Weekend Pamper Kit

Weekend Pampering

At the end of a working week we all want to kick back and relax, and pamper ourselves after working so well. So I put myself a nice little box of goodies to allow me to sit back and relax in order to start the weekend properly.

Weekend pamper kit

I always start with a nice deep relaxing bath, using some bubble bath as I have to have loads of bubbles. So I’m currently using the Wilko Fruity Black Cherry Bath Foam, it’s a beautiful deep cherry scent which is more comforting than fruity and I personally find it so relaxing. Sure Lush products can be delightful but sometimes it’s nice but deep black cherry scents and a mountain of bubbles. I then light a candle, which I’m using this Primark Blackcurrant and Forest Plum Scented Candle which simply set the mood. Once I’m done I blow it out and relight it later to where ever I move to in the house. I then add a face mask which I am currently using Soap and Glory The Fab Pore which I reviewed on Tuesday, which you can check out on my page here. I then stick on some youtube, which I balance my laptop safely away from the bath obviously. Sometimes I’ll grab a glass of wine or a hot chocolate, especially in winter, and sit back and fully relax.

I’ll wash of the face mask at the appropriate time frame but I will just happily lie in the bath for ages. When I get out I make sure I moisturises with The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter, before putting on a dressing gown and heading downstairs. I crack open a chocolate bar or any type of chocolate I brought myself for a little treat and turn on the tv, sometimes I’ll watch a movie otherwise it’s just plain ol TV. To keep my feet lovely and pampered I use my Argan Oil Foot Pack, I love foot packs even if they look weird they do such wonders for my feet. I also like to take the time to paint my nails, I love layering up my Ciate nail polishes but don’t always do it as it is fairly time consuming. I start with the matte pinky/nude/white shade, Ciate Paint Pot in Doll Face, before layering the pink iridescent shade, Ciate Paint Pot in Members Only. It creates a beautiful and subtle nail look which I adored for ages.

If it’s being a particular long hard week I may even order takeaway, or buy a load of junk food and have a mini buffet.

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