October Favourites

October Favourites

How is 2015 almost over with Halloween tomorrow and November almost here it’s insane to think it’s so close to Christmas and the New Year. I cannot believe this year is over and I’m planning loads of bits for the blog before the year is over, which I am looking forward too. A few of these products have been featured in my very recent haul which was my collective September/October Haul which you can read here but having some of these things since the start of September and they’ve had a lot of use over the last month or so.

October Makeup Favourites ft Maybelline & Rimmel

First up has to be my favourite crème eyeshadow I have ever tried the Maybelline New York 24 Hour Color Tattoo Gel-Crème Eyeshadow in Pink Gold, I love it so much. Whether as an all over the lid colour which is super lazy eye look or a solid base for a beautiful long lasting look especially with my Naked 3 Palette as the colours complement each other so well. I cannot believe I put off trying them for so long, it is beautiful just make sure you do one eye at the time as once they set they do not budge. You always want to look more awake and nude eyeliner is definitely the way to go. I simply put the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Khol Line in Nude in my water line which reduces the pink in the waterline brightening up your eyes making you look more awake. This really helps you look the part in the mornings for work and is now a staple of my makeup bag/routine.

I’ve been using the P.S. Love Egg Shaped Sponge’s, since February and I feel as though I don’t give them enough lover at all but they have really stepped up my makeup game creating a flawless finish to my makeup application in less time than a brush. I clean them daily (or try to) and each sponge tends to last three or four months before I buy a new one but at £1.50 each time is not a bad bet its £6.00 a year. Like with the beauty blender and the real techniques sponges you use wet but as I have never tried them I cannot compare so let me know in the comments if you’ve tried and recommend either of them.

October Favourites Nivea

With the weather outside becomes colder and the heating comes on it the skin becomes drier and it needs a little bit more care. One of my often talked about products and constantly repurchased has become even more vital to my makeup/skincare routine which is the Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer, it sits perfectly under makeup and adds the much needed hydration in at the start of the day. I’ve also started to get better at using my night cream daily using the Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream, which I tend to use after I’ve cleansed my face and about an hour before going to bed to allow it to start to soak in. It’s very rich but luckily doesn’t break my skin out, Nivea skincare is really affordable and great for skin.

Tanya Burr PEnguin Chic

With autumn being here it’s time for darker more subdued nails and during October I picked up my Tanya Burr Nail Polish in Penguin Chic again. A muted grey colour it is perfect for this time of year, keeping with the seasons yet it isn’t vampy which is great for the transition from autumn to winters deep and vampy tones. The Tanya Burr Nail Polishes have a great formula although some of the colours aren’t quite what you expect, they are affordable and good quality much better than the streaky and sticky lip glosses.


I love cosy scarves either to add to an outfit or as an essential to keep myself warm as the weather turns colder. So to help keep my wardrobe on trend I picked up the gorgeous Primark Tartan Scarf, super inexpensive but it really adds something to my wardrobe. This scarf also helps add some dimension to my looks of pretty much pure black and they add more to an outfit when really you are just wearing leggings, t-shirt and leather jacket.

So that’s what I’ve loved over the month of October, what have you loved this month?

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Improving Well-Being – Reducing Anxiety

Steve Maraboli

Back in July I shared my mental health story and my long running although no longer limiting anxiety disorder which you can read here, as well as some general advice which you can read here. Over the years I’ve read countless pieces on improving mental health and general advice, some are so farfetched while most are probably placebos but I thought I’d share what I’ve heard and the ones I follow.

Cod Liver Oil

This is one I got told by my family doctor around the time I was diagnosed, well over 10 years ago. Countless experiments had shown that taking cod liver oil helped reduce social anxiety and increase focus in children while adult trials proved to be inconclusive. My mum didn’t see the harm in trying it and I try to regularly take cod liver oil, I do feel as though it has helped although it’s not going to completely stop anxiety its meant to help with the underlying low levels of anxiety. To be honest I’m not completely fussed if this works or not because I don’t feel the harm in taking the capsules as omega 3 isn’t something that heavily features in my diet, the capsules are easy to swallow and inexpensive, it is no different to taking a multi vitamin really.

