Summer Look Book

Summer Look Book
So with June now in full swing we can no longer deny that summer is almost upon us and I wanted to do a little look book but instead of me becoming slowly frustrated with taking pictures and my imperfect wardrobe I thought I’d do it this way. A small look at what is influencing my summer wardrobe this year.
As I tend to focus on beauty I’m going to start with it, as it gets to summer I am not a big fan of wearing of wearing heavy makeup in the summer and on really hot days I rather not wear it all. So this year I’m going to return to my love of neutrals keeping the eyes very simple ensuring I look effortless, I think to match my wardrobe I may end up getting a lot of use out of my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette sticking to pinky neutral tones. Unlike my face I am going to amp up the colour on my nails, keeping it which pastel tone but plenty of colour making it so simple and pretty. Especially with the Barry M Speedy pastel nail range it means I do not have to sit around waiting for my nails to dry. The effortless and lightness also continues into my wardrobe focusing on a simple palette of the basics with denim, white, black and other neutrals with the occasional flourish of a pink keeping it as a fairly interchangeable wardrobe.
What is your summer lookbook like, what are you looking to wear this summer.
Lots of Love,
Gwenllian Branwen

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