Life Update: 3 Year Anniversary

April 2015 (2)

This is a bit of a lazy post but between work, looking for other jobs and managing upcoming ideas for my blog including a revamp I neglected to fill today with something and opposed to leaving it blank I thought I’d do a quick post. Sorry it’s a bit meh but I’ve put a lot of effort into other posts, I suppose this is a bit of a space filler.

Today is my 3 year anniversary with my lovely boyfriend, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to share my life with.  We met during my fresher’s week and have blossomed and grown ever since, sure we’ve had our ups and downs I mean currently we are living 300 miles apart while we both try to start careers and find jobs near one another. Yet it is just another hurdle and we are making an effort to make this work. Plenty people make long distance work and it is just something that happens but you come out stronger the other end. We are working out living closer to each other, saving up for deposits and just generally looking forward to the future as well as finally having to be proper adults.

So here is to 3 amazing years and hopefully to many more

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