Review: Priamark Control Leggings

Something a little different from me as from when I purchased these I thought it would be a nice idea go do a review. For a good while now I have considered buying control leggings and when I saw these cute patterned ones I decided to bit the bullet, I own countless black pairs and I’ve been considering wearing patterned leggings it was a sign. Of course none of these control items make you lose any weight or skin the inches but the smooth everything out and hold any wibbly bits.

I picked up the large ones which on the pack equates on 16-18, I myself vary between a 14 and a 16 but with the medium being 12-14 I didn’t want to risk them being too small and cutting in making me more lumpy than before. I’m not unhappy with my size by any means but I am making a conscious effort to loose weight by eating better and exercising daily, although the pounds aren’t shifting quickly I feel much better in  myself which is more important the weight loss will come. Anyway back to the leggings, they come in small, medium ect branching two sizes and they looks small but obviously that’s how they are designed but like with anything of this nature it’s best to go into store and look. Sizing is very personal, and with shops like primark sometimes being inconsistent with sizing don’t chance it and go in yourself.

The material is very stretchy, more of a firm stretch than a loose one which is ideal for something of this nature. The pattern also doesn’t break up when stretched which I was pleasantly surprised as seeing as its clearly sprayed on top and at something at this price point it would be expected. So all in all it looked promising before actually trying these bad boys out now to actually wearing the control leggings which promise to give light control for you stomach, bum and thighs.

So on to actually wearing them, I will point out at this point though I haven’t tried them under anything else like some people may like to wear them under other trousers ect. it is summer and I feel as though that would be too much for this time of year. The pattern slightly stretches out slightly but it doesn’t split or become too distorted, still looking super cute on. They are super comfy but you may get a VPL so think about what you want to wear under it, a seamless thong in my opinion is the way to go. They are light fitting but due to their control nature they simply smooth everything out rather than emphasis all of your lumpy bits so you can get away with something form fitting. I really loving them they feel super free, breathable yet they don’t go see through or anything making them perfect.

Just a small downside though, the legs are very long I’m 1.68m tall but the legs are still on the long side so you’ll have them bunch up at your ankles which is something I like so it isn’t a big deal for me. I like my leggings to bunch slightly and always get a tall pair, but I’m on the edge of the tall range so often regular leg length items have my ankle out.

Overall I really like these, super affordable leggings that don’t go see through, and they suck you in so it is definitely the way to go and I’m tempted to stock up but I want to see how they wash over time as although they’ve washed fine in the month I’ve had them and they’ve barely worn I’ll wait to go absolutely made in primark. I am pretty pleased with them and will definitely get my money worth.

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N.B. Sorry for the lack of pictures my camera is being repaired at the moment so hopefully it will be fixed for my next few posts or I may turn to some of my back up posts.

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