Work ware Haul

workware haul ft next and primark

I started my job on the 20th and over the last few weekends I picked up some work wear and just thought I’d share some of the items I brought.

workware from NEXT


My first port of call was Next, which I had been in during the week to try on clothes and establish what size I was in each thing before the sale at the weekend so I could be in and out if I wanted to be. I arrived at my next at just gone 7am and the car park was rammed but luckily staff were efficient and the shop was well organised and running smoothly. I unfortunately couldn’t pick up everything that I wanted to but I managed to pick up 3 items I wanted.

First up is the simple black tailored dress which has a subtle but nice touch of neck detail, weirdly a lot of the smarter clothes I own for interviews etc. are navy and I feel as though you cannot really go wrong with a black dress which is about  knee length. So essentially comfy and ideal for work. I also brought a coral dress just to inject a little bit of colour into my wardrobe and it is summer after all. It is so well made and is something a little different for me so will be fairly refreshing.

The final thing I picked up was a nice little black blazer, which was a bargain at half price. Also I love a black blazer for all sorts of occasions from work to creating a cute smart causal look, it’s a strong basic which I feel as though every girl should have in her wardrobe and once again this is something I was lacking with only navy counterparts. I still didn’t manage to pick up everything but I picked up 3 great quality products for only £58.00 which really isn’t bad going.

workware from primark


I also popped into Primark, mainly for some basics such as a pair of flats and some tights. I then managed to find some really nice bits for work in there too which is a total win win situation.

First I actually picked up the two items which were the entire reason why I went in, first up a suede pair of flats. Simple which can work with a multitude of outfits and I can wear them to work, I would prefer to wear heels my I have muscle problems so have to limit my time spent in heels. I also picked up a new pair of tights, this time getting some body shaping ones for no logic other than the fact these were one of the only nude pairs that were available. Why is there a lack of nude tights in the summer?

I simply fell in love with the cranberry peplum top, which is coming out more pink toned here, is beautiful great for both nights out and for work depending on what you pair it with. So is a great asset and I’ve lost the recite but I can tell you it was relatively inexpensive, it will also look great paired with a statement necklace I just need to get one that goes with this top. Then I picked up two pairs of trousers which I can wear at work and will probably do for casual wear too I will have to wait and see really.

So yes that a quick haul as to what I purchased for work, more to come soon probably.

sign off

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