Eating Better

Eating Better

So I’ve being trying to eat better, get fit and lose weight. As well as making an effort to exercise despite not always feeling like it due to now working I’ve being making a stronger effort to eat better and just look after myself. After all a big part of losing weight and feeling better is eating better and these are some of the things I’ve been doing, all little steps which can make big changes to your life. I also feel like there are easy things to do which are inexpensive and so easy to do even if you work full time.


Drinking More Water

I am definitely one of those who is guilty of buying a lot of fizzy drinks or drinking a lot of fruit juice, fruit juice is definitely the worst offender as it is loaded with sugar and I drink way too much of it. So I have a 1 litre bottle which I refill and try to drink 1-2 bottles a day, as well as other drinks in order to make sure I am staying hydrated. It’s recommended if you are feeling hungry between meals to try drinking something first as sometimes the hungry feeling is a sign on being dehydrated, so don’t always grab a snack between meals trying drinking. Another thing you can do is mix up the water, instead of buying shop flavored water which can be filled with sugar do it yourself. Add fruit, mint leaves, cucumber etc. just anything to mix up the taste and keep you interested. There is a trend with doing things like lemon water, which it is meant to have all sorts of health benefits which I am not sure how tried and tested they are but it has a fresh citrus flavour and its rather refreshing well worth giving go.


Prepare and Plan Ahead

From meals to snacks always plan ahead to ensure you don’t get lazy and binge on the stuff you shouldn’t, if you know what you are going to make for dinner you’ll be less tempted to order a take away. Make something you are going to be excited to try or eat as it means you won’t be tempted by the things you shouldn’t. I’m also making more of an effort to prepare lunches for myself, such as my favourite pasta salad etc. basically if you prepare it you will eat it and you’re less tempted to eat something else.

Also think careful about snacks or lunch additions, I love fruit and yogurt. So I get a low fat yogurt tending to be the big pots and cut up a bunch of fruit then I separate it out each day for lunch. I’ll cut everything up at the start of the week so I don’t slack if everything is laid out and prepared in the fridge all I have to do is pick it up in the morning and there is no effort or thought needed at all when all I am thinking about is going back to bed. I like to have to make as little effort as possible in the morning, this just means I have tasty things to enjoy. Also before I go to bed I sort out everything I need for breakfast such as filling up the kettle, putting my coffee granules in my mug and laying out my breakfast. I am good at being organised, and this is an area in which I needed to improve in order to get into gear.

Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New

Sometimes finding a new food or retrying things you never used to like can be eye opening and really prove to be fruitful so don’t be afraid to try something different. I’ve discovered a taste for Moroccan dishes, and are opting for choices with a lot of flavour which makes me excited to eat dinner and try new dishes. Try new fruits or new combinations of food, you have nothing to lose really if you don’t like it you never have to eat it again. Also if you are cooking your own dishes you have more control as to what does in it and there are plenty of blogs and websites out there to help you find healthy and delicious websites.

Make Small Changes

Like I said before it is all about the small changes, so I thought I’d outline the small changes I’ve made in an effort to be healthier:

  • Reducing the amount of coffee I consume: At one point I managed to get up to 5/6 cups of coffee a day which de-cafe or not it is still an awful lot of coffee. I still drink coffee but it is mainly one to start the day and then one half way through the morning. This is a huge change for me, swapping out coffee with flavoured green tea or water makes a huge change. I also feel better which is probably because I’m more hydrated.
  • Cutting down on sugar: This goes hand in hand with the coffee one and it is reducing my sugar intake, often I added sugar to my coffee which can add up to a lot of sugar throughout the day. It took a while to get used to, adding more milk to my coffee initially. I’ve saved a lot of sugar by doing this which is probably an awful lot better.
  • Eating breakfast: I’m not a huge breakfast person but I decided that I needed to make a proper effort as I am now working full time and need to last till lunch. I tend to opt for something small though or go for a smoothie, just something to keep me going for lunch time. This is definitely something that I need to work on a little bit more but I will get there.
  • Swapping in healthier snacks: I used to grab chocolate or a cereal bar whenever I was hungry but I’ve started to make much more of a conscious effort to be healthier swapping in fruit. I enjoy fruit so I don’t know why I didn’t snack on fruit more anyway, plus my place of work has a fruit delivery twice a week so loads of fresh goodies so that I’m not tempted by anything else.

Treat Yourself Every so Often

Don’t forget to treat yourself if you deprive yourself too much you will find yourself binging when you do eat stuff. So every so often allow yourself chocolate or a glass of wine, also if you are going out for a special reason eat something you want rather than the ‘healthy’ option on the menu. This does still mean you need to make a conscious effort most of the time but every so often you don’t have to.

So there are a few of the things I am going to make more of a conscious effort to eat better and be healthier in general. What do you to try and live and a healthy lifestyle?

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2 thoughts on “Eating Better

  1. V says:

    These are all really good tips. My senior year of college I lost about 15 lbs just by cutting down on how many snacks/sugary drinks I consumed. I still let myself eat and drink whatever I wanted, just not as much as I wanted. This meant 1 sugary drink per day and 1 dessert. Combined with not eating out a lot, this really helps.

    • gwenllianbranwen says:

      It’s amazing how much small things can improve how you feel as well as helps you loose weight. You have such a good balance, just 1 of each, it really is a case of limiting but fully preventing yourself from having what you want as it can be worse.

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