September Favourites

September Favourites

Wow September has been a crazy month, finding a new job, graduation and busy weekends it feels as though I have barely had time to think. I’ve also started decluttering especially my makeup, although a post won’t be on that for a while as I’m taking my time and I’m doing the if I don’t use it in the next few weeks its going and retrying products in case I’ve change my opinion. Also I’ve been loving some bits that I got in a feel unique order but I’m saving them for a combined September/October haul, this will also give me more time to really see how much I love them.

September Beauty Faves ft Nivea and L'OReal

So first up is something I may of mentioned before but with graduation and feeling more into doing more with my eyeshadow this month I’ve been loving the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I’ve mentioned before I buy the travel size, which is great I’ve been using it almost daily since last November/December time and it’s still going strong. It just stops eyeshadow creasing and helps makeup stay all day just really clinging on to the eyeshadow plus it’s not so tacky that you can’t blend like with other primers. This is hands down the best thing ever and if you only try one thing from Urban Decay try the Primer Potion.

My day to day makeup has been getting lazy with the weather turning colder, and some mornings still being murky and dark when I wake up I haven’t been feeling my makeup much this month. I’ve been much bigger on doing my lips this month as most the time with my eyes I sweep a touch of Urban Decay Burnout on the lid and nothing more. My go to lips have been a mixture of two lip products together, first up the P.S. Love Matte Long Lasting Lipstick in Whisper, which you can see my review of it here. Then I put the Purminerals Lip Gloss in Twilight over the top which lightens the lip gloss adding a touch of pink and a slight sheen. It kind of creates the typical your lips but better shade and I love the colour and finish it gives.

With the autumn weather it’s time to start switching from pretty pastels to some deeper tones to fit the weather, so out comes my favourite sort of nail varnishes are coming out the deeper and darker purples. The main one I have been loving is the L’oreal Paris Color Rich Nail Varnish in Vivid Purple, it is such a nice deep and warm purple, perfect for this time of year and it is just so damn pretty. Also how good does it feel to finally be able to pick out some more autumnal makeup and products.

I brought a new face wash back in August wanting to switch from my citrus face was to something that cleans and adds moisture as the weather gets colder. So for the last few weeks I’ve been using the Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Creamy Cleansing Face Wash, which really leaves my face feeling clean and moisturised opposed to being stripped. There’s not much too it but it’s been a really nice addition to the skincare routine.

Taylors Green Tea

Finally to end with a non-beauty favourite and it’s another green tear this time a slightly posher one the Taylors of Harrogate Green Tea with Strawberry and Vanilla. Its £2.00 for 20 which isn’t bad and they are all elegantly individually wrapped so ideal to pop a few in my bag for work etc. It’s really sweet, refreshing and it is the nicest green tea I have tried so far.

So what have you been loving this September, have you made the change over to Autumnal Makeup or are you holding on to summer?

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Morning Routine

We’ve all seen those unrealistic morning routines on youtube, where because they have a work at home job and youtube/blogging is there job it’s so relaxed and going through the motions. Unlike everyone else morning routine, finding the perfect balance between getting enough sleep/staying in bed and leaving for work on time. So I thought I would do a realistic morning routine. I did a morning routine back in June, which was my real morning routine but as I was in that limbo between recently finishing university and finding a job it didn’t really reflect the normal sort of morning routine.

6:45am:My phone alarm goes off, and to resist going back to sleep I sit up immediately, you can’t close your eyes and go back to sleep if your sat up. I try to get up as soon as possible, sure I’d love to look through social media etc. but if I do that I will just make more and more excuses not to get up.

6:46am:I head to my bathroom all sleepy eyed, and do my business before hoping in the shower. I get away with washing my hair twice a week and it doesn’t get greasy in-between washes, I tend to save hair washing for a weekend morning or an evening as otherwise I’d have to get up even earlier.

I wash my face in the shower, I know I know, it’s one of those funny ones that people frown about but I tend to forget if I don’t do this. I am currently using the Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash, deep cleaning and gentle it is such a treat. My current shower gel is the amazing Body Shop Brazil Nut Shower Cream, really sweet smelling and it kind of reminds me or caramel but it isn’t over powering. It is really creamy, which leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. I use it with a bath lily (poof) and it lathers up really nicely, especially as I brought this on a whim for around £1 with a mixture between a sale and voucher codes. Bloody bargain.

6:55am:After getting out of the shower I dry myself off and put on underwear and my dressing gown, as I rather do my makeup before getting dressed. At this point I whip out my Sanex Deoderant, don’t want to stick after all. I do somewhat of a second cleanse at this point as the facial wash will get off most of the grime built up over night, I simply grab a cotton pad or to and cleanse my face with my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, as this really cleans out the skin.

I must be one of those odd people who have a normal life but can moisturise every day, at this point I moisturise my legs using my Laura Ashley Imperial Bloom Body Butter (this stuff lasts forever). Simple and due to the rest of my time I have adequate time for it to soak in. On my particularly dry bits like knees, elbows and the knobbly bit on my ankle I use a bit of Bepanthen which really seems to help the problem, I have a blog post on budget beauty hero’s which you can read here. One final thing I do at this stage is use The Body Shop Mango Lip Butter as I prefer letting a lip balm soak in before putting on my makeup.

6:58am:COFFEE! I don’t have to start my morning with coffee but I like to, especially on work days as it just feels right really. While the kettle is boiling I prep my lunch, I usually make lunch the night before but in the morning I sort out a lunch box of sorts sorting and fruit and snacks etc. It just makes the most of time and helps me feel productive during this time. Once I’ve made my coffee I grab it and take it back upstairs to finish getting ready.

