What do you love outside of beauty?

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I love the beauty blogging community, everyone is lovely and it is so easy to share a joint passion for beautiful palettes and irresistible lipsticks but we all have more to us. We all have a huge part of our lives and interests that we all share, from pampering to never leaving boots or superdrug without an overfilled basket or even taking our time to get ready for a night out due to all that blending but we all have the other things we love that make us unique. So today I thought I’d share my other interests, and maybe you could share yours, to see a completely different side to so many of us that love the beauty world what else makes us up.

Youtube Channels


Since we never had a TV license at university I got so used to not watching TV that I tended to opt for youtube which has loads of amazing content to suit your moods and tastes. I watch such a variety of channels from gaming/entertainment channels which my boyfriend got me into such as Achievement Hunter to the usual beauty channels like Fleur De Force I can never get bored. Oh as well as the ever fascinating and talented Rob Dyke, who does content such as serial killer files, I have an odd obsession with that sort of stuff as I don’t understand how and individual can do such a thing. We all love Youtube with its amazing content, never change youtube.

Tour De France and Tour Series


I don’t actual cycle myself but I love watching the road races, my parents have been into it for about 10 years while I’ve got into it in the last 3 years or so. Last year I went to go see stage 19 & 20 of the Tour De France last year in France (I did a post on it here), I couldn’t go to it in Yorkshire as I was working as event staff at the British Grand Prix its just so exciting to go to the event. I went to the cycling tour series as well in Peterborough at the start of June which even if you don’t follow cycling is a unique spectical. Also if you go to events as you just stand at the side of the road its all free and you get to see world class athletes. Right now the Tour De France has started again so that’s what I get to spend my days/evenings watching, a glass of wine and some cycling and I’m all set.

Travelling Places


I love seeing new places and soaking up the culture and scenery. I’m not one of those that wants to travel the world on my own but there is loads that I want to see and do, like visit America and New Zealand. Yet I love just going to France emerging myself in the culture or even visiting places in the UK, I’ve seen so much of the UK and its a beautiful country why go somewhere else when there is so much to see and do here. I loved visiting the beautiful Dordonge region in France last year and Glasgow will always have a special place in my heart.

Live Shows


I’ve talked about my love of live music before and just the other month I went to Slam Dunk, since I first saw Green Day in 2005 I haven’t stopped going to stuff since. I’ve made such amazing friends from travelling and seeing gigs all over the country and made some great memories, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Also because my boyfriend and I like the same stuff it makes a super fun and an amazing date night, as long as your out together its kinda a date anyway. A great night out no matter how big or small the venue is.

So what I want to know what do you love outside of the world of beauty? Let me know in the comments because I think it would be interesting to know what other people who share such a passion for make up may also have in common.

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6 thoughts on “What do you love outside of beauty?

      • V says:

        I’d love to go further east than I have before. So far, the farthest east I’ve gone is Paris, which isn’t east at all, haha

          • V says:

            I’d love to make it as far as Istanbul, but we’ll have to see what the future holds. Greece would be beautiful, even with the financial crisis.

            • gwenllianbranwen says:

              I’d save Greece for at least another year, it used to be nicer but unless your on the resorts its variable due to high unemployment and riots. Hopefully it will get better, Instanbul might be nice too :)xx

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