Making the Most of Your Advantage Cards


We all have a purse full of advantage cards from boots and superdrug to the supermarket club cards but are we all really making the most of these. They all work on a points basis in which the points can have somewhat of a monetary value, so I will cover some hints and tips to making the most of these cards.

boots advantage card


To me Boots have one of the best advantage card schemes, with regular offers and vouchers as well as earning 4 points per £1.00 spent its fairly generous. Especially as 1pt is equal to 1p you get 4p back per £1.00 you spend it quickly adds up.

First and foremost, make the most of the vouchers you get sent, I received loads back in April and they do not expire until the 9th  of June so I have more than enough time to use them. With things from money off to extra points its well worth taking a look when they come through the post. For example I have a voucher which is 300 points when buying soap and glory bath/shower products which amounts to £3.00 you can get off something else in future. I’m not saying buy the soap and glory or those types of products just because you can get £3.00 back if you don’t like soap and glory but if you love soap and glory it is well worth taking a look at these types of offers.

Also if you haven’t already download the app its free and available for both IOS and Android operating systems, so as well as been able to shop sort out photo printing from your phone you can also link up your advantage card. Upon linking up your advantage card you can not only check your points you can check out offers and events. The really cool thing is there is an offers just for me where you can load up offers directly on to you advantage card so you don’t even have to think about it discounts and points will occur automatically when you use your advantage card at the check out.

boots app

For example I can load up the ‘10% off shower gel or bubble bath’ offer onto my advantage card and then when you buy a new shower gel it will automatically come off when you use it. I just load them all up as I have nothing to loose by doing so.

Spending Points: You can spend Boots points online or in store but the point total must cover the entire value of the product for example if you wanted to get a Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer at £6.49 you need 649 points. There is no par points but its a good scheme and always worth the wait.


Unfortunately Superdrug don’t do vouchers in the same way in that Boots does nor do they have an app but there are more offers in store its just a case of keeping an eye out. Especially within the beauty department with often one line or another having tripple or double points especially with areas such as Superdrug Own Brand Skin Care. A little hint is to keep an eye out and check your receipt as often you can get bonus point vouchers ect and the ones currently in my purse don’t expire into the end of the year.

Spending Points: Unlike with boots you can only spend Superdrug points in whole pounds, but you can use it as part payment. The only problem is that I never seem to save them up always taking a pound off every single time I can get a pound off.


We all know the supermarket cards such as the tesco clubcard and nectar cards, not of interest to everyone but they are quick to apply for and there is no harm picking them up. Before switching to Tesco home delivery for shopping over Asda I am finally earning points on my clubcard as before I only earnt points from my phone contract which is with Tesco. Things like nectar you can earn points on all sorts from bills to ebay so even if you don’t like Sainsburys there is no harm in using it. I’m not fully clear on spending nectar points and there value but tesco have a huge range of ways to spend money from vouchers to money off days out and rail cards, so don’t hesitate to take a look.

Tesco uses clubcards in order to find out customer preferences but it really pays off, initially you’ll get general vouchers but as you use it more the more tailored the vouchers become. It doesn’t take long to get money of items you actually buy and you don’t have to do anything so you might as well go for it.

Also both shops send vouchers if you haven’t shopped there for a while, every six months or so I get vouchers for £4.00 off a £20.00 shop for a few weeks at Sainsburys so I’ll switch for a few weeks to get the most money back and then go back to Tesco. The Sainsburys near me are awful, actually most Sainsburys I’ve been in are awful but if they want to give me loads of money back I am happy to switch.

General Advice

1. Check out the offers in store places like superdrug run limited offers such as tripple points on own brand items which is a massive 12 points per £1.00 so if you want the stuff get it then.

2. If you want items buy them on offer, either extra points or money off its well worth picking items up then to maximise your gains. Funds permitting obviously.

3. Even if you aren’t sure you’ll use them there is no harm in picking them up there is no pressure to use them and they take up very little space in your purse.

Most of us get these cards and never think about them or use them again, or just simply never get the most out of them. What are your hints and tips for getting the most out of your advantage cards?


Gwenllian Branwen


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