7:03am:Makeup time! I did a week of makeup looks back in July which you can check out here. There isn’t a set look that I do although the look tends to be similar as it needs to be work appropriate, so it’s all within a theme. It is a case of grabbing what I fancy on the day as I don’t have a mountainous collection and everything is within easy reach, it just varies on what I feel like.

While doing my makeup I watch some Youtube using my watch later playlist which has all my saved up subscription videos, I tend to save up beauty videos. There is just something so relaxing and nice about watching beauty videos while you are doing your makeup, plus it makes it feel like less of a chore.

7:20am:I then attempt to do something with my hair, I absolutely love having nice hair and will put the effort in . . .

7:22am: Apart from the effort for work escapes me and I either bung it up or touch up my straightening quickly. I wish I could be more bothered.

7:25am:I look through my clothes and desperately wish I picked out an outfit the night before. Then I remember I didn’t do it the night before because I just cannot be bothered and curse myself for not being organised in an area of my life.             

7:35am After finally making myself presentable I head downstairs, finish my coffee and watch the bit of the news while finishing off organising myself. Finishing packing my lunch, making sure I have everything etc.

7:40am I set off for work, I start work at 8:30am and my work is around 25miles away but the commute isn’t actually too bad as it isn’t that traffic heavy it’s slower than it should be but I’m continuously moving.

8:25am Arrival at work is variable on traffic but I tend to arrive 5 minutes early with such a long commute I rather have time to spare as you never know what can happen on your commute. It also give me time to sort myself when I get in. I make myself my second and last cup of coffee of the day, then have a piece of fruit and a cereal bar for breakfast.

8:30am: I sit down at my desk, look at what I have to do for the day and get to work.

So that’s my morning routine as I then essential work till lunch and then work the rest of the day really, so hopefully you like my more real life morning routine. What is your morning routine like? Effortless like the youtubers or an organised mess?

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Review: Priamark Control Leggings

Something a little different from me as from when I purchased these I thought it would be a nice idea go do a review. For a good while now I have considered buying control leggings and when I saw these cute patterned ones I decided to bit the bullet, I own countless black pairs and I’ve been considering wearing patterned leggings it was a sign. Of course none of these control items make you lose any weight or skin the inches but the smooth everything out and hold any wibbly bits.

I picked up the large ones which on the pack equates on 16-18, I myself vary between a 14 and a 16 but with the medium being 12-14 I didn’t want to risk them being too small and cutting in making me more lumpy than before. I’m not unhappy with my size by any means but I am making a conscious effort to loose weight by eating better and exercising daily, although the pounds aren’t shifting quickly I feel much better in  myself which is more important the weight loss will come. Anyway back to the leggings, they come in small, medium ect branching two sizes and they looks small but obviously that’s how they are designed but like with anything of this nature it’s best to go into store and look. Sizing is very personal, and with shops like primark sometimes being inconsistent with sizing don’t chance it and go in yourself.

The material is very stretchy, more of a firm stretch than a loose one which is ideal for something of this nature. The pattern also doesn’t break up when stretched which I was pleasantly surprised as seeing as its clearly sprayed on top and at something at this price point it would be expected. So all in all it looked promising before actually trying these bad boys out now to actually wearing the control leggings which promise to give light control for you stomach, bum and thighs.

So on to actually wearing them, I will point out at this point though I haven’t tried them under anything else like some people may like to wear them under other trousers ect. it is summer and I feel as though that would be too much for this time of year. The pattern slightly stretches out slightly but it doesn’t split or become too distorted, still looking super cute on. They are super comfy but you may get a VPL so think about what you want to wear under it, a seamless thong in my opinion is the way to go. They are light fitting but due to their control nature they simply smooth everything out rather than emphasis all of your lumpy bits so you can get away with something form fitting. I really loving them they feel super free, breathable yet they don’t go see through or anything making them perfect.

Just a small downside though, the legs are very long I’m 1.68m tall but the legs are still on the long side so you’ll have them bunch up at your ankles which is something I like so it isn’t a big deal for me. I like my leggings to bunch slightly and always get a tall pair, but I’m on the edge of the tall range so often regular leg length items have my ankle out.

Overall I really like these, super affordable leggings that don’t go see through, and they suck you in so it is definitely the way to go and I’m tempted to stock up but I want to see how they wash over time as although they’ve washed fine in the month I’ve had them and they’ve barely worn I’ll wait to go absolutely made in primark. I am pretty pleased with them and will definitely get my money worth.

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N.B. Sorry for the lack of pictures my camera is being repaired at the moment so hopefully it will be fixed for my next few posts or I may turn to some of my back up posts.

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Graduation Day

I've Graduated

So if you’ve seen my life update, you will have seen I graduated on the 10th September, with a Upper Second Class Honours in Economics from the University of Hertfordshire. It’s a nice little ceremony in St Albans Cathedral, which is a beautiful venue, and I feel like it was such a great event, I thought I’d do a little bit of a post about my outfit, makeup and just some nice snaps from the day.

