Getting Older at Christmas

aging christmas

As you get older Christmas, much like Birthdays, becomes much more like any other day then something special or exciting. Maybe it is just me that always feels meh around Christmas and often find the day to really be rather boring, all it is the opening a few gifts if any as often it’s just money as you get older and then a huge ass meal which on no other day would you comprehend eating so much.

When you are younger it is such exciting day with the hint of mystery and the excitement of getting gifts you’ve longed for. Presents magically appearing, magical sparkling lights and glitter decorations all of the stuff you love as a child. Even as you stop believing in Santa and you know more about Christmas, you get presents which are things you’ve wanted for ages so it’s exciting to finally open them and seeing what stuff you’ve got out of your list. I wasn’t a spoilt child, I got a lot of what I wanted but we always had a ‘budget’ for Christmas we got told we had up to a certain amount to spend on gifts with the combined money from my parents and grandparents and we could get whatever we wanted within that budget or we could choose to save the money. This allowed us to think about what we really wanted and Christmas day was always great.

Despite living within a non-religious household and the rest of our family always living up in Yorkshire 2/3 hours’ drive away from us Christmas day has always been about spending time as the four of us which is nice as Christmas has always been low key, as youngsters it was a day of playing with toys. It’s also as we’ve got older it’s been nice to touch base and have a day as the four of us but now it’s just meh. Maybe it’s the age I am or maybe I am just one of those bah humbug people, I think it’s great that people love it and want to celebrate it in their own way but it isn’t for me its lost its magic. I still love buying people gifts they want, stuff they might not buy for themselves but want, but there’s not much else in it for me.

So do you still love Christmas or are you like me and just find it all a bit meh. Also what is your Christmas day like something quite or a whole family affair, let me know in the comments?

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