Christmas Day Outfit Inspiration

Outfit Inspiration

So Christmas is fast approaching but the biggest question is what to wear, well I thought I’d peace together a few inspiration boards of what to wear on the day.

Comfy and Cosy

First up is a day where you aren’t going out or doing it, it’s just a small intimate day with you and say your other half or a few close people. It isn’t a big deal, Christmas is a day for spending time together, exchanging gifts and eating good food super chilled and relaxed. Think festive pjs or jumper to put fresh on, on Christmas day. Cosy jumpers and leggings or fluffy slippers, basically think cosy and comfortable. It’s your day to celebrate and do whatever you want. It’s not a side of Christmas you usually see of think about what to wear but there is no reason why you can wear something new, cute and cosy.

Smart Casual

You may end up with something a little less low key or even if it is a family day at home you might wish to make it slightly dressier per say. Also it looks much nicer on your customary Christmas Day Instagram selfie than PJs although we all secretly want to always be in our PJs. Here Jeans and Leggings are still a great basics here, comfy yet can be smarter depending what you pair them with something nicer or smarter.  Pair jeans, leggings or even a cute skater skirt with a cute shirt, blouse possibly with a touch of lace just something a little bit dressy. You could even try a smart soft jumper which could look really on point within these looks. Really just go for neutral or cranberry and other berry tones to add to the feel of the season.


The final inspiration is more all out and possibly over the top, great for a work or family party and feels the Christmas spirit, with not a Christmas jumper in site. When I think dressy I think dresses, lace and sparkle which I hope I have managed to some up, skater skirts can look flattering and suit a wide range of body types as well as being in a large selection of finishes and materials. If a dress isn’t for you try and look for delicate lace or chiffon material as they really class up and outfit and they look super cute with heels. One thing I really love for Christmas is tartan, it just feels festive and you can go super festive with red and green while still looking smart and fancy.

Hopefully these will inspire you with your Christmas day outfits, creating something different possibly. What do you like to wear on Christmas day are you more relaxed or do you like to dress for the occasion.

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