Graduation Outfit

I didn’t set out to buy a brand new dress for graduation and if I brought something new I wanted to be able to reware it, I own enough clothes as it is, buying more only seems excessive at this point. Yet a few weeks before my graduation I found this super cute tea dress on sale in Apricot for £15.00, irresistibly cute I had to have it. With the graduation sash being white and silver most outfit choices were going to go but I feel as though the mint green pops on this outfit really set it off. I wanted to keep my shoes simple too and nothing too high, so I went for a pair of comfy favourites. I have no idea what brand these are and I’ve had them a few years but they never do me wrong, as a pair of nudes with a cute bow are suitable for all occasions and go with all outfits really, you just can wear black tights with them. I feel like the whole outfit fit the sense of the occasion without being too dressy or anything too much.

With my hair I kept it super simple, I had being tempted to curl it but I didn’t want the curls to drop and I needed a style in which the cap would fit. To me straightened hair seemed the most appropriate it looks nice and I didn’t have to worry about it, just a touch of hair spray in the hope of not getting hat hair and some grips to keep everything in place.

The makeup was all about being long lasting and looking nice in photographs, after all I’ll have these for the rest of my life so looking nice is important and I’ll be full faced in make up for 8 to 10 hours and it needed to remain flawless the entire time. I do have makeup envy of my friend Enxhi who went for it a bit more but then she was topping up her face every hour which seemed to take its toll.

Graduation Makeuo

I went for pretty much double priming my face starting with a very simple base of the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer, which really hydrates and preps the team. Pairing this with my bareMinerals Prime Time Original Foundation Primer, which is my favourite primer and simply put this in the areas where my makeup tends to fade first. For my makeup I decided to opt for my lighter foundation and I know this isn’t that light but my other one is proper full coverage and I was in the mood for a lighter look that the L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation in Rosy Ivory provides. Then obviously to make myself flawless I concealer is needed using the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory under my eyes and where I want it to be brightened. With the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Concealer in Porcelain, covering my blemishes etc. leading to a really flawless face. I didn’t feel like having much colour on my cheeks or extreme bronze etc. so I used my Maybelline New York Color Show Blush Em! which due to its lacking in pigment it just adds a beautiful subtle flush of colour.

Now onto the eyes which because none of the palettes do shadow names its hard to say how I created the look, but I went for a nice transitional brown eyeshadow look as I didn’t want something ott. Obviously I used my trusty Urban Decay Primer Potion, as a based to help it stay where I would be without it, I have no idea. Then I used a combination of the No 7 Mini Eyeshadow Palette and a shade from the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette to create the complete look. To make it a touch more glam I used the champagne glittery loose pigment that is the bareMinerals Eyeshadow in Flawless Diamond which just made it glitter and really set off the look. Finishing it off with lashings of the bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara. As I kept putting off buying a setting spray for so long I never did it I used the good old hairspray trick of setting your makeup, which actually works better than setting spray. Although it’s not ideal and you are definitely best leaving it for one offs opposed to everyday. Then to finish it off and to set everything I used the bareMinerals Original Foundation in N10 Fairly Light. Nothing to over the top but mood appropriate.

Graduation Day
The final touch was a pretty manicure which is curtsy of Primark, I wasn’t going to spend loads on getting my nails done, and I didn’t want to keep them on for ages because they aren’t practical for work. These super cute flower detail nails are from Primark and they are simply adorable. They lasted the entire time and I even got a few complements about them.

So that’s what I wore for my graduation, nothing too fancy but something a bit nice. It was a great day and I’m so proud of everyone for getting to this point, it is a little bit odd not to be returning to education this year but I’m working and I’m excited for all the things I can do in life. To those of you who are contining or starting further education, make the most of it enjoy the experience while you can but make sure you work it can influence the rest of your life and it is possible to have fun and do well. I wish you all the best.

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So on Thursday 10th September I finally had my graduation ceremony, although you may already of seen this on twitter and instagram and if you aren’t already following me why not? I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with an Upper Second Class Honours in Economics. I’m so proud of my achievements and what I managed over 3 years at university, all the hard work finally paid off.  I’ve known my results since June, and the transcript arrived at the end of July as well as working in a graduate position since the middle of July it was somewhat a long time coming but with the time between finishing in May and the Graduation in September it is so nice to see everyone again. With some going on to masters in a variety of subjects while other have been travelling, everyone is doing something different and it’s nice to all be together one last time.

I loved the 3 years at university having some great times with friends, I met my amazing boyfriend there and just had such a great experience. I also loved my course, I find economics fascinating and I’m so glad I got to study it in such depth, it is also useful for getting a career and is such a great all round subject.

Long days studying, drinking cocktails, working one of the best jobs I think ever existed I definitely made the most of it. Obviously it’s not all positive with annoying housemates and a lot of coursework sometimes, but you just have work through these things and they are just a part of the university experience. All the hard work and stress finally paid off and the graduation ceremony was just a great way to end it all.

The graduation ceremony was held at St Albans Cathedral an absolutely beautiful setting, and I had an evening ceremony. Which meant I got the day off from work to get ready and I was exhausted at work the following day but it was so worth it. On Friday once I’ve collated all of the graduation photos and sorted out all of the pieces about my outfit and my makeup, I will also feature some of the other photos as it is such a nice setting for graduation.

Anyway talk to you again soon.

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Declutter and Donate: Hints and Tips

donate and declutter

It’s insane when you cannot properly close your draws or your wardrobe is close to bursting and as it is the end of the year I feel as though it feels like the best sort of time to properly declutter then donate what I don’t need to charity, provided it’s in a fit state. Although those bits of clothes that are falling apart can be donating to a charity where they take old and damaged clothes are receive a cash donation so research and see where your old clothes can do some good. So I thought as I was decluttering myself I would do some hints and tips to make the process easier for you guys too.