Eating Fish

This is similar to the cod liver oil, eating oily fish and consuming omega 3 helps improve wellbeing. Some people swear by this from anxiety to bi-polar disorder, some people swear this helps them deal with their disorder. This is only something I have made a bigger effort on this last year, with the stress of university in February I started to feel more generally anxious and thought I needed to make a change, so I decide to make an effort to eat fish once a week, salmon being the most common choice. Despite hating fish my boyfriend supported me and helped find a good mix of side dishes that would go with fish that he could have with something else.

I really feel as though this did reduce my general anxiety but whether it actually does, or it was all in my head is a different matter. Fish is part of a healthy balanced life style and I enjoyed some delicious meals.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Step Back

When it is all getting too much, take a step back and admit that you were struggling. Either seek help from your known support network if you’ve got professional help in the past, or talk to someone close to you. Theoretically you need to try and do the stuff that makes you anxious but if things get too much just take a step back and breathe. Take some time out for you, it really does help and it’s not selfish.

Getting Out of the House

Spending a long number of days at home, can increase anxiety and down feelings in those with disorders and it is commonly recommend to do something every day. Being proactive and planning or doing something can help, I try to do something every day. I get antsy doing nothing all day so sometimes even just walk around my village as it can be positive to get out of the house. If I stay in all day I make sure its productive, getting work done, writing blog posts, taking and editing pictures etc.

Drinking Less Coffee

Some people have linked caffeine with increased anxiety, I don’t know how true it is but it does effect sleep etc. At one point I was drinking 5/6 cups a day, which needed to change so I’ve switched to flavoured green teas. I know people promote other benefits of green tea which I’m not convinced they are all true, but drinking green tea isn’t going to do any harm and I prefer the taste of green tea. I’m also trying to drink more water but that’s health and skin related than anxiety related.

Planning and Organised

This is a mixed bag as some people recommend organisation to those that struggle with mental disorders while some are actively discouraged to do so. Planning relaxes me, and allows me to think things through with travelling especially on public transport I know every step, every stop and every expected time all noted down, it sounds insane but it really does help. Allowing extra time and knowing where I should be when just keeps me calm.

I also write loads of to do lists, especially daily to do lists this helps me know I’ve done everything and I’m on track. Everything has its somewhat disorganised place, I just like having things when and where I need it.

Induldge in a Familiar Smell or Sound

When I am feeling anxious I always spray my favourite perfume, or listen to my favourite album. Just use something that comforts you even just a little bit can make a huge different. For the first week of driving I played my favourite two albums, they brought back such amazing memories of concerts and times with friend that it really helped me relax. Or if I’m having a tough generally anxious day, I love wearing my boyfriend’s t-shirts he is just a strong force in my life and it just reminds me of that.

So those are the few things I do to reduce anxiety, they could all simply be placebos but I honestly don’t see the harm in it. None of these things make it worse and some are actually good life decisions.

September/October Collective Haul

Who doesn’t love a bit of a haul? I was going to do a collective September Haul but with only a smallish feel unique haul which didn’t seem work it I thought it would be worth combining September and Octobers hauls together as I really haven’t been buying too much. I also apologise if you have seen some of these items in posts already, as I have used some of them as I brought them for particular reasons over September and October.

feel uniwue ft tanya burr

I think I actually ordered this at the end of August from Feel Unique but it didn’t arrive until the start of September and I missed the chance to put them in the collective August haul. I did pretty damn good though getting everything on sale plus an additional 10% off, I resisted going made and I only brought the things I actually need, as if I needed more makeup.

With Tanya Burrs new makeup or repackaged makeup being launched in August a lot of the older items were on sale, unfortunately the lashes I wanted had sold out. Probably because the packages are all being repackaged so £2.80 for Tanya Burr Lashes is a bloody steal, I also missed out of the lip glosses as the ones I wanted had gone but I picked up two nail polishes which I have been eyeing up for months, I owned two already and they are really great nail polishes. So I picked up the totally out of season but so pretty I’ll wear in anyway Tanya Burr Polish in Little Duck which actually went beautifully with my graduation outfit although in the end I went for flower detailed nails. The other nail polish I picked up was the Tanya Burr Nail Polish in Peaches & Cream, a lovely pinky nude some will consider it more summery but for me it’s a great all round nail polish. Both nail polishes were a bargain at £2.16 each.

