Review: Veet Face Precision Wax and Care


Hi guys, a slightly different type of review today with a focus on hair removal, well all do it but never seem to talk about it. After recommendation from my boyfriends sister of a DIY eyebrow fix and I thought I’d do a mini review, just incase some of you were interested.

The pack comes with a tube which contains the wax which has a lip gloss tip applicator and after care cream on the other side, a spatula and a pack of strips to help with removal. basically everything you may possibly ever require for hair removal. It can be used on for your eye brows lips or chin depending on you problem area and just take a few simple steps for hair removal. I’ve only used it for eyebrows so far so I can only review from that point of view.

So using it is fairly straight forward, simply boil the kettle and fill a mug with boiling water and leave for 1 minute and the wax melts. Then you simply decide what area you want, separate the hairs out if needs be and apply the wax and then place over the strip. The wax applicator is like a plastic lip gloss applicator which works so nicely at spreading out the wax and is amazingly accurate. Press down the strip, wait a second and pull! It didn’t really hurt I was amazing and managed to pull out a good amount of hair. I repeated it a few times, the only thing it didn’t work well at is shorter hairs but it does say in the instructions that it is less effective on hairs that are under 5mm, which is a disclaimer and it does do shorter hairs. Yet you may need to pull out the tweezers for a final bit of touch up, which isn’t that much effort. Ones your gone simply wash off any residue and apply the after care lotion, pretty straight forward really.

The strips you could probably cut in half, but there are 20 in a pack so will probably last ages anyway. It does say you can was them, and then if you leave them to dry you can reuse them but I feel as though it is more effort then its worth as there is plenty in the pack and you can buy just packs wax stripes that you can cut down accordingly. There is an adequate supply in the pack though so I think it is probably fine.

It worked so much better than I thought it would which is amazing, I definitely would recommend trying it if you want an at home facial hair solution.


Gwenllian Branwen


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