The majority of these hints and tips are related to clothing items, but I have included some bits related to general donating advice and where you can donate non-clothing items such as bric-a-brac which are often harder to donate, so skip to the end if you just want to know these things.

Tackle One Thing at a Time

Don’t do everything at once, it will become overwhelming and will just feel like a drain totally demotivating you. So take it one step at a time doing each draw, shelf or rail individually then you can take it much easier and you get that little sense of achievement as and when each thing is completed. It also allows you to stop at any time once each area is completed, instead of doing it in one day you could take your time doing it over a few days if that works better. Just ensure you do it but split it over a week aiming for particular things each day.

Take Everything Out

Once you reach something take absolutely everything out, so then you can see what you have and asses the space accordingly. It also ensures that you don’t overlook something and everything will get looked at, you never know what you will discover.

Don’t Be Afraid to Rearrange

Take the opportunity to rearrange if it is needed, look at what needs to go where and see if there is a better arrangement. Perhaps have a place that is further down for summer clothes and winter clothes, I know not everyone does this as I don’t due to layering more in the winter rather than having a separate wardrobe necessarily. Or separate the go to/everyday basics and those that are a little more special and different. Make your storage work for you, which will make everything much simpler when getting ready in the morning.

Try on Clothes

If you haven’t worn something in a while then make sure you try it on, see if it not only still fits but if it is still flattering or something you would still wear. Also if it doesn’t fit get rid of it, its wasting space if you think oh I’ll lose the weight to wear it because you might not. Get rid of what doesn’t fit.

If You Haven’t Wore It

Special Occasion clothes do not come into this rule, I have some dresses which fit perfectly and are ideal for weddings but obviously they do not necessarily come around that often especially at my age a lot of my friends aren’t at that stage in their life. If it is everyday wear and you haven’t worn it for 12/18 months you probably won’t wear it going forward, there can be hidden gems some items you may want to try and reintegrate into your wardrobe

Don’t Think Twice

If you have already decided to get rid of an item, do not then re add it back into your wardrobe, this is because you won’t touch it again. Especially if it doesn’t go with anything or doesn’t match your style you won’t suddenly start wearing it again. Stick to your guns and don’t think about it.

Sentimental Items

Sometimes clothing and items have a sentimental reasons for wanting to keep them but sometimes you are never going to wear them again. If you are never going to wear it again due to not wanting to ruin it or it no longer fits, then remove it from your wardrobe. I have a memory type box which is stored away so get a large plastic box and put those special somethings safely away and taking up space in your draw.

Research Your Charity

If you are going to donate to charity do your research and see what you prefer, look at what causes they work for and if you agree with them. Also depending what charity you use there are a number of things your clutter can go from charity shops to, some only take certain things. Also there is a huge amount of variety in terms of the amount of money that is donated per £1.00 earnt etc. like how much goes to the cause, which you should always look at when not only donating to charity both money and items as well when buying charity affiliated items. Just make sure you do thorough research.

Also with clothing items some take donations to sell (some which you can get small amount of money for your items), some it’s to give them to people in need and others they just get money from the donations when these items are recycled, therefore they may take damaged items. Do your research and you may want to give to multiple charities depending on what they take or you want to give to multiple causes.

Wash the Items You Wish to Donate

I know before going away items were washed and most people wash charity buys before wearing, items that have been stored away can smell musky and it’s just more pleasant. It is minimal effort to wash items and if it’s only a few just wait until you are doing a normal wash. For non-clothing items try and clean them or wipe them down just so it’s a lot more pleasant

Bric-a-Brac/Large Items/Beauty/Bras

Although the focus here is on clothes when decluttering you may end up with other things which you wish to donate so I thought I’d add a brief bit of information on non-clothing items here which may be of interested to you.

So often Bric-a- Brac is one of the hardest things to donate but you don’t always want to throw away. Bric-a-Brac is definitely more of a charity shop item but it varies from shop to shop. Just research it fully online or talk to your local charity shop volunteers to see what they take or what they like. Most shops take general decorative items, toys and games, DVD, non pierced jewellery etc.

Large items such as furniture etc. are hard to get rid of and are often dumped or scrapped but these can be donated too. You may have seen charity furniture shops for YMCA or the British Heart Foundation, these can easily be donated to but make sure you check the information online before donating as they will only take certain things. For example many charities will take donated beds but will not always take mattresses (although the British Heart Foundation does take mattresses), although the appropriate labelling will still need to be attached. You also do not need to necessarily need to be able to transport the items yourself, I have donated items to the British Heart Foundation in the past and they will pick things up at an arranged item slot (warning these are huge time slots and you may need to take the day off work). Also there is no guarantee items will be taken due to damage or incorrect labelling which may restrict them selling the item on, so do your research and talk to the charity themselves.

Most charities do not take underwear donations (unless new and packaged), yet you can donate warn bras to a number of charities and often shops like Bravisimo have a bra donation bin for old bras. Also quite a few breast cancer take bra donations, including the broken and dead ones as they will receive money for them. Usually Bravissimo/Debenhams are best through as the donation bins are in store super simple.

Finally beauty items, it is often harder to donate beauty items even if they are sealed and are often best to regift, I suppose it is possible to sell these on ebay but I wouldn’t recommend buying or selling beauty items on ebay even if it is sealed. Yet some charities will take beauty items to know more as it is mainly if sealed and it can depend on local areas in the UK look at Womens aid if you want to know what is and isn’t acceptable and if it is an option for you.