I’ve been curious to pick up the Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadows for ages but the highly popular bronze shade, doesn’t fit in with what I tend to wear. However I felt the Maybelline New York Colour Tattoo 24hr Gel-Cream Eyeshadow in 65 Pink Gold (£3.81), would slip perfectly into my makeup collection and will work with everything in my collection either as a strong base or as part of an eye look. Now back to the world of Rimmel, who I seem to own a lot of makeup by concerning lips and face. I think it’s just because they just make such good product, does anyone else absolutely love Rimmel London or is it just me? I love my Rimmel East End Snob Lipliner for being long lasting and thought a second lip liner wouldn’t go a miss so I picked up the Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lipliner Pencil in Tiramisu (£2.01). I’ve tried some cheap, like proper cheap white and nude eyeliners but have found them to be a bit pants but with tired eyes from work I thought I’d try the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Khol Kajal Line in Nude (£2.69) which has been recommended to me by quite a few people.

ASDA Diary and PEns

These are the only other two things I brought in September as I wanted to get more organised, and I prefer smaller diaries opposed to the cheap A4 counterpart I’ve barely used in months. I work close to an Asda and because they had their back to school range still in at the time it made sense to pop in on a lunch time. The Patterned Diary (£3.00) is one in which you write your own dates, although I have written it out until the end of the diary and its an 18month diary which I tend to prefer as I like the thickness (sounds odd I know). Then on the organised line I brought some asda own brand Coloured Fineliners (£1.00) so that I can colour code my events, things to do, blog things etc. and it really breaks up the pages.

Primark Scarf

So I wanted a little something to update my wardrobe for this Autumn/Winter without costing a fortune, so Primark was my first stop, as I have a lot of good winter basics and I love layering so I don’t need a huge amount of new clothes. I’ve kept thinking about getting a huge warm scarfs as you can use it as a blanket or it can keep you warm, especially on the commute as I drive to work and this time of year I don’t need a coat but you want something to keep you warm. So I picked up this super soft and big Tartan Scarf which only cost £5.00 I’m obsessed with it.

Macadamia Foot Pack

I’ve talked about foot packs before as they are one of the simplest, and least messy way to moisturises and treat your feet. I’m not loyal to any particular brand or one as I just pick up what’s there, this time I picked up two Macadamia Oil Extract Foot Pack (£0.99), which I’ve used before and I really love. Well worth trying out.

So that’s what I picked up over September/ October have you guys picked up anything good recently?

Was it Worth it: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

was it worth it naked 3

I’ve rewritten this post several times as I’m not sure how is best to do this post, I thought after a year of owning the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette I’d be able to do a more comprehensive review of if it is really worth it as the hype and excitement of owning it is gone. My loving boyfriend brought me the Urban Decay Naked 3 for our two year anniversary last October, after watching me look at it so longingly forever. So although I did not purchase it with my own money I feel as though I can still asses the worth.

The Eyeshadows

Unlike the other Naked palettes, the Naked 3 palette unlike the other 2 palettes is much warmer with pinky-mauvey type tones so it doesn’t necessarily suit all skin tones or hair colours. I feel as though this definitely needs looking at in person swatching and weighing up if you would suit or use the colours. I love pinky warm neutrals so I knew I would get the use out of the palette, for some it doesn’t work and the palette just sits collecting dust.

I think the quality of the shadows is somewhat variable, some shades are better than others I am aware a lot of people say dust is a so-so shade, I disagree simply because it is pretty much pure glitter requiring more of a press on the lid type thing opposed to the normal application, you have to learn what works best for each shade and for you. I don’t think the quality is that bad and it’s just the odd shade where you have to change what you do to make it work, yet with the Urban Decay Primer Potion everything looks really good and lasts all day.

I also like the variety offered within this palette in terms of finishes from mattes, pearls and metallic. The official finishes as described by urban decay are as follows matte-satin, metallic, satin, matte, shimmer and microsparkle, so all in all a good variety of finishes and there is enough of each finish that you can create a look from each for example you can create a completely matte eye. Although initially exclusive to the Naked 3 palette most if not all the shades can be purchased individual but with a little help from online I will try attempt to explain each shade within the palette, as well as what I think of each one individually.

naked 3 shades

Shade by Shade Rundown

Strange a pale neutral pink with a matte-satin finish. To be honest to me this is pretty much a white shade, off white a most. I use this quite a lot actually tending to opt for it as a brow bone or inner corner highlight, you could use it all over the lid but this is definitely more of a highlighting shade

Dust a pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter. In all honesty this is much more of pure glitter shade and is one of the most messy eyeshadows, it splits opinion as it isn’t that pigmented. However as a glitter shade I find it is most effective if you put on over a primer and pack it on, or if you don’t want to pack it on it makes a nice inner corner highlight but it is the worst shadow in the palette.

