hair removal, well all do it but never seem to talk about it. After recommendation from my boyfriends sister of a DIY eyebrow fix and I thought I’d do a mini review, just incase some of you were interested.

The pack comes with a tube which contains the wax which has a lip gloss tip applicator and after care cream on the other side, a spatula and a pack of strips to help with removal. basically everything you may possibly ever require for hair removal. It can be used on for your eye brows lips or chin depending on you problem area and just take a few simple steps for hair removal. I’ve only used it for eyebrows so far so I can only review from that point of view.

So using it is fairly straight forward, simply boil the kettle and fill a mug with boiling water and leave for 1 minute and the wax melts. Then you simply decide what area you want, separate the hairs out if needs be and apply the wax and then place over the strip. The wax applicator is like a plastic lip gloss applicator which works so nicely at spreading out the wax and is amazingly accurate. Press down the strip, wait a second and pull! It didn’t really hurt I was amazing and managed to pull out a good amount of hair. I repeated it a few times, the only thing it didn’t work well at is shorter hairs but it does say in the instructions that it is less effective on hairs that are under 5mm, which is a disclaimer and it does do shorter hairs. Yet you may need to pull out the tweezers for a final bit of touch up, which isn’t that much effort. Ones your gone simply wash off any residue and apply the after care lotion, pretty straight forward really.

The strips you could probably cut in half, but there are 20 in a pack so will probably last ages anyway. It does say you can was them, and then if you leave them to dry you can reuse them but I feel as though it is more effort then its worth as there is plenty in the pack and you can buy just packs wax stripes that you can cut down accordingly. There is an adequate supply in the pack though so I think it is probably fine.

It worked so much better than I thought it would which is amazing, I definitely would recommend trying it if you want an at home facial hair solution.


Gwenllian Branwen


Random Haul

Shopping bags isolated on the white background

So I went shopping earlier in the week and picked up a few bits form all over and a bunch of stuff from Primark. So this is a bit of a collective haul and I will upload the Primark haul next Friday as I have a review planned for next Tuesday. Anyway here’s a mixed bag of a haul from a number of shops.



It always seems that everyone forgets how cheap Wilkinsons can be for basic beauty bits especially for the likes of razors ect and they are always in town centers and have everything. After a recommendation from my boyfriends sister I picked up the Veet Face Precision Wax and Care Kit (£7.98), which is cheaper at Wilkinsons than everywhere else, my review of it will be up on Tuesday. I accidentally left my razors at university so I needed some new ones to use for the moment so I picked up Gillette Simply Venus Razors (£1.25), I’m not too fussy with razors and I’ve used these in the past and always liked them. Simply really as long as the razor does the job I’m happy. Finally I picked up two bath bombs from the Wilkinsons own Fruits line, I picked up one Fruits Bath Bomb in Strawberry and Pomegranate (£0.95) and a Fruits Bath Bomb in Rhubarb and Vanilla (£0.95, not pictured). I’ve already used the Rhubard and Vanilla one, they don’t change the colour of the water or anything but it smells amazing and still creates a nice bath.


eye patches

I love Bodycare shops its just a shame they are only in a limited number of places, I only picked up the one thing this time the Purederm Botanical Choice Dark Circle Reducer Eye Patches (£1.79). I just always wanted to try these type of thing for ages but they always tend to be so expensive but I saw these and just thought I had nothing to loose. I’ve give them a little go and they feel absolutely amazing although I’m not sure of the results as of yet.


elegant touch

As I’m trying to cut down on buying makeup I dont need I managed to show a lot of restraint, yet they had a clearance section that I just couldn’t resist. I picked up Elegant Touch Express Press-on Instant Manicure in Jewel Washed Teal (£7.99 £1.50) and Elegant Touch Express Press-on Manicure in Jewel Washed Blue although they are just plain it just seemed too good to pass up as you can wear them whenever and they are both great colours for spring/summer.


HM bags

Finally I got a Small Shoulder Bag from H&M as I just need something for going out just to put in keys, purse and phone it, mainly for gigs and stuff. Its just a perfect size plus it was on sale down to £4.00 from £7.99 so I just couldn’t resist.

Have you guys brought anything good recently, let me know down below.


Gwenllian Branwen


Review: L’Oreal Paris Glam Bronze Eau De Soleil*

L'Oreal Paris Glam Bronze Eau De Soleil

Hi Everyone,

So the other week this dropped on my door step from the lovely people at L’Oreal and I couldn’t wait to give it ago. I’m not much of a bronze/tan person instead opting more for a light contour and to keep my pale face but giving something a go. A light liquid bronze which you can use for a little bit of contour or to add some sun kissed love to your face.

L'Oreal Paris Glam Bronze Eau De Soleil

This liquid bronzer can be used in several ways to create a tanned base to your face, add to your foundation to make it darker and finally apply to your finger and use as a contour. All you need to do is shake it up and apply it to your finger or back of your hand as required. Its close in texture to L’Oreals Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation, easily blendable and a little goes an awfully long way. So far I have only used it for a contour as the other uses are what I’d tend to try as it gets into summer.

So I’ve tried applying it with my finger and a stippling brush as a contour but I have to say I much prefer using the brush as it blends a lot more seamlessly and its easier to build it up slowly to the desired effect although both ways are fine. I really like how it seamlessly blends into the foundation to add a touch of colour and definition to the face. The only thing I’m not sure is the colour, it has very warm undertones even looking somewhat orange which is occasionally reflected in my face unless a touch of foundation is added in. I’d like to have a lighter option or perhaps a cooler tone for the contouring front, but as a bronzer its fine as its nicer to have those warmer tones in the summer.

L'Oreal Paris Glam Bronze Swatches

I am currently unable to find this available for sale in the UK although it was released in America ect last year so I expect it to be out later this year in time for summer, I’ll keep you posted if I find out some more information. It is well worth checking out if you want a longer lasting bronze addition to your face over summer, especially if you like to tan or naturally get a tan over the summer so you can adjust your foundation to your ever changing skin tone.

Is a liquid bronzer something you are interested in? Do you prefer warm or cool toned bronzer?

Lots of Love

Gwenllian Branwen


* Product was sent as a PR sample, all opinions are my own and I have chosen to do this review as I thought it might be of interest. This is not a sponsored post*

Sorry for the Quiet


Hi guys sorry for the quiet lately on the blog front, I’ve just had so many deadlines which are on going so I haven’t had that much time to fit in blogging as I want to produce the best possible posts I can. So my next post should be up on Tuesday at the normal time of 17:00 GMT and I’m hoping I can get myself somewhat back on track.

Saying that I’m coming up to the end of my time at University so its all the big deadlines and exams coming up so although I have all the intentions of keeping up with my blog up until the end of May I may be a bit sparadic. However, I am on twitter here, so you can keep up with what I’m up too or simply chat follow me and I am always happy to follow back. So once again sorry for being quite, and I’ll see you again on Tuesday with a little review.

Lots of Love

Gwenllian Branwen