Alternatives to Charity

Obviously there are other options for decluttering or giving new like to products other than giving them to charity, do whatever works best for you and there is no reason to donate to charity if you don’t want to. If you are skilled or know someone who is why not try altering clothes or even doing some DIY projects, this breathes new life into products. If you still love something but it’s too big there is no reason why you cannot take it in, some products are easier than others and you may want to visit a tailor for more expensive of difficult items to ensure long lasting and quality finishes for the items.

If you want to make a bit of cash why not put the items on Ebay, this is the best route for bare worn items or even completely unworn items as they will sell better. Remember postage costs so put appropriate post and packaging pricing on it as well as delivery times, any money made, not from the p&p fee will have a 10% (I think) taken off as a sellers fee. Some items will not make a lot on ebay, and without a solid ebay rating it can be hard to make money although it’s not always a bad bet just make sure you try to maximise your chance of a sales and a good price but there are plenty of advice articles for selling on ebay.

With like new or unworn clothes and beauty items sometimes giving them to friends or even swapping with friends isn’t a bad way to go, you de clutter and they might get something they love. This is especially good for hair care products you have tried and don’t love or unused makeup or skincare you just brought and never used, as someone else can make the most of them and they don’t just sit around doing nothing.

Hopefully these are useful to you, I just feel so much better after doing a huge clear out, you’ll have more space and you’ll use more of your wardrobe or stuff as more of it is visible. You’ll also feel great by donating no matter what you do with it, as you’ll earn a bit or give it to a worthy cause. Just do your research into your charity, as we all have different causes we rather give to so just read the small print to ensure a appropriate level of money is donated to the cause due to your donation.

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Battle of the Face Palettes : Sleek Vs. Makeup Rovolution

Drugstore Contour PAlettes

Unlike with other products where I state my first impression and then use over time, which I feel is important with lipsticks and foundations which I have reviewed in the past this isn’t exactly a new product to me. It’s a direct dupe for the Sleek Face Form and my initial impression was more ‘hey this looks exactly the same’. For about a week or so I have interchanged the Sleek Face Form and Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt, and I finally feel ready to compare.

Sleek vs makeup revolution contour palettes

Travelling and Practicality

As you may or may not know, I love my Sleek Face Form palette taking it Travelling with me as well as using it for my 6 Product Face. A simple dare I say, Sleek, its compact with a really decent sized mirror perfect for travel, to put in your bag or just to have in your collection. It is also has fairly robust packaging that I doubt will break or crack as its thick tough plastic. It is obvious just from the price point of the Makeup Revolution Ultra Scuplt, the packaging would not be as robust or pretty but it protects in and there is a practicality to seeing the colours through the packaging know as in your collection you know exactly what you are getting. The see through packaging does prevent a practical mirror, there is a small mirror inside the palette but being only a thin strip, I feel as though the mirror is redundant and there might as well not being one. It terms or practicality and packaging, I think the Sleek Face Form Palette is the clear winner but it costs £7.00 more which means it is obvious a greater expense can be spent on packaging. The Makeup Revolution palette is not bad but it’s just not a robust or practical as the Sleek palette.

Drugstore Contour Swatches

Swatches and Colour Comparisons

I have to say side by side the bronze and blush are so damn similar you could get away with either and wouldn’t notice the difference, the only thing different is the highlighter. In both cases the highlight just adds shimmer opposed to lightening everything up, which I know is not to everyone’s taste and I do know people who find it too shimmery it depends what you like. If you prefer more lightening then there are plenty of options on the market.

Use, Appearance and Blendability

I never think about much about applying Sleek Face Form anymore, after having it over a year you simply get used to how much to put on the brush and where your prefer it. It blends so effortlessly that you don’t have to worry about heavy handed adding just the right about of colour or highlight. I love the blush in the Sleek palette but due to the shimmer content it is definitely more of a spring/summer blush or evening blush in the winter months. I don’t always used the blush sometimes simply switching out the blush depending on what I feel like. I love the bendability of this palette and you can blend to make subtle transitions between the colours creating a more seamless look.

The main difference between the two of these is that the Makeup Revolution bronzer is not as bendable, needing a lot more work to blend it out. What I have found works best for the Makeup Revolution bronzer is that you need to build it up tapping off the excess and take time on it, it may seem like more effort but it is so much effort to blend it is a much better route. The blush has less shimmer or glitter in it than the sleek counterpart but it is less pigmented, so it does need building up but I don’t feel like this is a big deal and the reduced pigmentation gives you more options from a slight flush to a pop of colour it is a really diverse blush. Also with the less shimmer it is more wearable in my option for more occasions but I think in either case I am most likely to use the highlight and bronzer, choosing to mix up the blush more.

For colours there is little difference between the two, pick up whichever you want if you like the colour selection. The Sleek Face Form Palette is more blendable while the Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt is one where you need a light hand and build it up, so I won’t pick a winner here as this depends on your skill level and preferred method of application.

 Sleek Face Form and Makeup Revolution Contour

Which is Best?

I think if I only had one I would opt for the Sleek Face Form palette as it blends so much easier and it is more practical packaging. Both are great and do the same job, if you are happy to bland and always do your makeup in a proper home set up or if travelling you have a proper area to do makeup there is no reason not to buy the Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt. Both are great products and I would recommend both, but I know due to them being so similar you only need one in your collection yet you cannot loose with either of these.