Burnout a light pinky-peach satin. This is my super lazy day shade and my go to over September as I really couldn’t be bothered with makeup, I went for lips and swiping this over the lids. A pale satin shade that adds the subtle something which brightens your eyes without really having to do everything.

Limit a light dusty rose matte. This paired with Nooner is one of my go to work looks with both shades been beautiful creamy mattes, this is beautiful dusty pink shade and is a great all over the lid colour.

Buzz a metallic rose shimmer with silver microglitter. In terms of pigmentation and ease of use this is a far superior micro glitter shade, a beautiful rich pink. Apply lightly for an all over the lid option or pack on for a really high impact and beautiful outer v or central eye look. I definitely use this in more full on looks but I love this shade.

Trick a light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with tonal microsparkle. This is definitely my least reached for shade and with its more orangey tones is sort of the odd one out of the palette. I think this is probably a love it or hate it kind of shade but this is one I rarely used.

Nooner a medium pink-brown matte. As mentioned I pair this a lot with Limit for an everyday/work look as matte shades are perfect for work. Both the shades work really well together and I use this as either an outer corner colour or a crease colour, just great for a definer but it could be an all over shade for more of a full on or smokey look.

Liar a medium metallic mauve shimmer. I’ve always dabbled with liar but over the past month or so I’ve reached for this even more using it for the bulk of my lid but mainly the outer two thirds but this is also a great crease shade if you are going for a lighter or more subtle look.

Factory a pinky-brown satin. First and foremost I wouldn’t consider this to be pinky-brown it is a warm brown but I wouldn’t call it pink toned. This is a great crease, outer v shade or could even be use as a definer on a lighter day time look or even to smoke out.

Mugshot a metallic taupe shimmer with a slight pink shift. This is a definate taupe shade but once again I do not see the pinky tone in this. Great to use within this palette and definitely is the most diverse outside the palette. It looks great in a look with dark side.

Darkside a deep taupe-mauve satin. I love this shade and I really don’t use it enough, its on the darker side (oh haha dark side get it) and for everyday wear I only use is a subtler liner than black heart. This is a really pigmented and pretty shade, probably great for a pinky-brown smokey eye which I need to experiment with a little bit more.

Blackheart a smokey black matte with rosey red microsparkle. I tend to use black heart as a liner using the angled brush, by using it in such a way unfortunately or fortunately depending how you look at it the red glitter is barely visible. If I used the black for more of a smokey look it might be more visible but it doesn’t bother me as it is a great black shade and great for a liner/definer shade.


There is a limit to versatility in the sense that everything has the rosy toned theme, while some palette offer more colour variety. However every shade works together, so you can mix and match as you wish meaning you don’t need to think about if colours work well together, something that’s great for creating a great look when you’re half asleep doing a makeup. With the lovely variety of shades and shadow finishes I think you can create endless looks suitable for every occasion so for me this palette is definitely versatile enough.


The dupe market is growing within the UK highstreets stores with great offers on a budget from the likes of MUA, Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup. If you don’t want to spend the money there are some great alternatives, I have tried a few and nothing matches the Urban Decay Naked 3 but they come damn close. The main shades that vary is the glitters are a lot worse quality and nothing seems to match Blackheart in colour and appearance. I feel as though you could happily live without the Naked 3 and search out a decent dupe. Personally I prefer the Naked 3, and as I reach for it most days I think I would prefer not to use the dupe but if it is an every so often item save the cash.


Like I mentioned before I use this palette almost daily, after 12 months the minimum I’m using it is twice a week but I still get so much use out of it. This isn’t a phase at this point, I am getting the use out of it and it is completely worth it. I like that I can make a subtle matte look as well as something fancier all in one palette and I love all the different looks I can create with the palette. I use pretty much all of the shades to even Dust, the only shade I never tend to dable with is Trick, although it does go with some other shade in the palette the more coppery/orange isn’t something I find myself reaching for. I think not really using one out of twelve shades is that bad really, considering it is so easy to grab a palette and only use half of the shades.

