Life Update: New Job


So just a small life update today to let you guys know that as of yesterday I have started a new job, it is only temporary for now but its nice starting life in a proper graduate job. I hate sitting around doing nothing so the opportunity to earn some money, buy a car and gain relevant experience, I’m just relieved that in less than 6 weeks I have managed to find work.

I’m just getting the hang of it at the moment, getting to know my role and the other people in the office and I’m enjoying being back in a working environment although its very different from when I’ve worked in retail previously. I am still looking at other work because with this only being a 3 month job I will need something in the long run but for now I can be a lot more picky which is refreshing. I’m also still looking to relocate and me and my boyfriend can find jobs together, get a little flat ect but these will all come with time.

With the new job I may have a lot less time on my hands but I am hoping that I will still be able to keep to my current blog schedule. It just may be a little bit messy for a little bit until I get into my routine but I have a load of ideas and pieces that I am currently working on so I am sure I will be able to schedule something. I’ve also been hitting up the summer sales for work attire, its great to have an excuse to go shopping and be able to buy somewhat of a new wardrobe, so I may haul it if I get the chance.

What has been happening in your lives? Anything new and exciting in your lives, or are you planning on going away somewhere nice this summer.

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