The Sleek Face Form Palette is available from Sleek, Tesco, Superdrug and Boots for £9.99, and comes in 4 shades Fair, Light, Medium and Dark.

The Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt, is available from Makeup Revolution and Superdrug for £3.50, and comes in Ultra Fair and Light Medium. Makeup Revolution also do a similar Iconic Pro Blush, Bronze and Brighten Palette which I am curious to try now, highly similar and only £4.00.

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Empties #8

Empties #8

Another empties for you again today, something that I feel as though I am always doing so I like to spread them out and they end up backing up. Saying that I am unsure if I would want to do a monthly empties as I feel as though it might be loads one month and nothing the next. My current method I feel as though works as I make the post when it feels worth it to do so, so let me know what you think monthly empties or when I have a significant amount of empties. This is a long once so brace yourself.

makeup empties

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Light: This was a huge dud for me, not only was it was too dark but the texture was completely wrong for me, making my skin look dried out and barely blending. I was initially put off by the too dark colour but tried it anyway for review purposes, I was so disappointed I never got round to the review. I finally managed to finish it by using it as a eyeshadow primer as its still a better primer that the soap and glory eyeshadow primer and I hate wasting my money.

Would I repurchase this: bottom line, no. There are way better stick concealers out there or even doe foot concealers in the drug store for much less.

Soap and Glory It’s About Prime Eyeshadow Primer: This was another Soap and Glory dud and if you’ve gathered from above it was useless. It barely extended the life of my eyeshadow and worst of all it made primers that didn’t crease previously, crease when using this underneath. Also for the same price you can get a travel sized Urban Decay Primer Potion, and the urban decay travel sized contains more. So spend your money on the urban decay primer potion faultless and it costs the same. I don’t know if the other colour is better as I have the nude champagne colour but I’m not willing to try.

Would I repurchase this: another rather obvious no, opt for urban decay travel size as mentioned above same price for slightly more.

Off topic but am I the only one who Soap and Glory products don’t work for, I haven’t tried the brow products and the bronzer is alright. I think it is an occasion where it is a brand that doesn’t work for me but if it works for you go for it. Still there skin care and bath products are in general really good but I think I won’t bother with the makeup anymore.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer: I’m still not sure who recommended this one to me and it was you I’m so sorry, this is amazing. My favourite primer is still probably my bareMineral primer but this is way more affordable and will be one that I will continue to purchase. A thick cream primer that just sets up your skin nicely and meshs well with other Rimmel Foundations. Personally I find that Rimmel does some of the best foundations within the drug store, does anyone else find this?

Would I repurchase this: most definitely.


Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory: This is a great concealer and a good level of brightening as it is the wake me up formula, it is definitely more of under eye rather than a spot concealer due to the brightening properties but it’s a very good drug store concealer.

Would I repurchase this: yes I already have a second one.

Saiva Med Lip Care: I’ve had this for ages and its started to look a bit off so I’m getting rid of it. It has no scent but is great at treating and hydrating the lips and I’m trying to look out for another one, only problem is my mum picked it up in Lidli so I might have to get looking online.

Would I repurchase this: If I ever find it again yes, great for treating damaged lips.


P.S. Love Egg Shaped Makeup Sponge: This has done me since February/March time I think but it’s got passed its best and it just looks worse for wear every time I attempt to clean it. Although it is fairly firm I really love applying my make up with this it just blends everything so easily and helps me look flawless.

Would I repurchase this: I already have.

skincare empties

Lacura Facial Cleansing Wipes for Normal Skin: These I picked up from Aldi on a whim as I thought tesco had stopped doing their everyday wipes but magically they are back. These were alright as far as wipes go and they were relatively inexpensive although I cannot remember the exact price, less than £1.00 anyway. Generally really good and managed to move most of the makeup. Good for if you want to take makeup off before doing a proper routine later or just to clean up your face part way through the day if it’s a bit grimy.

Would I repurchase: probably, not in a rush to repurchase but I wouldn’t not get them again.

Superdrug Deep Action Anti-Blemish Gel: Most of my skin problems are hormonal, time of the month and all that, so I cannot prevent them and all I really have to do is make an effort to reduce them. This is where this came in handy, in order to reduce spots especially the big ones that seem to magically appear and you think you’d need a miracle to get rid of them. Sure they aren’t magically gone in 12 hours but when does that ever happen. It does however, significantly reduce the amount of time it’s there.

Would I repurchase: Yes, I already have but I always wait until superdrug has a regular offer such as 1/3-1/2 off own brand skincare.


Superdrug Deep Cleansing Facial Sheet Mask: I love sheet masks as they are so simple yet this was a bit of a miss for me, I love there refreshing sheet mask. This semi stung when it tingled and smelt like old talcum powder, yeah so basically not worth it.

Would I repurchase: No way!


The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser and The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner (Travel Sizes/60ml): I am doing these as a pair as I’m only used these as a pair, I have mentioned them in previous posts and I really enjoy them. I am not sure how to describe the scent but it’s very subtle, and they go on so smooth and easily leaving your skin feeling amazing. Also they are highly effective at removing makeup

Would I repurchase: probably.


Simple Kind to Skin + Brightening Eye Makeup Remover Pads: I got these for travelling which you will be able to see in my travel toiletries post here. These are so-so they do a decent job at removing makeup but not perfect, I prefer the Halo eye makeup remover pads. They are good for travel and not a bad buy. Yet with the travel size make up removers and cleansers becoming more common I think I am less likely to buy these sorts of things while travelling.