Naked 3

Packaging and Brush

I know the packaging for this has split opinion but I really like it, it’s really robust in the tin form and I don’t feel as though it feel cheap at all. Definitely having more of a high end feel, first and foremost because it’s not made from card and secondly is closes securely yet simple to open. I feel as though it would be hard to damage the palette and the eyeshadows are unlikely to get damaged although it may prove to be heavier but probably not by much. I think the rose gold and subtle but shinny aesthetic perfectly mirrors the makeup miracle that is hidden away inside.

The Naked 3 Palette also comes with a dual ended brush one that is more for eyeshadow application while the other ended is more of a blending brush. It isn’t a bad brush, way better than the sponge tip applicators or ‘brushes’ offered by its drugstore counter parks and I use it regularly. Not my favourite eyeshadow brush but its semi decent and good for travel etc. It also washes well which is a nice plus, I just wash my brushes with baby shampoo.

So was it worth it? For me it definitely was but I know it is a bit of a mixed palette and I would suggest if you are uncertain buy a dupe. Then you can make the switch up if you use it load, or not if you’re in love with the dupe, while if you barely use it there isn’t any money wasted. Have you tried any of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes and do you think they are worth the price?

The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette has a RRP of £38.00 and is available from a variety of outlets.

MrLista: Currently Lusting After (and win £1000 of Goodies)

With Christmas on the horizon and Birthdays throughout the year, its often difficult to know what people want and where to find it. This is where MrLista comes in a website where you can collate everything all in one place and share the wishlist publicly or privately with loved ones, send it to your boyfriend so he know exactly what to get you for your big anniversary or Christmas with themes to match which is cute and it really appeals to me.

MrLista was in its beta stage when I first checked it out, yet everything seemed to run smoothly and signing up was nothing more than entering your email and creating your password so as simple as it gets. There’s a tutorial, and you can either add a widget to your browser or simply put in the URL to find it so I had a go at creating my wishlist of everything I want but at present cannot justify purchasing at the moment. I cannot believe how simple it was to add to the site and I usually go in circles with these things it took well over nine months to get to grips with wordpress itself.


I created a Current Wishlist  of items I am currently lusting over as in just trying a site out this is definitely the most fun one to start with as you are getting to grips with things. A touch of online window shopping and lusting over items you want but can’t really have. So I started on the Muji website which I just don’t have the space to put these yet with my current set up and my current storage works really well. I also added a MUJI Acrylic Earring Stand which is really insane as I don’t own that many earrings and I rarely wear earrings in the first place.

I really want a pair of calf length boots, effortlessly stylish and perfect for the winter weather, I’d love a pair to team with leggings and checked shirts to take me from Autumn to winter. The Next Black Socks Mix Long Wedge boots are perfect and stylish and the wedge will help keep them comfortable. However, sometimes you want something less clunky and more cute I found the adorable Holly Punch Work Flats from Boohoo, which would super cute with a skater dress etc. I am not the biggest jellewery person, but I love having a few good quality pieces in which I’ve picked up two more budget friendly Tiffiany and co. pieces. The cute and possibly tacky ‘love’ ring (Paloma Picasso ring)  and the Tiffany & co, double heart tag pendant.

Despite it turning into winter I have been loving floral designs and patterns, which not only can be seen in my choice os super cute Insulated Mug from Paperchase, the cute Paperchase Makeup Bag and Next decorative bowl. It also really draws me to the amazing Ted Baker Gift sets. Floral is always pretty and I think add as colourful touch any time of year. There is tons more on my wish list, so why not check it out or even make your own.

So hopefully you can see how simple it is to create a wish list, and you  can create your own account and countless wish lists on Mr Lista yourself just in time for Christmas. At the moment Mr Lista are running a competition in which you can win your items on your wish list up to the value of £1000! All you have to do is create your wish list, enter it into the competition on the website #DearMrLista. The sign up is free and super quick to do, so you have nothing to loose and you could win big so you can check it out or find out more on the Mr Lista Website here. Its super fun and easy and I am so glad I found out about this, perfect to hint to my boyfriend as to what I want from Christmas.

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Life Update: 3 Year Anniversary

April 2015 (2)

This is a bit of a lazy post but between work, looking for other jobs and managing upcoming ideas for my blog including a revamp I neglected to fill today with something and opposed to leaving it blank I thought I’d do a quick post. Sorry it’s a bit meh but I’ve put a lot of effort into other posts, I suppose this is a bit of a space filler.

