August Favourites

August Favourites

Beauty Favourites

With doing my week of work based makeup you will have seen some of these products before as they have been my go to products this month, although I did make an effort that week to mix things up slightly.

I seem to be on a real bareMinerals kick at the moment, rediscovering all of my products. So first up is my go to setting powder is my bareMinerals Mineral Veil, a beautiful light matte translucent powder that sets makeup nicely. It really just seals makeup in so nicely and just keeps everything in place all day. Running along the same brand them I have also being loving the bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara, I got this in a bareMinerals set and I am so glad that I did. Unlike a lot of my other mascaras this has a very thin wand but it allows you to really get into the hairs and close to the root as well as allowing easy application to the lower lashes. I feel as though with this mascara I can really open up and emphasis my eyes I love it.

The blush I have been loving this month as well as last months favourite of the bareMinerals blush, I’ve been loving the P.S Love Blush Stick these don’t have names (boo) but it’s the coral one. If you wanted to see swatches etc. I have a mini review and swatch post on P.S. Love Makeup here. I love coral blushes in the summer and it’s such a long wearing cream blush, it lasts all day as well.

I have also being loving this beautiful rose gold No 7 Mini Eye Palette, which was a Christmas gift and made up especially for the Chirstmas season. I love the diversity of this palette and I’m using a lot of the top for my main eye and switch up the bottom as eyeliners although I have done the odd smoky eye this month. I also like how on the back it names the normal palettes these colours come from and I know when I hit pan on several of them I will buy the actual palette. I didn’t fully appreciate how good no 7 really is.

I tried out the Primark Natural Tipped French Manicure False Nails, wow that’s a mouthful, at the start of this month and I absolutely love them. I tend to switch out the Primark glue when using these for a Nailene glue as I find your better to invest in a good glue which lasts months and these more affordable nails is the best option. I love the more rounded shape it looks much less harsh and I find that they snag less than the square ones. Definitely tempted to pink some more up and may wear them for my graduation next month, or get some other pretty Primark nails for graduation as I won’t be able to get my nails done close enough to graduation and the primark ones will look so good on the day.

Non-Beauty Favourites

I’ve been trying to cut down the amount of coffee that I drink as at one point I got up to 5/6 cups of coffee a day, so I am still having my morning cup of coffee and possibly one more in the morning and then I switch to Mint Green Tea. I prefer it to normal mint tea and green tea as it’s really refreshing I’ve been loving the Clippers Mint Green Tea in particular.

So that is what I’ve been loving this month, what have you been loving this August? I’m also so excited for Autumn official starting again too.

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