Would I repurchase: unsure.

deoderant empties

It is somewhat worrying that I have enough deodorants to warrant to move them out of random and move them in to a section of them own. To be honest two of them are miniatures which makes it slightly better.

Sanex Dermo Pro Hydrate Anti-Perspirant Deodorant: I think this was in my last empties too as I brought them on a multi-buy offer, I am not loyal to any one deodorant I just tend to buy what’s on offer. Yeah its alright and does its job there isn’t much to say.

Would I repurchase: yeah why not.


Dove Go Fresh Anti-Perspirant in Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena (Travel Size): Although these travel sized ones aren’t value for money, I find them so irresistible and cute I cannot help buying them. Also in the summer months it’s sometimes nice to keep one in your bag because you know sweat. This is my all-time favourite deodorant scents and I regularly buy the full size version of this.

Would I repurchase: Yes!


Sure Women Long Lasting Protection in Bright (Travel Size): I never normally get sure products but I wanted another miniature and this seemed like the best option. I actually thoroughly enjoyed it and might look to try more sure deodorants in future:

Would I repurchase: Probably.

random empties

Colgate FluriGard Daily Rinse: I love this mouth wash, it really freshens your breath and cleans your mouth. I know most of the time all mouth washes do the same thing and this is on the pricier side of mouth wash but I couldn’t imagine using anything else. It was first recommended to me by my orthodontist when I got my braces when I was 10/11, so yeah I’ve been using this for a good 10 years now I’m not going back now.

Would I repurchase: Definitely.


Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue: I tend to buy primark nails as they are so pretty and tend to be well made, especially for £1-£2.00 per set but the glue is a bit so-so. Therefore I buy this amazing nailene glue, it really does the job and takes ages to dry up so I can take ages between wearing false nails. Highly recommend it for whatever nails you buy and buying this for one set of Primark nails is cheaper than buying an elegant touch set and they look just as good.

Would I repurchase: Definitely.

Quite a healthy mix of empties this time. Have you tried any of these products and if so what did you think of them.

Morrison’s Sensitive Aloe Vera Shave Gel: I’ve gone through a number of these now and I know it has appeared in a few empties, it is a brilliant inexpensive shave gel and leaves my legs soft and smooth. This is a staple in my bathroom cabinet.

Would I repurchase: I always do.


Gillette Satin Care Pure & Delicate Shave Gel: I actually liked having the smaller size for ease of travel, meaning I could keep having soft legs while away as I feel like shave gel makes such a different. I will definitely look a pick up the smaller sizes if I’m going away again it is definitely worth it.

Would I repurchase: yes.


Cussons Carex Complete Strawberry Laces Refreshing Hand Gel: I think I have mentioned it before that I don’t like alcohol smelling gels. This didn’t smell like strawberry laces but it had that synthetic strawberry scent and I really enjoyed it, other than the smell it’s a hand gel and does its job a definate must in my bags.

Would I repurchase: yes but I’m not fused by what my hand gel I have as long as I have one.

Argan Oil Deep Moisturising Foot Pack: I love foot packs but this one left my feet feeling super odd, I think I’ll go back to the peppermint or tea tree foot packs from now on.

Would I repurchase: no.

Phew! That’s everything and it can now all go into my recycling, well everything that is recyclable of courses. Have you tried any of these and what did you think of them.

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Collective August Haul

Collective August Haul

I really liked doing this for July and as I didn’t pick up that much over August this one again seemed like a nice little idea. So this is what I brought over the course of August there is a bit of something from everywhere.

Superdrug ft Nivea and Makeup Revolution


Although I am not on a no spend streak I am making a conscious effort to only buy what I need, and if you’ve read my blog at any point especially from the beginning I absolutely  love the Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer. I needed new one at lucky for me it was better than half price for £2.44 at Superdrug. I have been looking for the Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit in C01 Ultra Fair for absolutely ages and I finally managed to pick it up. I’m hoping to put it up against the Sleek Face Form palette soon, also if it’s a dud its £3.50 so I have nothing to loose.

Primark ft PS love


I managed to stop myself buying more clothes that I don’t actually need, showing some clear restraint clearly. I have been wearing pumps and heels daily for work so I needed pop socks. I hate paying loads for them and managed to pick up 3 Pairs of Supersoft Shoe Liners (£2.50) great socks and so inexpensive.

I picked up the P.S. Love Makeup Brush Cleanser (£2.00) for my mum, I use the good ol baby shampoo method but my never remembers to keep up with it and she doesn’t wear a huge amount of makeup. So I thought I’d make up the whole process simpler for her as the brush cleanser method is so easy. I’ve tried it with my brushes just to show her how to use it etc. and it’s really good so if you want an affordable brush cleanser keep an eye out for it. If you have read my August Favourites you will already have seen these, the Primark Natural Point False Nails (£1.00) are amazing. The pointed shape means they catch less, and I think they look so nice I even painted over the top and these looked amazing. I think I will pick up more and I hope they do this shape in other patterns.

Completely random but I picked up the Metalic tattoos (£1.50), which aren’t actually matalic but I thought they looked cute although I’ll probably save them for next year’s festival season. Also as I have anxiety when travelling I used to write on myself positive sayings and I think these might do the same thing just something to focus on. Finally from Primark was a complete impulse at the till buy but it was something I actually needed which was the P.S. Love Anti-bac Hand Gel, I have one in my car, one on my desk where I do my makeup and a final one in my hand bag. This one was only £0.60, so I can’t really go wrong with.