Today is my 3 year anniversary with my lovely boyfriend, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to share my life with.  We met during my fresher’s week and have blossomed and grown ever since, sure we’ve had our ups and downs I mean currently we are living 300 miles apart while we both try to start careers and find jobs near one another. Yet it is just another hurdle and we are making an effort to make this work. Plenty people make long distance work and it is just something that happens but you come out stronger the other end. We are working out living closer to each other, saving up for deposits and just generally looking forward to the future as well as finally having to be proper adults.

So here is to 3 amazing years and hopefully to many more

Empties #9

empties #9

After having such a huge empties last time where I simply spent most of the time running up to creating the post, thinking this is almost done I’ll wait. Then it just seems to add up as I don’t do it monthly I just wait until I consider I have enough. So here we go again, I’m always going to be obsessed with empties posts as I feel as though people can give the best quality reviews once they’ve finished a product and repurchasability (I’m making up words again) of a product is a definite strong recommendation.

Benefit Roller Lash (sample size): I got this back with Elle in I think February, and I saved it for travelling and finally finished it. I have to say it takes a while to get the technique and if I put the effort to use it right my lashes look absolutely amazing otherwise they just look normal. I have manage to find mascaras that work very similar such as the Primark Curl and Lift Mascara, the Benefit is superior but I’m on a budget and I cannot justify the cost of the mascara. Would I repurchase: maybe, if it was on a good offer.

empties ft superdrug Morrison’s Pure Cotton Wool Pads: I’m not sure what to say, these are decent cotton wool pads especially for a low price point. They don’t break up when taking off nail varnish, the only thing is they aren’t as soft as I would have liked feeling fairly abrasive on the skin when using a cleanser or toner. Would I repurchase: I don’t see why not.

Boots Cotton Wool Double Faced Round Pads: These are by far my favourite cotton pads I have ever used, with one padded side which is gentle and good for cleansers etc. While the other side have an exfoliating texture, great for a deeper clean with a toner of micellar water to take off makeup Would I repurchase: yes.

Tesco Everyday Value Facial Wipes: I’ve mentioned these in empties before, my favourite face wipes as they are the best at removing makeup or correcting mistakes yet they are so cheap. I don’t use them for makeup removal that often but recommend having them in your stash just in case. Would I repurchase: Always.

empties ft tesco & morrisons

TRESemme Heat Defence Spray (Travel Size): I did consider refilling this but the spay mechanism is so-so, so I’m more likely to find a new spray bottle and the pour some out from my regular sized bottle. The heat defence spray itself though is amazing and I will never go without it, thus the travel size and it’s great to have a decent sized thing to travel with as it lasts a good while. Would I repurchase: yes, for full size and travel size.

Superdrug Cocoa Brownie for Brunettes Dry Shampoo: Sometimes the white marks with dry shampoo can be really annoying, so I thought I’d buy a dry shampoo aimed at brunettes as I didn’t find colab did anything for me when I tried it. I did actually like this, it didn’t work as well as batiste but it did soak up the grease/oils and refreshed my hair. It is especially useful on days where you need to do your hair 5 minutes before leaving the house as you don’t have to work it in properly. Would I repurchase: possibly.

Elizabeth Arden Pretty (Travel Size): I’m slowly using these up one empties at a time, although at present I am planning to keep the bottles as I think they are so cute and I think I will keep them to display once I get a proper vanity. I never know how to describe the smell of this one it’s just floral and girly, although the official description calls it a ‘Fresh Floral Fragrance’. Would I repurchase: Possibly, a lovely scent but there are definitely ones I prefer.

empties tf primark

Halo Hand Wipes: I brought these for Slam Dunk way back in may for keeping hands clean and hygiene reasons. I then forgot about them for a bit preferring to have anti-bac hand gel in my bag, when I found them I used the remaining ones to clean my hands when apply makeup and tidying everything. They do the job, but tbh for makeup removal and tidying just use a normal facial wipe. Would I repurchase: great for festivals but otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

 Vaseline Derma Beauty Deodorant: I’ve never tried a Vaseline deodorant before but it was on offer and I felt as though I didn’t have anything to lose by trying it. It smells nice and works well, I don’t really feel as though there is much to say about a deodorant past the point of it works well and smells nice. Would I repurchase: probably, I’m not too fussy with deodorant.

