50 Facts About Me

50 facts tag

  1. I am 21 Years old.
  2. It took me 4 attempts to pass my driving test – I just kept getting so nervous.
  3. I love spreadsheets/Excel everything from schedules, finance planning, blogging etc. Everything has its own spreadsheet.
  4. My favourite colour is purple (bonus fact- so is my boyfriends).
  5. I cannot be late to anything, early or on time at a push.
  6. I regret my choices of Alevels, they were good as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but they were so hard. I took Chemistry, Maths & Psychology, I did Physics until AS.
  7. Among other things I am allergic to Lavender Oil, this makes LUSH and skincare shopping difficult.
  8. I am the younger sibling, I have one older sister.
  9. I am 5” 7 which is an alright height, not too tall or too short.
  10. I sing to myself while driving.
  11. I always want to try and inject into my wardrobe and then always pick the black versions of stuff – and there are so many shades of black.
  12. I’ve never worn proper fake tan, pale and proud.
  13. I find organising and taking notes therapeutic.
  14. I did music grading’s when I was younger in got to Grade 5 in Bass Guitar.
  15. The first band I saw live was Green Day with New Found Glory as support in January 2005, I was 10.
  16. I’ve never been on a plane.
  17. I don’t believe in everyone have a ‘perfect red’ lipstick, I’ve tried so many colours and it always looks stupid.
  18. From food to beauty, vanilla is my favourite taste/scent.
  19. I don’t like bacon, sorry.
  20. For my first proper part time job I worked in Argos.
  21. I am in a very early Don Broco video, we got to spend a beautiful Sunday in July dancing in a field.
  22. My favourite pizza, and pretty much only type of pizza I eat, is chicken, sweetcorn, mushroom and double cheese.
  23. Me and my mum have the same car, different colours.
  24. My coffee order is always a vanilla latte.
  25. I hate eating the same things all the time, I love trying new recipes and I can’t even eat the same lunch two days in a row.
  26. I have racked up 4 ½ years of retail experience.
  27. I love playing sims, I even enjoy sims 4.
  28. My blog name is my first and middle name, yes they are welsh. No I am not welsh.
  29. Gwenllian is pronounces Gwen-th-ee-an.
  30. I’m terrified of snakes, I cannot even watch them on TV.
  31. My star sign is Pisces.
  32. I’ve never broken a bone.
  33. With Peanut M&Ms, I eat off the chocolate and save the peanuts for later.
  34. I am not a cat or a dog person, I’m allergic to both.
  35. I love statistics.
  36. My favourite film is Sleepless in Seattle.
  37. I have size 6 1/2 feet which is super annoying as half sizes are difficult to find, so I usually end up in 7s.
  38. I think red roses are tacky and overrated, saying that I love white lilies.
  39. Sometimes I crave cheesy mashed potato.
  40. I was born in Halifax, Yorkshire.
  41. I’m not a big birthday person, to me it’s just like every other day.
  42. I cannot work in silence there always has to be noise be it TV, YouTube or music in the background. Even if I’m not paying attention to it there needs to be noise.
  43. I used to have braces.
  44. I’ve never seen the final 2 Harry Potter films, I did read the books when I was little though.
  45. When my toenails and finger nails match I feel as though I have my life together.
  46. Colour coding is just everything in my diary, it just helps simplify everything but adds a pop of colour to your planning without just going made with stickers and making it super busy.
  47. I have to achieve something every day, no matter how mundane that task is I have to achieve something.
  48. Jeans are not comfortable, leggings, skirts and dresses all the way.
  49. To me London is overrated, great to visit but I’d never live there it is not worth the cost of living and barely having enough money to live.
  50. Chinese is my favourite sort of take-away.

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