Poundland ft Calvin Klein


I love Poundland for looking at brand named makeup for £1.00. First up are two Calvin Kline Lip-glosses, I’m not usually one for pot lip glosses but these look so cute in the pot and aren’t colours that I have as much in my collection. Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss in Bubblegum looks like a baby pink but it is simply a sheer was of gloss so it is a great staple in my collection either to have as a normal plain gloss or add to make a matte lip glossy. While the second one, Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss in Shades of Pink, is more of a berry pink and is a nice sheer wash which I definitely feel more for the autumn.

poundland ft eyelure

You know when you buy something that is a bargain without ever been sure if you will ever use it but the offer is too much to resist, well I picked up a set of Eyelure Double Lashes. I haven’t got on with false eyelashes in the past but I’ve never tried eyelure but they are always well rated and the price was too much to pass up. I’m sure if I don’t get on with them one of my friends will happily take them off me.

Finally I picked up a hand pack, my hands have been feeling dry lately and I love the foot packs, I’ve tried a few hand packs in the past. I haven’t tried the Tea Tree and Peppermint Hand Pack before but I love the foot pack version. These are super convenient to as they come as plastic gloves you can still do everything while wearing them, so I can take the time out to blog.


I went into B&M for something else and came out with the Dove Soft Feel Deodorant (£0.99), it was a good price and I’m so not fussy about what deodorant I use. I thought I would switch over to the roller ball type as apparently they work much better, no harm in trying.


I popped into Asda near my work to pick up lunch and as I needed a few bits I perused the health and beauty isles as they sometimes can have some really great offers. My current face wash is almost out and I was curious to try something new so I picked up the Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash for only £2.00 on offer, I love Nivea products they are usually great for my skin. It is the version for dry skin, and as I have combination dry I didn’t see the harm in picking this one. I also visited my sister for the weekend and I didn’t want to just use face wipes as I knew I was going to do some major eye makeup. I love my Ganier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water, so picked up the travel version at only £1.00 it’s also great as once it’s done I could top up with my big bottle, I doubt I will but it’s possible. (sorry for the lack of photo)

tesco ft wilkinsons


The last few bits of August I picked up at Tesco while getting gorceries. I usually prefer the large oval baby cotton pads or boots double faced cotton pads but as I really needed some more I picked up the Tesco Everyday Value 80 Cotton Pads (£0.55), if they are dud it doesn’t matter and I’ll use them for removing nail varnish. Speaking of removing nail varnish I also got the Tesco Beauty Nail Polish Remover (£1.20), I just grab whatever’s available for nail varnish remover when I need it and this ones not bad.

I brought some cheap Tesco razors which were a bit crap so went to look at getting some new ones when I saw the Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Papaya and Pearl Complex Razors down at half price for £2.74. You get the ones with Aloe Vera and thought these were interesting and Wilkinson’s razors are usually really good.

So those are the bits I picked up over August, did you guys pick up any good buys over August?

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August Favourites

August Favourites

Beauty Favourites

With doing my week of work based makeup you will have seen some of these products before as they have been my go to products this month, although I did make an effort that week to mix things up slightly.

I seem to be on a real bareMinerals kick at the moment, rediscovering all of my products. So first up is my go to setting powder is my bareMinerals Mineral Veil, a beautiful light matte translucent powder that sets makeup nicely. It really just seals makeup in so nicely and just keeps everything in place all day. Running along the same brand them I have also being loving the bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara, I got this in a bareMinerals set and I am so glad that I did. Unlike a lot of my other mascaras this has a very thin wand but it allows you to really get into the hairs and close to the root as well as allowing easy application to the lower lashes. I feel as though with this mascara I can really open up and emphasis my eyes I love it.

The blush I have been loving this month as well as last months favourite of the bareMinerals blush, I’ve been loving the P.S Love Blush Stick these don’t have names (boo) but it’s the coral one. If you wanted to see swatches etc. I have a mini review and swatch post on P.S. Love Makeup here. I love coral blushes in the summer and it’s such a long wearing cream blush, it lasts all day as well.

I have also being loving this beautiful rose gold No 7 Mini Eye Palette, which was a Christmas gift and made up especially for the Chirstmas season. I love the diversity of this palette and I’m using a lot of the top for my main eye and switch up the bottom as eyeliners although I have done the odd smoky eye this month. I also like how on the back it names the normal palettes these colours come from and I know when I hit pan on several of them I will buy the actual palette. I didn’t fully appreciate how good no 7 really is.

I tried out the Primark Natural Tipped French Manicure False Nails, wow that’s a mouthful, at the start of this month and I absolutely love them. I tend to switch out the Primark glue when using these for a Nailene glue as I find your better to invest in a good glue which lasts months and these more affordable nails is the best option. I love the more rounded shape it looks much less harsh and I find that they snag less than the square ones. Definitely tempted to pink some more up and may wear them for my graduation next month, or get some other pretty Primark nails for graduation as I won’t be able to get my nails done close enough to graduation and the primark ones will look so good on the day.

Non-Beauty Favourites

I’ve been trying to cut down the amount of coffee that I drink as at one point I got up to 5/6 cups of coffee a day, so I am still having my morning cup of coffee and possibly one more in the morning and then I switch to Mint Green Tea. I prefer it to normal mint tea and green tea as it’s really refreshing I’ve been loving the Clippers Mint Green Tea in particular.

So that is what I’ve been loving this month, what have you been loving this August? I’m also so excited for Autumn official starting again too.

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