Cuticura Primark Exclusive Sparking Fruits Hand Gel: I love non sterile smelling hand gels, I don’t know why but I just prefer it, when I saw this I just couldn’t resist and I’ve liked the previous cuticura hand gels that I have tried before. It smells like a delicious fruit cocktail. Would I repurchase: yes.

Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Acetone Free: I’m super unfussy with nail varnish if it does the job I like it, slight downside of the acetone free one is that it can take that bit longer to remove nail varnish. All in all not bad, not great but not bad. Would I repurchase: I wouldn’t rule it out.

There you go another empties, I’m getting so much more determined to use things up by doing empties posts rather than having several items on the go at once. Although I will try to use stuff up no matter how much I like something as I try to make it work, or pass it on.

 sign off

He Thinks I’m Prettier in Makeup . . .

elizabther taylor

He thinks I look prettier in makeup, flawless skin and big eyes all the things you can do with makeup he loves and prefers to my messy bun and slobbing around in his pjs and hugest shirts. Yes my boyfriend thinks I am more beautiful when wearing makeup and that’s the way I like it . . .

Before you moan oh his sexist or something about being made to feel like that, it is my choice to wear makeup and when near the start of  blogging I did a post all about it which you can check out here. It’s not even like his hates my bare and natural face, we’ve been together for 3 years and his seen it from way before we became an official item, and he knew what he was getting into. As he puts it, he will always find me beautiful but with makeup it just emphasises it, I love my blue eyes so I will always try to emphasis them and he has a point. If makeup made you look worse no one would bother wearing it or investing in nice products. It’s nice to know at the end of the day that someone is appreciating the effort, rather than a friend complementing your lipstick only so she can go out and buy it for herself.


With the world of beauty and beauty youtubers/bloggers being talked about in the media more these past 12 months. The topic of makeup and beauty has become a bigger discussion topic between me and my boyfriend, and it’s nice to know his opinions on it, his also started to see it more than just something his girlfriend wears and loves to buy. As I’ve never been the girl that has to wear makeup but I am the girl that loves to, it makes me feel confident and I love the routine of it.

I hate those people who claim to prefer girls with no makeup, I accept some men do, and those that thing makeup makes girls ugly. Or even worse those when they see someone without makeup call them hideous etc. even if they are a complete stranger. Why is there so much hate? Some assume girls who wear makeup are hiding something, or do so to please others. I also hate the assumption that girls wear makeup for men, yes my boyfriend does think I’m prettier in makeup but his indifferent, I wear makeup for me. It is close minded in this day and age to assume someone wears makeup for anyone but themselves.

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It sounds weird to think I love the fact my boyfriend prefers me in makeup, but he appreciated the effort and often finds something different to complement ‘ooo I like your eye stuff today’, as he try to indicate my eyeshadow with hand gestures. He no longer moans when we look at makeup, I take into account what he likes (which is basically using lip gloss sparingly as he hates it) and he’ll notice when I try a new technique. I appreciate the fact his honest to and his opinion is that if I didn’t look better in makeup why would you put in the effort and not sleep in.

Makeup shouldn’t be so hotly debated, wear it for you and that’s the only reason. I love the fact my boyfriend likes my makeup is a bonus but I wear makeup for me. Wear what makes you feel good, if a bold red lip makes you confident go for it, if you love a smoky eye then own it. Makeup is fun, creative and something that is great. The news and critics need to leave it be, there are worse things in the world then women wanting to wear makeup. Similarly I don’t think a fuss should be made about going makeup free, when there is a shock that a celeb goes to the shop without makeup, well neither do I what is the big deal? Makeup needs to be treated as something to comment and bring down people for wearing it/not wearing it.

I don’t believe that there is a pressure to wear makeup, or to buy high end and expensive products, I cannot speak for teenagers now when I went to secondary school (high school) there was no pressure to be wear makeup. At school people started at different ages and some people barely bothered, none of it mattered. Now at 21 I don’t feel the pressure either, I don’t feel I have to look a certain way or do certain things with my look and my mother is 49 and doesn’t feel the need to wear it she never has and she looks great.

What are your opinions on wearing makeup and the media and attention it’s been given over the past 12 months or so? Should we feel ashamed when we choose to always wear makeup or should it not really matter? Let me know in the comments, I think this would be a great discussion.

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